hello friends of ichimoku fibonacci giachetti juniors in a new video where I am going to tell you how you can open a bank account in the United States from your home if the alternative that I am going to tell you about in this video allows you to have access to a savings account and a current account in a US bank from wherever you are, it does not matter if you are in Buenos Aires, Santo Domingo, Lagos or Riyadh, it is very likely that this bank will open an account for you, a US bank account will not only allow you to deposit in brokers in the without restrictions but it will also allow you to receive payments from abroad without the need to exchange your dollars for pesos at the official exchange rate or the regulations that apply in your country the bank that we are going to use is one of the most was founded in 1918 by industrialist andrew carnegie and is headquartered in jacksonville florida is part of a financial conglomerate part of the list of fortun e 100 for financial services has 145 branches in 40 of the states of the American union and has more than 5 million customers 'it never has this data because we are not talking about a Puerto Rican bank with little reputation and unsatisfactory customer experiences either It is a digital bank and it is not that I have something against digital banks but it is worth clarifying I am talking about you a bank and its easy process to open a bank account without being a resident in the US and without the need to travel in addition to you a bank you will be able to maintain a bank account abroad without paying any maintenance costs simply by maintaining a balance of 25 dollars in your accounts come with me to open it once we are at home we are going to click where it says open account put different people to urinate alternatives to open an account we are going to choose to open two accounts a check in account with which they will also give us a card debit and some semis account that will allow us to obtain a modest interest for the money that we have deposited in this account to make the money that you have in the service account you simply have to make an internal transfer to the laxe kings account but I will tell you in a little while Once both accounts are selected, we are going to start the Christian application process where it says start application, the first thing it is going to ask us is if we already have a bank account or a mortgage loan with them and we are going to select no or if it is the case in the following screen we will start with the opening process itself first for the girl account will ask us what the initial deposit will be the minimum 225 dollars but keep in mind that to deposit in the account you will need to make an international transfer and transfer less than 1000 dollars in this way is quite onerous on this screen we will also be able to choose if we want a checkbook and a free debit card.

I only opted for the debit card. In addition, we will be able to choose the design of our card, a regular design or a design of the Jacksonville Jaguars , an NFL team whose stadium is sponsored by Banco Día. The next step is to do the same with our services account on the screen, it will also indicate the interest they are paying for the deposits in this account and they will clarify that we cannot make more than six transfers and withdrawals from a service account, that is why we also check account Once both accounts have been configured and having informed how much we are going to transfer, it is time to fill out the form with our personal data, we can choose if we want an account with a single owner or with joint ownership, remember that international transfers have to be to a mirror account for what the papers if you have a co-holder in your local account you should also have it in your account in the US , however, many have told us that if only one of the holders coincides, it is enough when we select that we are Argentine citizens or from any other country that is not from the US , it will ask us about our residence status in our tax identification in our case we are going to put that we are not US residents and that we do not have any type of tax identification in that country when selecting these items a message will appear saying that this part of our application we will have to complete the rest later of the form does not have major twists and turns we have to complete our email telephone address password and data keep in mind that later you will have to send proof of address of the address you chose in this step on the next screen we will see the information that we completed in the form so that we review it and confirm that everything is in order click Here we go where it says continue and we are going to have to consent to some contracts, treaties, regulations, agreements, etc., etc.

Once the process is complete, it will tell us that the shipment is being processed and that this could take a few minutes, as you can see at this point, something in the process failed behind the box white you can read that the site is having problems and after waiting several minutes I got tired and closed the website what I have not received is that I had already received an email from you to the bank in my inbox with the information of my application, that is, I thought that the website never gave me a success message, my application had been processed at the end of the email, when you found a button that says visit mary page and that we are going to direct it to finish our application, we call it again on the site we click where it says contains application and it will take us to a window where we can send the documents that are requested and these are tr the first is the w8 benz form it is a form from the internal revenue service the tax authority of the united states in which we declare that we are not american residents that the source of our income is outside the usa and that for that reason our movements should not be subject to the taxes of that country the w o chopin form is obtained with a quick search in google to which we will also leave the link in the description so that they access more easily although at first glance this form may seem intimidating it is quite easy to Completing the first part does not have any major difficulties, we will have to put our name and surname, nationality and address, point 4 you only have to fill it out, it places addresses other than the postal address, something that in most cases you will not need to do, point 5 there is leave it blank and point 6 you have to include the tax identification number of your country and n Argentina will be the cuit in Chile- the root in Colombia the nyt and so on in each of the countries that are watching us, point 7 is left blank and in point 8 enter your date of birth in American format, that is first the month then the day and lastly the year in part 2 if you are argentinian you are going to leave it blank if you are from a country that has a tax treaty with the us be the same what are the guidelines to fill out that section finally we are going to complete the date in part 3 and our name below where it says signature once complete we have to print the form sign it where it says sainz jr and scan it or take some photos that we will then send to altica bank s 1 step is to upload a photo or scan of our passport where our photo and our personal data appear there are not many laps the third step we must upload the proof of address this can be the address that appears on our driver's license ID utility bills or any payment documentation that shows our name and address that we put at the time of opening the account once we complete this we will be receiving a notice in the next few days that our account was approved and a few weeks later it is the card The debit card is going to arrive at our house by mail We are going to tell you about this in a future video Keep in mind that this is an account that will allow you to receive payments from all over the world and of course you will be able to use it to transfer money from Argentina this account and from this account to a broker but as we always tell you to analyze the tax aspects of opening an account in the US with your trusted accountant if you liked the video do not forget to leave a like subscribe to the channel that the bell if you notifications of new videos arrive and tell us in the comments how your experience was but open your bank account on bank day see you soon bye and [Music] and drunk and it went well for me



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