Hi! I'm Subah What if I tell you that changing your food can cure any of your diseases from the root? No matter what disease you're suffering from If you change your diet and follow it 100% and get your blood tests done after 3 months you will not have that disease anymore I know you won't believe me You might think, "what's the relation between my diet and my disease? Disease is cured by medicine, not by food." But today, thousands of people around the world are giving up medicines and just by changing their diet & lifestyle are curing the biggest of the diseases In this video I will share with you a simple diet plan that was first suggested to me by my Guru By following this diet was cured within 3 months without any medicines from the root I shared this diet with thousands of people and whoever follows it 100% all of their diseases are getting cured But even more important than the diet is to remove the undigested food or waste from your body Because no disease can survive in a body that is clean internally In the previous video I shared the ways to remove the toxins from the body Please make sure to watch that video it is linked in the YouTube description given below Now before I tell you what to eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner First you will have to understand 4 basic principles of natural food First – Eat living food meaning that food which has life See, if you bury something in the ground and water it daily, then after a few days a plant will grow out of it, right? For example, if you bury a lentil seed in the soil after a few days, it will germinate and you’ll get a sapling out of it.

But if you bury a biscuit or noodles in the soil Do you think if it will ever grow into a wheat plant? NO! Because that biscuit or noodle does not contain any life doesn’t contain any prana and therefore it cannot produce more life It's dead food How can any dead food bring life to our body? On the other hand fruits, vegetables, sprouts, grains, nuts & seeds these are all living foods and when they enter our body, they bring us life extend our age, cure our diseases flush out the toxins sitting inside In the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17, Verse 10 Lord Krishna says food should be eaten within 3 hours of being cooked After 3 hours it becomes Tamasik It starts to lose the life energy, or the prana, inside it That’s why in the Yogic Culture they do not eat any rice, chapati or sabzi if it has been kept for more than 3 hours Same with our grandparents and ancestors They used to eat everything fresh, right from the stove to the plate And now what’s happening? People store sabzis in the fridge and for the next 2-2 4-4 days they take it out, eat a little & store it back.

They’re eating stale, dead food. They’re inviting cancer into their body. If something is cooked on fire eat it within 3 hours, maximum 5 hours Now tell me one thing why only apply this 3 hour rule to sabzi & chapati? What about all this? Can you even imagine how long back these so called ‘foods’ were cooked? Forget 3 hours or 3 days most of them were cooked maybe even 3 years in advance and have been stored in packets, bottles, cans, and boxes after being lathered with synthetic chemicals and preservatives so that they don’t appear stale or smell bad These chemicals might increase the shelf life of these products but they decrease the shelf life of your own body If you think deeply Actually, these things are not food. They’re products. They’re products made by a company who wants to make profit like any other business. They’re dead. They have no life energy left inside. So rule number one is eat living food.

That food which has life or prana Nothing bottled, tinned, packaged, frozen, or processed Nothing man-made in a factory Eat living foods straight from Nature fruits, vegetables, sprouts, grains, nuts & seeds and Nature herself will take care of your health. Instead of biscuits, munch on coconut slices Instead of popping soda cans, pop coconut waters Instead of having namkeens have platters full of fresh fruits or salads Second – Eat Food that is Wholesome See, mother nature knows best She doesn’t make mistakes There’s a reason why she hung dates on trees, not sugar There’s a reason she gives us coconut, not coconut oil potatoes, but not potato chips All foods that come directly from plants or trees are wholesome meaning they are complete by themselves they have not been subtracted of anything Nature has done a lot of planning before making every food She has given each food item a specific ratio of protein, fats, nutrients so that we humans can easily digest and eliminate it If we fragment it by squeezing out only the fats from it or consuming only a part of it or by stripping away its outer layer we totally change it from Nature’s original design So for example, eat brown rice, instead of white rice Brown rice is wholesome, it’s the real deal When we remove the bran from it, it becomes white rice The digestive mechanism of that rice lies in the outer bran that we conveniently decide to throw out Eating white rice is like eating the mango seed and throwing away the pulp Eat dates or jaggery instead of sugar Dates and jaggery are wholesome Sugar is fragmented Instead of consuming it's oil consume the whole food instead Eat whole coconut kernels instead of coconut oil When eating wheat, eat only whole wheat along with the outer layer, or chokar Do not sieve it before making your chapatis.

Get your wheat milled yourself Third – Eat plant-based food Eat food that comes from plants, not from animals No meat, fish or eggs Nature has not designed our body to consume animals I will create a seperate video on this topic in the future Your next question may be – what about milk and dairy? Look, as a substance, pure cow milk is very good But the problem is that milk we get today, is actually not milk What we get in tetra packs is a white liquid made of milk powder, urea and dangerous chemicals Do you know that the World Health Organisation has warned the Indian government that milk today has become so contaminated that if we continue drinking it, by 2025 87% of India will be suffering from serious diseases like cancer Now you may ask – The milk I get is pure and comes from my own cow shelter Can I drink it? No People who want to cure their diseases or loose weight or who spend 8 hours a day in front of a screen for work simply are not able to digest milk Even pure cow milk is a very heavy meal Children who's height is growing or Athletes who play 4-5 hours a day under the sun They can digest milk But most of us in today's lifestyle cannot digest it If not milk, then no milk products as well Paneer, Ghee, Butter won't be digestible Good news is that there’s an easy substitute which can give you all the same nutrients, protein and calcium as you would get from cow's milk Difference is only that your body can actually digest and absorb it Do you know what it is? It’s coconut Milk Coconut is one of the best foods on earth Our ancestors used to call it 'Shree Phal' in Sanskrit Every birth, every marriage, every auspicious occasion in India starts with breaking of a coconut.

Because our ancestors knew that if they told us to eat coconut because it's very healthy maybe we wouldn't have followed So they introduced coconut to our rituals & ceremonies knowing that then it will somehow reach each and every Indian home Always make your coconut milk at home Do not buy the store bought version because it’s filled with chemicals and preservatives The method of making coconut milk is given in the description below Fourth – Your food should be water rich See, there are 2 kinds of foods – water rich & water poor Water rich – foods with high water content And second, Water poor – foods with minimal water Water rich foods include fruits such as watermelon papaya, grapes, oranges, and juicy vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber & leafy greens Water poor foods include grains, rice, wheat, chapati daal, seeds & nuts like almonds, walnuts and starchy vegetables like potato, taro root If you put it in the juicer, a lot of juice should come out then you know it’s water rich Do you ever make juice of roti or rice? No, because you know they don't have any juice Now about 70% of our body is water & 30% is bones, muscles and mass So naturally, 70% of your diet should be composed of water rich food such as juices, fruits, vegetables and 30% of your diet can be of water poor food such as grains, cereals, nuts & seeds Funnily enough most of us eat in the exact opposite ratio We eat grains thrice a day and as a result, we are drying up So in summary, Number 1 – Eat living foods Eat food that come straight from the farm to your kitchen It should not go to a factory in between Number 2 – Eat wholesome food Brown rice instead of white dates or jaggery instead of sugar whole coconut & olives instead of their oils Number 3 – Eat plant based food Your food should come from plants & trees and not from animals Strictly no meat, fish or eggs Instead of animal milk, have coconut milk Number 4 – Eat water-rich food Ok, now let’s move on to the diet plan We suggest 5 main meals in a day A morning Detox juice, Breakfast, Lunch, Mid Meal & Dinner The timings I give are those that are generally suitable for most people But feel free to adjust them according to your schedule.

Make sure to incorporate 16 hour fasting with this diet plan about which we discussed in our previous video Let's say you take dinner at 7 pm in the night Have no solid meal until 11 am the next day Let’s start with the morning detox juice which you have a little after waking up – let’s say 9 am For this, we recommend the juice of a very special vegetable When this vegetable enters your body it starts to suck in all the toxins like a magnet and when it leaves your body it carries with it all the accumulated toxins and waste It is the best thing you can drink for weight loss and clearing the skin It’s light green from the outside, and white from the inside do you know which vegetable it is? It’s called safed petha in hindi & ash gourd in english You will find it at a nearby vegetable vendor Simply cut it, peel off the skin take out all the seeds from inside and then juice it in a juicer If a juicer is not available put the ash gourd pieces in a blender with the required quantity of water and blend it then sieve it and drink it Every morning, drink one full glass (approx.

300 ml) of this juice without adding any lemon or salt Don’t worry, it doesn't taste bad or bitter If you want, you can mix it with 50% coconut water. In case ash gourd is not available drink one glass of coconut water In case even coconut water is not available drink the juice of any vegetable for example bottle gourd or ghiya, or celery or cucumber Then, till about the next 2 hours – eat nothing Because the ash gourd juice is doing it’s work You don’t want to interrupt the cleaning by eating something At about 11am, it’s time for breakfast for which you can eat a big bowl of fresh seasonal fruits like watermelon, papaya, orange, grapes, apple, pear preferably water rich fruits so avoid bananas The best is to eat only one kind of fruit at a time but if that becomes boring you can have 2 or more kinds of fruits together Eat fruits that are local to your country, and are in season Always eat seasonal and regional Season fruits will always be cheaper and affordable If you wish, you can grate some fresh coconut from the top Then comes time for lunch, at about 2 pm This is when you can have your grain meal Chapati and sabzi The chapati that we suggest is a special chapati It is much more easier to digest Instead of 100% wheat flour it is made of 50% wheat flour & 50% vegetable o you can make any vegetable chapati cucumber chapati, beetroot chapati, spinach chapati, bottle gourd chapati, carrot chapati So even if you’re eating 2 chapatis, the grain, or the wheat of only one chapati is going inside you But this doesn’t mean you start eating double the number of chapatis Eat just as many as you were before I have made a video showing exactly how to make this kind of chapati It is given in the description box below With chapati comes sabzi The sabzi we recommend is also different Instead of oil, use fresh grated coconut and instead of using spicy masalas, use fresh herbs Sabzi made this way is Satvic in nature which is easily digestible The method of making Satvic sabzi is given in the description box below If you eat one chapati, have 2 bowls of sabzi If you eat 2 chapatis, have 4 bowls of sabzi The idea is to eat more vegetable and less grains Grains when eaten alone are very difficult to digest But mixing them with vegetables makes them easier to digest & eliminate from your body Once or twice a week you can even have brown rice instead of chapati Have sabzi roti instead of daal roti Have sabzi rice instead of daal rice No Rajma, chana or chhola at least till you get completely cured and reach your ideal weight See, it’s not like daal is wrong or rajma is wrong It’s just that in our modern lifestyles, where we spend most of the day sitting down or work 8 hours in front of a screen and exercise for not more than 1 hour a day we cannot digest them Our grandparents could digest it because they used to walk everywhere & work hard on the farms in the sun for 6-8 hours a day The problem is, we are living the lifestyle of today but eating the diet of our grandparents and that’s why we’re falling so diseased as a society So, back to the plan you might need a mid meal between your lunch & dinner We recommend having any freshly squeezed juice or Ash gourd juice or coconut water No biscuits, no namkeens, no snacks If you feel hungry even after the juice, you can have 2-3 pieces of freshly grated coconut slices or a light fruit Most people are used to drinking tea or coffee at this time If that’s the case with you, you can have herbal tea But not the packets of green tea you get from a factory Make fresh herbal tea at your own home I have given the recipe in the description below Then, for dinner, have a salad & a soup Your salad would be raw take any fresh seasonal vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, beetroot, lettuce, coriander, carrot chop them up & toss them together with a nut based homemade dressing Do not add any grains like chana or rajma or daal to your salad I have created some amazing salad recipes for you Some of them are on our youtube channel, but for all the recipes you can order our Food Book The link to order is given in the description below If you want, you can have soup with your salad as well Do not add any oil, milk or grains to your soup and it should cooked minimally Some soup recipes are on our channel and the rest in our Food book When you will have soup or salad at night instead of a grain meal you will feel very light When you will see your weight dropping on the weighing machine every morning and your readings in control without medicine there won't be any going back So in the day, you're having 1 grain meal, 1 fruit meal and 1 salad meal You will see your digestion work wonderfully If you wish, you can even swap lunch and dinner You can have your salad meal in lunch and your grain meal in dinner Now, this diet plan is for people who want to lose weight or reverse a health problem It is also for people who are already fit and want to maintain their weight It is not recommended for children & athletes Children below age 16 and athletes if completely healthy, can eat grains 2 to 3 times a day because their bodies are capable of digesting it Now, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions First – how much water should I drink? You should drink water only when you feel thirsty just like you should eat food only when you feel hungry No need to forcefully consume 8-9 glasses of water everyday when there is no physical need for it Drinking excess water puts undue pressure on your kidneys Instead of drinking excess water, eat a diet which is water rich Next question – For how long do I need to follow this? Follow it till the time you want to stay healthy & fit and not want to get diseases See, what I’m giving you here is not a diet plan or weight loss tip It’s a lifestyle It’s a way of living and eating the way Nature intended The human body is a precious gift that God has given us And day by day, week by week, year by year, time is passing Every morning we wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror and we wish we didn’t have to start our mornings popping pills we wish we didn’t have all that excess weight I don’t want that all your life you just keep wishing I want to you to experience what it really feels like to have an optimally functioning human body to have no disease or disease seed inside you All I’m here for is to connect you back with Nature.

That's all for now, we will meet again soon.

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