Today’s video is a 34-year-old actress from Detroit who wants to get rid of her big toenail fungus Her toes are so pretty and get color Take those taupe of delicate nail polish Line nails and discuss some myths about glove use and cross-contamination so stay tuned I’m Laurie Holloway known In the name of a meticulous manicure on YouTube and expert in nail tech Specialized in pedicures If you are new here Hello Please subscribe and turn on your notifications if you are selected as a winner And the random comment game is much better now than it was a few months ago Ikea set of drawers came up mailed did they deliver it in the garage i picked it up to bring it home and blew off the discs in my lower back needle just real skinny needle right near the nerve next to the knuckles $0.04 then heat it up and the heat they call it burning but it doesn’t burn well it kills the nerve yeah so that’s what i do Its really really good now compared to a couple of years ago [music] you have lovely fingers relaxed  how long did it take you guys to get it here today glad it wasn’t the lg sleet a lot of people who made dec appointments who were coming from a distance or worried so you had your whole foot touching that yeah so maybe it was sleet shots see that’s the thing people always give me a hard time why don’t you have on gloves why don’t you have on gloves it’s like gloves it’s not what camel moving things it’s dirty tools and if you have dirty tools that customers touch toenails it doesn’t matter if I have gloves or not wash and disinfect your hands when they are done get rid of any kind of anything that was on the foot Personally have you taken any pictures of it having a problem with your nails it can pop up at any time it’s important not to ignore it sooner take care of it the less likely any bacteria invade your nail plate I’ll talk about little myths of glove use featuring foot busting abortion  yes this Your skin will feel really great.

There doesn’t seem to be much extra skin You can see this small dark area in the corner on the right hand side to Bernal and then a darker patch on the left side of her big nails Those are the areas where she has a nail mushroom oh Guys you want coffee or something or water for our hot tea let me know if any of this is uncomfortable so once I’m away a little bit of that wreck which is under the sides closest to the edges once you’re back in the water the water will be able to penetrate there a little better then I’ll be able to clean out from under it I’m not going to dig all the way under your nails but you can see this outline right here all those darkest orange things and I’m going to get a product and as soon as I start using this it will also gout all that nail will come out it will all be clear then i will be able to get back to the nail bed once all of this comes out i have some good news i have been on a roll lately and have a follow up video on my next upload as well i always make such a mess before i look again  so what do you guys do l holidays where’s that  I got a little tear in there ok go shoot all the way you guys have kids how am i from a family of five so i know we’ve never been a big enough car to go anywhere all together i remember jo d like a VW minibus you know yes we have the holidays camping done are you ready for some brighteners and gloves information wearing gloves has nothing to do with being professional if someone chooses not to wear gloves during the pedicure process this is for tech protection nail Customers are not wearing gloves properly generic recommended to prevent chemical exposure I’ve been accused of not being able to afford gloves I’ve had people tell me they’re hoping to pick up something so I touch products they’ll soak in my pores and they’ll get into my bloodstream and I’ll be poisoned Well there are no pores or hair follicles on The palm of your hands the truth is the skin is a water barrier that protects the body from bacterial and chemical particles A number of chemical mechanisms that block chemical absorption Lucky for me I do not take chemicals only the same lotions and salt first scrubs rubbing my clients feet legs as the degree of temperature Fashion in the skin neutralizes alkaline ingredients in chemicals and if anything doesn’t bypass the epidermis in the stratum corneum the lipid lipid layer repels anything water-based then there’s lymphatic and vascular drainage located in the dermis that removes foreign particles from the body [music] kind of movie is the one like street juggler and any company oh like a dramedy do you want to tell people what the name of that is so they can go watch it yeah it’s called street drama wait like w e ig ht okay then gravity baby support okay to continue some info that i was talking about gloves and Products that penetrate into your body What about creams and medications that we wanted to penetrate our body Well the products have chemical enhancers such as ethanol and sodium lauryl sulfate that extract natural lipids from the skin that allows penetration There are safer mechanisms available for companies who want active ingredients to penetrate the skin such as peptides and liposomes And these have to be very small, less than 500 dollars, and this is a molecular weight another product, so everything transdermal drugs have a delivery system for less than five hundred dollars, and if you Concerned about the product you were using be sure to check the Material Safety Data Sheet from that product video about nail polish launch because I didn’t actually say Guess What’s Here  I’ll tell you what this whole editing process is I was trying to push a bottle across the table and Selma is slow-moving I’m like what I’m doing I really did a lot of time doing these things I scrapped this idea like just getting it done me and i didn’t have enough space for everything and everything was working like that slow i was like i wouldn’t learn this now i just deleted it like you know i use um just i know it does what i need to do i use adobe premiere too but it’s just the easiest iMovie As simple as some of them yeah [music] How long have you not made fun movies have you done [music] Do you write yourself – oh yeah when I’m writing patriotic stories [music] It’s hard sitting thinking what I’m going to do I put in this [music] We must be good In it if so you will be on Netflix [Music Ge] [music] I really can’t wait to watch it Are you ready for another myth about love Using the myth is you can be inspected and fined by OSHA for not wearing OSHA Luxe Not making nail technicians wear OSHA gloves is an occupational safety hazard association here in the US to protect Employees at work Environment Risks in the workplace Not from customers skin You should wear gloves when cleaning a pedicure table with harsh chemicals But as long as the salon owner has a box of gloves in the salon at your disposal The salon owner follows OSHA guidelines to protect its employees if you won’t be inspected or fined by OSHA for not wearing gloves now it’s up to you I can trim this off there’s nothing stuck under it or you can try to clean it out from under it at home and wait for it to grow back [music] how this field stuff is right there it’s the worst foot you say on LAUNCH [music] You’ll see it soon yeah you know snowballs so I understand how you know they got into this situation but really it’s just you know you don’t tend to them on a recurring basis a buildup happened and they can’t be reached She has a recent breast cancer diagnosis What makes your skin dry [music] yeah I helped them throw that out really well they asked me to connect with people and we asked people to send them their problems [music] This is more sensitive I thought I meant I was just rubbing that I did a good career [music] so I’m sitting here i think of you guys look so young and then with five kids when i start adding years and i remember my mom had five kids by the time she was 26 that was amazing the thing is my siblings my dad married my mom when she was 19 three kids And they’re still married We ‘ll celebrate 40 years He’s a good dad different it sounds like on youtube [music] [music] I was testing you to expand yeah I mean I wasn’t trying to have it happen I’ve been doing this for 25 years so I have full clients so when people pretend they try to get in and they have to wait for my mom You can find a date  You guys put a little trailer from your bottom um on youtube do you have a chance ways important to everyone well hope you get a lot of new followers from my followers  I love helping others we are going to trade with I will do some marketing for you some commercials for marketing products even if you like a pepsi ad [music] yeah when i was I’m trying to push polish across a table of course I mean you have to see the work area you know it’s full of all kinds of other [ __ ] so I’m just trying to get off fast enough to get out of the way just that stuff I got let this out you know because I do like at 11:30 at night After you come home then I’m like me I couldn’t get my hands out of the way fast enough I’m like oh can I get some string and try to pull it you know I always hear Bruce in my head you’re trying so hard here that’s you know come to bed It’s 2:00 I’m like alright I’m going to bed if we let it make me when I ride you that part and I think the toes are a good wave and I’ve been looking at it on my own that’s creepy because like too much to look at myself [music] I know it It’s easy to know when you lifted the logic It’s close to Korea Joplin you know such a small area here where I clean it under but the left side of the nail where my thumb is kind of hard to tell if it’s just raised or warped but after I start cleaning under that left side again you ‘ll be able to tell How far under the cleanest ingrown pavement goes this whole warped part is not compact in the material underneath and all of that needs to come out before the nail can start to re- grow the nail bed and when you see her next video we will be shocked at how clear this area is and how much it has grown [music] see now you can see where your edge for free is a lot of those things have come out more in these things  how does this product feel mycosis The nails worked much better and faster if I was n’t wearing nail polish but she wanted to wear nail polish I promised it and she’d apply it to the free edge of the nail plate to make sure I did get it from the bottom of her nails to get to clear up that nail fungus so that’s my coat base call it all about it base and it gets color d A manicure color take this taupe and then we will use my top coat which is the top of the world call and then we will use cuticle oil at the end of the so called call me madam mango you polish golden finger nails are to apply layers thin layers so that they are dry before reaching the next layer when I used a second coat of nail polish on top of a layer of nail polish it doesn’t rewetting a bit that’s why if it was too thick it would just pull and pull so you could tell that it was really really shiny and now if you look at this foot, I got kind Its a matte look but you did see me apply a base coat so it’s just that it’s dry now we apply a very thin coat of the first color well the color take those taupe it’s a perfect neutral pink I would classify it in the new beds which has a very very very subtle shimmer in it like Smaller tiny silver glitter and if you notice my brush size is fantastic for nails I was too tired of those big big fat huge brushes trying to polish my toenails I decided I had to finally make nail polish again with a reasonable size brush so we can polish Tony Elizabeth yeah what their slick nails like color sometimes I ask people questions I stare at their toes so I don’t know they have eyes closed I’m sorry  You thank you so much for taking the time out of your day for people to visit my channel like you are the reason for my success and I appreciate it so much but remember to subscribe to my youtube channel for everyone remember the latest videos they are free and I will see you next time you



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