Assalam U Alikum dear viewers. I am kamran and you are watching MLT Hub with kamran. How are you dear viewers? I hope you are all well. Dear viewers today you will learn about a very important condition and its treatment That is: 10 Home Remedies for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) So by using these remedies you can treat UTI in home and also reduce the severity of symptoms of UTI This topic is for those people, whose afraid from taking antibiotics Before starting the lecture Subscribe my channel and press the bell icon to recieve new videos notification on time. So Let's start (10 home remedies for UTI) Dear viewers what is UTI? 1) UTI is an Infection that affects any part of the urinary tract.

2) UTI affects kidney 3) UTI affects ureters 4) UTI affects bladder 5) UTI affects urethra So UTI treatment is must for Healthy Urinary tract What is the causes of UTI? Bacteria is the most common cause of UTI. Fungi rarely can also infect the urinary tract. But 80 to 90 percent causative agent is Bacteria What are the symptoms of UTI? 1) Burning in urethra when passing urine. 2) Abdominal Cramping. 3) Chills 4) Fever 5) Sudden urge to urinate 6) Continues passing of small amount of urine.

7)Urine Appears cloudy 8) Pelvic Pain 9) Smelling Urine Now you will learn about the 10 Home Remedies for UTI: 1) Drink More Water Drinking increase water will flush bacteria by excreting large volume of urine. 2) Increase your intake of Vitamin C Vitamin C will make urine pH acidic and bacteria will not grow in Acidic urine. 3) Drink Cranberry juice 4) Increase your intake of Garlic 5) Use Probiotics Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system. Probiotics are avalible in the form of supplement Yogurt is the best Probiotics which works as Antibacterial agent. 6) Not to hold urine for too long 7) Increase intake of Green tea 8) On empty stomach use two tables spoons of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. 9) Boiled Parsley in water and drink. 10) Soak pieces of cucumber in a glass of water overnight with few slices of lemon and drink.

Thank you so much dear viewers for watching MLT Hub with kamran. That was all about 10 home remedies for UTI. I hope this lecture will be very useful and you will learn alot If You found this video useful Like and share with friends Take good care of yourself, Allah Hafiz..



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