Namaste Today I'm making "Chatan" a home remedy It is a magic potion that helps warm our spirits in extreme cold weather for small childrens as well as for adults This is one of technique we can make use of Ginger and Jaggery to fight against cold, cough, stomach ache as ginger has enough heat in it so its useful during monsoon as well as winter season It is helpful in cold weathers we can keep it for long time after preparing it Instead of fresh Ginger, we can make use of Dry ginger also Dry ginger in marathi its called "Sunth" its a dried Ginger we can easily get it in stores These are its ingredients Ginger Carrom seeds or more commonly known as ajwain Jaggery Using this 3 ingredients- Ginger, Jaggery and Carrom seeds we'll prepare "Chatan" Instead of fresh Ginger, we can make use of Dry ginger also and v.v.

Take Ginger and Jaggery in 1:2 proportion now we'll grind this Ginger pieces and Carrom seeds 1/2 tbsp Carrom seeds ( Ova/Ajwain) we'll grind it in mixer now we'll add water in this and grind it again strain its water now after separating water from mixture keep it for 5 mins in same position we'll not add Jaggery in this now it should not be moved from its place Reason I'll tell later till that time I'll chop this jaggery we've to add this Jaggery in that Ginger water Ginger and Jaggery is to be taken in 1:2 proportions now I'll be adding that Ginger water in this now I'll show you whats inside this Ginger water This white part is remains of Ginger, its not good for our health its should not be taken Now I'll heat this mixture till it becomes thicker Its ready now 1 spoon of this should be given to small childrens after having it, one should not drink water immediately 1 spoon 2-3 times a day by both small children's as well as adults I've shown it in small quantity but you can make it in more quantity and keep it for long time and we can keep it outside, no need to refrigerate it anytime we can take it during headache, stomach ache, its our home-made remedy its not like we dont need to visit doctor, if our stomach problem still persists, we have to go.



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