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for the babies from zero to six months age because with them you can't
do too many home remedies So how to take care of these
babies if they have a cold or cough? my first tip is that if you think your baby's cold
or cough is at a very early stage then for one or two
days you can try the home remedy at home which I
am going to tell you now I feel like that in the
case of such a small baby, it is always best to consult a doctor Offcourse, the medicine
prescribed by the doctor you can hold it for 1-2 days see that if it might improve That is totally your choice However it is better to consult a doctor because the baby is very little And what the doctors do is
that they check baby's chests etc to see if the infection
has not reached to the lungs because that could be
serious for such a small child So my first tip is to stay
in touch with the doctor.

My second tip is to give steam to the baby Steam helps a lot for such a small child Very quickly their nasal
congestion gets cleared now how to give steam? in
this you have to be very careful because the child should
not be burnt by mistake There are two ways to give steam first, as I am showing you here You can use a steamer and keep the
baby at some distance from the steamer The steamer which we
use gives very little steam, that's why we're holding
the baby a little closer Otherwise, you have to maintain
a proper distance. Another way is to go to the bathroom
and switch on the hot shower Let the baby breathe the
steam that comes out of it This also clear the baby's nasal congestion The third remedy is my personal favourite and we use it the most till today we use the same
on our five-year-old son too This is a remedy of mustard oil So you take some mustard oil put garlic in it When the garlic is cooked,
your oil will be ready and instantly, when it cools down a
bit, then you have to apply on the baby Try to use it while the baby is sleeping so that he can get a rest with this, you will see that there is a
difference in cough as well as in the cold.

Now some people also
prefer to make this oil hotter You can also add carom seeds to it you can also add asafoetida This increases its warmness more Now see, the right
way to apply this oil is which gives relief, that is on the chest, on the back, on the both
hands and especially in the nails also on the soles of feet
and also in the nails of the feet but as we are talking
about the newborn baby here so it is very important to test it first so many babies have rashes
when it applies to the chest and back due to this, the child is sick already,
and now he becomes more uncomfortable so I have applied this to Noor many times because it was very cold here so always apply on
feet and wear socks on it and applied on hands and wear mittens till now I have never
tried it on her chest and back now she is 3 months old, her
skin becomes more mature now so now it will happen
that, I will try this on her to see if there is any
reaction on her skin or not? I will suggest for 0 to 3 months old that it will show a lot of difference by
applying on their hands and feet only next remedy is Jayfal so you make a paste of
jayfal by rubbing or grating it and apply on baby's hands and feet
in the same way, we apply mustard oil mustard oil suits for some babies
and jayfal suits for some babies so what suits your
baby, you can try and see next remedy is nasoclear nasoclear is bascially
a drops, a saline dropes means drops of salt and water and this is not harmful
to the child in any way when you put it in the baby's nose,
the baby's nose opens up completely not only at the time of cough and cold but at any time if you notice
that baby's nose is not clear then you can put 1-1 drops in baby's
nose and make it clear so that he can breath properly especially at the time of cough and cold babies are not able to take feed properly so doctors suggests that
10 to 15 minutes before feed put nasoclear in baby's nose so that baby's nose will be clear
and baby can take breath easily and due to this baby
will be able to feed well next remedy is hot compress this is also very easy
and give a lot of relief so, what you will do
take a thin handkerchief take cotten hanky or any cotten cloth run a little iron on
it, make it little warm then you compress the
chest and back of the baby keep in mind that cloth
shouldn't be very hot so that baby will not burn so first test it on your skin if you feel the temperature is
normal then do apply on baby this will also give a lot
of comfort to the baby because whatever mucus is there, it melts
and comes out through the potty of a baby next remedy is breastfeeding breastmilk has a lot of
power to recover a baby so this time try to give
breastmilk to the baby as possible if you are giving the combination
of formula milk and breast milk make the quantity of breast milk less
but in a small feed offer him frequently and you take hot food
like turmeric milk, kadha take things like that will pass
through your milk to the baby and halp baby to recover fast at the time of cough and cold, your
child may be not able to take feed properly my baby used to take 3 oz first
and now he is taking only 2 oz it is absolutely normal
when babies are seek their appetite decreases at the time of cough and cold especially
doctors tell to give small feeds if you are fedding baby in 3 to 4 hours now try to feed them in every 2 hours so that it becomes easy for baby
and also helps them in recovery next remedy is humidifier humidifier basically
increases the moisture in the air what happens is, when air is
dry and baby breath that dry air then he get more discomfort the baby already had
cold and cough and due to dryness in the air, the
child gets a lot of discomforts so use cool mist humidifier which will increase the moisture
in the air and baby can easily breath so guys let me tell you quickly that we have made storefront of
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your purchase will be from amazon directly next tip is sponge many people don't prefer to
give a bath in cough and cold which is absolutely fine,
it is totally your choice however give sponge to a baby so that he can feel fresh and even by giving a sponge, the
baby's sinuses will open up and last step is nebulization with small kids, it is very
important to have a nebulizer at home doctors also prefer to give
nebulizer to the baby over steam because they feel that
with steam, the risk may be high there could be a problem
if a child burn by mistake nebulizer throws the
cool air, so there is no risk it has also been seen that
nebulizer makes a quick difference or more difference as compared to steamer but many people thinks that nebulizer means we are giving medicine
to the child but it is not like that many times doctors recommend giving
only saline drops through the nebulizer which is bascially a salt water use only this in nebulization so
that baby's nasal passage will open I put nebulization as last point because nebulization is such a thing which has to be on doctors
recommendation or under his supervision it should be according
to doctor's prescription it was very successful with my
son Kabir when he was 3 months old so that time I had to
nebulize him for the first time due to the one infection that he had and with Noor also, when
she was seeking with cold and we notice that she
is not taking feed properly then that time doctor
first recomended to nebulize and feed her after 15
minutes, and it works like magic because of nebulization
her nasel passage get open and she take her feed easily because give up on the feed
is one of the SOS situation in which you have to contact your
doctor immediately in an emergency so which nebulizer I am using for my kids I will give a link to it in the description
box, you go and see there but never give nebulizer
without asking to your doctor because your doctor only desides that at which stage baby need nebulizer or what to give through nebulizer so guys base on my
experience of raising two kids those are all my tips, which work for me it is very normal to get cold
8 to 10 times in the first year in fact it makes their Immunity stronger parents only needs to keep in mind that start right treatment on the right
time so that baby will recover fast from my experience, I can tell you that 9 out of 10 times my babies
recover by using these remedies only one time I need to have
some more medication for my baby we never needed this that we
have to give antibiotics to our kids and every time I take care to keep in
touch with my doctor and inform him you also try these remedies
your baby will also recover fast and don't worry about why
your child is getting this frequently this will make their immunity stronger what products do I use? link to
that is in the description box below do visit our website, you will
get a lot of information there because we have already
done over 1000 videos and we have published videos
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information when it comes to remedies and with this let end this video thank you bye-bye



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