(Two Days and One Night) (Today's destination) (Andong, North Gyeongsang Province) (It's a hot summer day under the blazing sun.) It was on a hot day like this last year that we went pass some traditional houses to a stream, where we met Twice. Twice? (It was around this time last year.) (Twice blew the heat away.) (The members had a blast with the eight girls.) It's time Twice came back. Unfortunately, they aren't here today. (Glancing) I spotted something weird. (Straw ropes hang above the front gate.) (What is it for?) – Should we choose one? / – It's not for us.

There are six of them. Exactly, we get one each. Look at him. You shouldn't touch them. That's yours. End of story. – You've chosen. / – You're done. – Aren't they the owner's? / – I think they are. – You'll each choose one. / – See? All right. Gosh. Okay, then. This is mine. – Good. / – Okay. This is what I chose. (Something seems off.) All right. Gosh! – This is the best. / – Hello. It's always best to play safe. There were six of them for a reason. Who said you could choose first? I'm done for. – My gosh. / – I know.

What am I going to do now? Is this our cutlery for lunch? If you just leave them hanging like that, it's first come, first serve. – I mean… / – This was totally unfair. You should have a keen eye. – Don't you agree? / – I do. We thought it was part of the house. The tools you just obtained should be left aside or kept in your pockets. – All right. / – Someone might take mine. – See? / – Put them down your back. – Look. / – I might lose mine. What do we need these tools for anyway? (You'll see shortly.) We are at Suaedang located in Andong, North Gyeongsang Province. – Suaedang? / – Yes, Suaedang. Sooae? – Sooae? / – Will she join us today? Will she enter singing like this? That's it. (They sing together.) Is that a possibility? Can the two on my sides be any older? (They're struck by a hard fact.) They're talking nonsense.

You'll be old soon as well. Suaedang was built in 1939 by Ryu Jingeol, a patriot and independence activist, in order to live with and support his parents. (The name was coined after his name.) I can tell that it's old. – Me, too. / – Right? (His descendants still live here to this day.) Today, someone special will explain to you why you're here.

– He must be a descendant. / – Right. No, it's not a celebrity. – It isn't. / – I think it is. – Think about it. / – In order to explain, it must be an expert. There's no celebrity who can do that. – I know. / – That's right. – What's that? / – Is that a mirror? – It's a tablet. / – No way. It could be a celebrity, then. Press "Play". (Who is this special guest?) – Gosh. / – My goodness. Greetings to you on this hot summer day. On this week's Two Days and One Night, you'll be traveling in search of healthy food in Korea. (Nice!) How am I supposed to eat with these? The reason I recommended Andong as your first destination is this.

Andong is the hometown of Jang Gyehyang, the first female to write the all-Korean cookbook, "Food Dimibang". – "Dimibang"? / – An all-Korean cookbook. Andong is also famous for it's Korean beef and Chinese yam. I wonder if you know what it is. – Chinese yam. / – Of course we do. You'll be able to come across a meal that includes the ingredients. That I have to eat. I bet you're all looking forward to it. My mouth is watering as I speak. All right, then. Enjoy a healthy meal in Andong and give yourselves a boost of energy. Let's go! – All right. / – Thank you so much. It's a special about Korean food. – In Andong. / – Healthy food. Just as Mr. Choi Boolam said, the concept of the trip is "Korean Health Food Table". ("Summer Health Food Special") Let's go ahead and see what Andong has to offer. – Right now? / – Really? Already? – Nice. / – Can we really eat? – Already? / – Did you eat ramyeon? – Yes. / – How could you – prior to this episode? / – Unbelievable.

There's a door behind you. Please open the door from each side. – Gosh. / – Mr. Choi – recommended this. / – In one, two, three. Bulgogi and plums. Plums? (A healthy meal for the summer) (A special meal of Suaedang) (to restore your energy) (You won't ever be fatigued this summer.) The daughter-in-law of the owner will come out and explain this meal to you. Please come on out. – Hello. / – Hi. – Hello. / – Hello. – Have a seat. / – Thank you. I'm the 24th daughter-in-law of the Jeonju Ryu family, Moon Jeonghyeon. ("Korean Food Table") (Their food was introduced on "Korean Food Table".) (Namul and soybean powder soup) (The Ryu family cook with their original recipes) (that were passed down up to this day.) Did you know it was a big family before you married? There must have been a lot to learn at first.

"The house is quite big." – That's all I heard. / – It's must be hard to clean. Since I was from Seoul, I just imagined a decent two-story house – when I heard it's big. / – And this was the house. I used to work right next to Deoksugung. I would go for a walk in Deoksugung sometimes, but I've never seen such a big door like ours. I thought it was a folk village when I first came. A folk village? This house is almost a small folk village. On the first day I came, I tried to enter through the small door. Then my father-in-law told me to come in using the big door. I had to make a detour to the big door and it took about ten minutes as I remember. – It's far. / – Yes. The main entrance was far. (When she tried to enter through a small door,) (her father-in-law told her to use the big door.) (Making a detour to) (the main entrance took ages.) You should have gone home right away then.

"What a great house. Goodbye!" "It is a big house." And leave. I would have done that if I was as I am now, but back then, – I wasn't brave enough. / – "Sir, it's too far!" You were so unlucky. Imagine how hard it must've been to learn everything. But now I know that not many women can be as privileged as I am. – So I'm proud of myself. / – The responsibility… – Yes. Exactly. / – You're keeper of tradition. Did you make the food here? Today, you are the guests of a noble family and you deserve our traditional food. I overheard you mentioning radish earlier, – but we have… / – It's Chinese yam. – Yes, it's Chinese yam. / – Is it famous here? Yes, they say it's a great ingredient like eel.

Chinese yam is indeed good for your health. We grind Chinese yam and made white kimchi out of it, then added noodles in it. – Is this the food? / – Yes. – It's Chinese yam noodle. / – The dish in front is neobiani made of Korean beef from Andong. (Meat is the best ingredient in summer.) (Thinly sliced Korean beef is grilled) (until it becomes juicy neobiani.) It's a great health food for old people in summer. It also helps with your digestion. – And… / – I wonder what this is. – I see octopus in it. / – It's a poached egg. Noble families in Andong always serve – It looks tasty. / – octopus to the guests.

It's cooked octopus, abalone and shrimp with poached egg on top. Traditionally, Andong's noble families serve poached eggs when they have special guests. I wonder what this is. This red drink is Andong sikhye. – Sikhye? / – I see. Sikhye? I want to try it. – Is there kimchi in it? / – No, there is ginger. We normally make sikhye by boiling it. But ours is left to ferment. – It looks like dongchimi. / – It smells like it, too. We mix red chili pepper powder with hot water to get its nice color. It smells like sujeonggwa. You might think it's weird because of the color, but it's really good for digestion. It helps with digestion. There's a cookbook called "Food Dimibang". Are these recipes in the book as well? The ingredients are mentioned in the book, but the recipe differs from family to family as they have been changed to preference. It seems that all the dishes here are good for health.

Yes, all of them are easy to digest and they make good harmony with each other. They are very effective in making – your body healthy. / – The plums look good. What about the plums? Plums are in season these days. Eating foods that are in season makes our body healthy. Would you like to hear my acrostic poem about plums? – Here it goes. / – "Ja". Plums. – "Du". / – Will you say "two"? Two… What? You are unbelievable. What an old joke. – She might not know. / – That's a dad joke. – My gosh. / – Two plums? She might not know because she doesn't watch TV. It would be awesome to eat the health food – in front of you and get healthier. Right? / – Yes. – We should start eating. / – Let's eat.

– It's really hot today. / – Shall we start? – Breakfast is important. / – For sure. However… – But. / – But. You can't eat them for free. Maybe we should use our tools. (Is this what it's for?) (They take out their tools.) (Ta-da) (What are they?) Today, you are in one team. – What? / – What does that mean? You can eat only when all of you succeed. We are playing as a team. Even if one person fails, you won't be able to eat. But we are six. How about more than four successes? Please be easy on two people. – If we don't eat… / – Will I get to eat, then? – You look very happy. / – Of course. Normally people don't like to eat what they cooked. I would like to get healthy as well. Let me give you the mission now. I will give you a theme, and each of you will say a four-letter word that is related to the theme. Four-letter words related to the theme? For example, Beijing and the Great Wall of China? What about Beijing duck? – It works.

/ – All right. – It must be four letters. / – It sounds easy. – It doesn't sound hard. / – No problem. All six of you should succeed to eat the food. You get three chances, – so you have higher chance. / – It must be tough. – They want the food. / – Give us 10 chances. Let's go for a practice game first. – The theme is / – What's going on today? – marriage. / – Marriage. – That should be easy. / – Siyoon. – In one, two, three. / – What if we fail? Honeymoon trip. – One, two, three. / – The bride and the groom. – The bride and the groom. / – In one, two, three. Spring, summer, fall, winter.

– It's a good word. / – What's wrong with it? It means you can have wedding in every season. – He can keep going on. / – In one, two, three. Newlyweds. Should the words be related to each other? – In one… / – No. Friends of the bride. – What? / – That makes sense. (He met numerous girls from weddings.) (To make his wish come true,) (he's been paying attention to those girls.) (That's what's in the back of his mind.) – That makes sense. / – Why not? – It's a correct answer. / – Friends of the bride? That sounds like a correct answer. It's Defconn's turn. Friends of the groom. – Awesome! / – That wasn't hard at all. – We made it! / – It makes so much sense. What about friends of the whole family? Friends of the parents. – Friends of the minister. / – Friends of the minister. Friends of the minister? – Even friends of the cook. / – Friends of the guests. "Spring, summer, fall, winter" could be vague. Today, we have three judges for the game.

They will discuss about such vague answers, and if more than two of them accept it, it's accepted. Judges? – Are they old people? / – It must be seniors. The seniors from our show? (Who are the judges?) (Busy) Mr. Kang? We can't miss him. Did you see him acting innocent? (He pretended he wasn't one of the judges.) Could you please film us? (He gives directions about filming.) Jung Yongtae, the lighting director. Kang Chanhee, the main director. Choi Kanghyuk, the driver.

– Hi. / – Hello. He's the best driver. We had "marriage" as a theme earlier, and Junho said "spring, summer, fall, winter". Let's ask our three judges if it's related to the theme. It means they can love at any time of the year. Spring, summer, fall, winter. Do you think the word is related to the theme, "marriage"? (What would they say?) (It's accepted as a correct answer.) – They're generous. / – Awesome. They are so nice. You can get married at any time of the year. It's too general. Actually, he is right. The answer makes no sense. But the rest think it's a good answer. Let me give you the first theme. – It's "summer". / – Summer? We could think of same words. – Summer? / – Summer? (Summer?) – Four-letter words. / – Siyoon. In one, two, three. Summer vacation. In one, two, three. – Vacation homework. / – In one, two, three. Naengmyeon on sale. – In one, two, three. / – DJ Doc. – In one, two, three. / – Watermelon bingsu.

– In one, two, three. / – Heat hunting. (Heat hunting?) What a perfect summer. The word suddenly crossed my mind. – Heat hunting? / – It means washing away the heat. We're here to hunt the heat today. – Let's ask the judges. / – Let's ask. Tell us if "heat hunting" should be accepted. – What's wrong with it? / – In one, two, three. (Curious) (All of the judges refuse to accept the answer.) Would "heat goat" work, then? (At least he made them laugh.) It means a goat that is ill from the heat. A goat worn out by the heat. (The jokes are worn out, too.) I hope you'll give a better answer. They think too highly of us. – Fine. / – Okay, then. Okay, let's move on. It's quite tricky. I was able to answer thanks to Siyoon's. – Here we go. / – Let's go! We still have two chances left.

– We'll let this slide. / – It is summer after all. Here's your second keyword. Let's answer quickly so we can eat. Your second keyword is "nobleman". (Nobleman?) (Some look defeated) (while some desperately think of an answer.) – Give us some time. / – Not so fast! (Let's use this time to think.) In one, two, three. You weren't like this in the previous round. This wasn't the case in the former round. – It's suddenly too hard. / – All right. – In one, two, three. / – Hanok villages. – In one, two, three. / – Dress and live well. – In one, two, three. / – Sitting crossed-legs. – In one, two, three. / – Hunminjeongeum. – In one, two, three.

/ – The Joseon Dynasty. – In one, two, three. / – House of noblemen. (We did it!) House of noblemen. Doesn't that make sense? – That's what I said. / – Right. – House of noblemen. / – The Joseon Dynasty. Yes, exactly. It was the era of noblemen. Hold on a second. We're on the fence with… (Why are you on the fence?) With what? (Why are you on the fence?) – With what? / – Joonyoung said… (What did Joonyoung say?) He said Hunminjeongeum. King Sejong was a nobleman. Yes, Hunminjeongeum is correct. King Sejong was a nobleman. – What did you say? / – You said Hunminjeongeum? You must think of why Hunminjeongeum was made.

Hunminjeongeum was made by a nobleman so that people could lead enriched lives. You can't say that a king is a nobleman. – He's just the king. / – Isn't that the same? Anyway, it was made to tear down the wall – between noblemen and the public. / – Exactly. Also, he should get points for knowing what it is. That alone is worth a meal. – Let me ask the elders. / – Sure, let's. Can you associate Hunminjeongeum with noblemen? – In one, two, three. / – Let's see. (They all say it doesn't.) (How could you?) (Gosh) That really was too much of a stretch. – That's enough. / – It was a bit weird. – So were yours. / – What did I say? – House of noblemen. / – House of noblemen. It's like saying, "Friends of noblemen".

(They all see straight through him.) Can we come up with better answers if we have some time to think? Sitting legs crossed. Man of the house. Joseon Dynasty. State exam. Durumagi. Does secret royal inspector count? – Yes. / – I should've said that. – I get it now. / – Right. You should've said that instead. So here's your final keyword. Give it to us very slowly.

It's KBS. – What? / – It's KBS. (Korean Broadcasting System) In one, two, three. – Two Days and One Night. / – I'm doomed. – In one, two, three. / – "Gayo Stage". In one, two, three. (Two Days and One Night and "Gayo Stage") You failed! – What's wrong with you? / – "KBS Top 10 Songs"! – Two Days and One Night. / – I'm doomed. (Junho was thinking Two Days and One Night, too.) (He was suddenly left with nothing.) (He felt nothing but shame.) – Are you kidding me? / – The head director. Variety show producer. Variety show playwright. I only thought of Two Days and One Night. That was the easiest one, though. I said it because it was obvious. Once you said it, I was lost. – I can't believe him. / – My head went blank. The head director of variety shows. Finally, we now know what this quiz is about. – Let's play for real. / – Exactly. Take away our dishes. – That's right. / – Right now.

You can take one away. Take away Junho's. Were you being serious just now? Take away a meal and we'll drop a member. (They'll play for their own lives.) (Their job hangs in the balance.) – We'll exclude Junho. / – Good idea. (He accepts his fate.) This round doesn't count, and it honestly shouldn't. He didn't count to five. I did. – One, two, three, four… / – Use a watch. – Yes, use a watch. / – Exactly. You couldn't possibly be right on time. – That's absurd. / – Use a stopwatch. Let me ask the judges, then. Did I count exactly to five or not? In one, two, three. In one, two, three. (The vote is in favor of Director Yoo.) (Upsetting) I'm disappointed. I voted on your behalf. Really? – That's what this means. / – I'm sorry.

Since one of them agreed with us, the vote counts. – Give us another try. / – It was questionable. It was questionable. – Right. / – The majority has spoken. – Nonsense. / – The majority… No way. He's the eldest of all the elders, though. No, I'm not. I'm so sorry. I'm saying you have the longest career. He's the youngest of the bunch.

(Let the years not touch me.) I'll take it into account and give you another shot. Since this is a bonus round, you don't get time to think of an answer. Let's swap places, then. – All right. / – Give us an easy one. – It's all the same. / – No, it's not. – Stay where you are. / – I need time to think. You're naturally a stutterer. – That's right. / – Use that to stall. Lee Hyori was right when she said it's all the same. (It won't matter.) Let's do this. Your keyword is Two Days and One Night. Sleeping outdoors. – In one, two, three.

/ – Russian roulette. Why are you laughing? Russian roulette show. – That's right. / – We always put on a show. – In one, two, three. / – Russian roulette show. That doesn't make any sense. What we do is a show by all means. – Let's move on, then. / – Even so… All right, then. In one, two, three. Mr. Yoo Ilyong. In one, two, three. Variety show director. – In one, two, three. / – Mr. Kim Jongmin. – In one, two, three. / – Mr. Defconn. (Oh dear.) I can't believe the two of you. (Their smile says it all.) We should've all said our names. Now I know why they came up with this game. Without time to think, no one can possibly win. Can we? Give us any keyword. – Answer right away. / – It can be anything. Celebrity. In one, two, three. – Sunwoo Jaeduk. / – In one, two, three. (So it can be done.) (Taehyun now realizes.) I can't believe he answered immediately. He did it. In four syllables? Why? – Come on.

/ – That was the rule. – It's been the rule. / – Unbelievable. So in the end, you failed to win the meal. You're unbelievable. I couldn't eat with those chopsticks anyway. What now? (While they were haunted with mixed feelings…) – It's from "Goblin". / – It's from "Goblin". (The desire to eat a healthy meal) (reached the heart of a compassionate deity.) (Is it you?) (Is it you who called us?) (Yoo Minsang, the senior comedian) (Moon Seyoon, the cheeky big eater) (The scent of health food awoke us.) (The lonely and hungry goblins) (Relaxed) (Defconn's thrilled to see his friends.) (My gosh!) I'm a huge fan.

What's going on? (They won everyone over just by entering.) (The big and beautiful boys) You losers. I can't believe you lost the game. Sit over there, you Grim Reaper. – How dare you! / – Why are you in shorts? – No way. / – I didn't know this would happen. Is this our outfit? – It's so hot. / – I know. How long do we have to wear this? – Check the size. / – They're similar. My gosh. We'll be sweating like crazy. (Their laugh only lasted a minute.) We asked you here in case the members fail to win the game. You'll then be asked to eat their meal. (You'll eat for them instead.) (They're back to smiling again.) That's good for us, then. Beat heat with heat. Let's head on inside. Beat heat with heat. It's Hwang Chiyeul. That's so lame. What kind of goblins are you exactly? We were afraid you'd miss the health food of Andong.

They're eating it instead. We can't let it go to waste, so to prevent that, we asked the two goblins here today. – We came to eat. / – What's in your bag? – Clothes? / – It's our equipment. – Spoons? / – What's that? (Ta-da!) These are our tools. We came prepared. We didn't know what to expect. I see small buns. Are those for seasoning? We make sure that every meal is the best. If you won, we wouldn't have been able to eat. – Really? / – We almost stopped them. We would've only been asked to walk past you. Are they just here to eat the meal, then? Will Minkyoung and Joonhyun be here next? (Will they be here next?) – Seriously? / – They could be. Being a big man, you know us well. Hurry up and give them their meal. I'm hungry. You look awfully slender today. – I know. / – You really do.

It's more like they gained a lot of weight. Do you have high levels of fat, high blood pressure or diabetes? Why is this coming from you? I'm worried you'd be ill that way. – You're not, though. / – We're not. – Good. / – Your meal is now ready. The Andong nobleman's meal. – Nobleman? / – It's very healthy. – Gosh. / – Look. There are noodles. – It looks cool.

/ – Look at that. (It brings joy to the eyes and mouth.) (A tasty and healthy meal) Hold on a second. Not just yet. (Frozen) You can have seconds and thirds. (They can eat as much as they want.) Please enjoy. Here we go, then. It smells delicious. (The smell makes the first attack.) It'll be hard to tell us how it is. (Slurping) This is unbelievable. – Gosh, this is torture. / – That sound… What's the broth like? It's a refreshing dongchimi broth. – Dongchimi? / – White radish kimchi. The broth… (One slurp of the noodles) (They get sucked into his mouth.) (It's torture.) (They show the members how to eat noodles.) (Gulping) Here I go. (I bet you're all cooking ramyeon.) Just so you know…

He ate it all in a few mouthfuls. It only takes him two. There will be none for us. It's what I dreamed of this summer. – What? / – Lying on a wooden floor with the windows wide open on a hot summer day as I fill myself with something cold. Listen to his description. Once you're done, you shouldn't move. Push the table away with your foot. (Lie down after you eat to enjoy paradise.) It's not hot at all anymore. (They teach us how to enjoy food.) (The members are awestruck.) (The goblins are in a good mood.) They're having a blast because they get to eat. – I know. / – What's this? – That's… / – It's bean soup. (Zucchini soup with powdered beans) That's nice. – The flavors are clean.

/ – What's it like? Check out the leaves and powdered beans. Can I see? Zucchini? The flavors are clean and healthy. It's very refreshing, too. (A spoonful of zucchini leaves) Eat it in one mouthful. What's that? Are those zucchini leaves? I think it is. – Yes, it is. / – Zucchini leaves? It's very refreshing. The poached egg is to die for. – That's right. / – Is it this? Yes, that. – Poached egg. / – Yes, poached egg. That… – That's abalone. / – It's a poached egg.

What did I tell you? – What's that? / – I'd die for some. It's still intact. (Popping) The yolk popped. (Is this for real?) How is it? The flavors are very rich. Wow, the smell… I haven't tasted anything like this before. – Me neither. / – That's the real deal. – Tell us what it's like. / – I mean… – They're pine nuts. / – Pine nuts? That gives off the bean noodle vibe. This is definitely healthy. I could tell immediately. It's time you moved on to the neobiani. Make sure you eat it in a wrap. – Yes, two of them. / – They're very big. The neobiani is big as well.

– I'd love to sit there and eat. / – Look at this. It's six against two. Let's kick them out and eat. Good idea. There's no steamed rice. (The goblins are upset over the lack of rice.) – No rice. / – There's no rice. – Would you like some? / – Yes, that'd be nice. Let me. Hey there. Hello, my servant. – You get 10 points. / – Thank you. – 10 points. / – Please enjoy. If there are any leftovers… (They can't hear him.) He's adding chili. Really? Chili? – That's new. / – Isn't that too big? All right.

(A big mouthful) (Savoring) It disappears almost immediately. – It's like magic. / – It's like a baseball. (A wrap as big as a baseball) (disappears almost immediately.) It's gone. They're magicians. They make things disappear. (Noodles and wraps disappear like magic.) (Super-powered goblins) That looks like bulgogi. Does it taste like it, too? Is there a difference? – Well… / – Is it different? Is it marinated well? – Suggest a game already. / – Yes, make us play a game. Give us a keyword, and we'll play the previous game. Please. They keep on nagging us. Don't be bothered by them. This is too uncomfortable. I know, right? Get lost then, why don't you? For real. Kim Junho! Don't you know he sulks easily? He's like that all the time, so it's fine. Let us play a game. If we don't let him join us in a game, he gets upset and sulks in the corner. He's like that when we're all online, too.

Don't make me sound like a child. You were like that the last time. No way. Just eat already. Eat up. They grew these plums themselves. It's thanks to the sunny weather. Are those plums or cherries? They're too small for them. Is that pomegranate? Why does it look so small? – How is it? / – It's delicious! It's in season. (Sucking) – I know. / – The plum is gone, too. Honestly, it looked like a cherry tomato. It's very sweet. This is the best so far. – I wanted to eat one. / – Me, too. Skinny people sure are different. How could you want this out of all of this? I wanted the plums. No way. Can you eat two at once? (Gosh) I'm curious, too. (Easy-peasy) You looked like a squirrel just now. (An adorable squirrel storing food in its mouth) Three is too much.

– He has a small mouth. / – Exactly. It's big inside. (One more!) You look like a beaver. – Look at him. / – He's adorable. He's like a giant hamster. You each chose a tool as you arrived today. – I see. / – I have this. – What about them? / – Bring them out. (The kitchen tools they chose earlier today) (Six different tools) Actually, what you have in your hand is your very own "One Bite" chance. (A "One Bite" chance) (Mixed reactions) – However… / – However? Not everyone will get the chance. Really? Those with the same tools that the goblins chose will win a chance to eat. (What did the goblins choose?) – What is it? / – It's this. (Tongs) (Jongmin wins the chance to eat.) – No way. / – Perfect. It represents meat. (Earlier today, they were approached) (with cutlery and tools.) (Seyoon immediately made up his mind.) (They knew even before he chose.) (Tongs represent meat.) You have won the chance to use this tool any time today. – What? / – You can use it now. – He has one shot. / – Or you can use it later. There must be another meal waiting.

I'd wait this one out. I'd eat right now. Aren't you hungry? Eat some now. – Do whatever you want. / – I'll eat now. – What do you recommend? / – If I were you, – I'd eat right away, too. / – There's beef. Does he only have one shot? Once he lets go, that's it. – Give me your advice. / – Here you go. – This? / – Head in this direction. Grab the lettuce, garlic and move forward. – This way like so. / – Is this okay? – Here I go. / – Don't squeeze yet. – Right. / – Don't squeeze yet. – Get lost. / – He's sensitive. – Get lost. / – Look at the plums. (He makes a beeline for the beef.) (They're all intrigued.) This seems like a disaster.

– Gosh. / – Hang on. What do you think you're doing? (He aims for the goblin's noodles.) My noodles! (He whisks off the entire meal.) (Jongmin is thrilled for now.) – You have to eat it all. / – What's the plan? What now? – You have to eat it all. / – Really? – What now? / – It's too much. Drop some. (He brings them to his mouth.) Let's move.

(The hyenas make their move.) (It's close.) It looks dirty. (They're all around him.) Who let a beggar inside? Goodness. (A beggar) You there! (A beggar feeding off a beggar) Why isn't this coming off? (Junho snags a piece.) Junho. (Let me just taste it.) Junho! Hold on a second. I caught what he dropped. Defconn. Defconn, the menace. When will you get my name right? Gosh. The menace? – It wasn't that much. / – He had the best tool. – Tongs are the best. / – Eat what you dropped.

At least he got to eat. – Tell me about it. / – Is it good? – Yes. / – Let us play a game. Come on. How about this, then? – What? / – Use these to eat something. – Men should aim high. / – Good. – Yes. / – You've got this. All right. He really has short arms. They're too short. – Just throw it. / – Drop it from above. – Drop it. / – That's it. – That's better. / – Right. It might not work. Your arms are swaying too much. (It was actually quite embarrassing.) That's too bad. All right. These will slide off for sure. – Using tools is hard. / – He's shaking. – Wait. / – Don't use both hands.

Hold on a second. – What are you doing? / – What now? – Like spaghetti. / – What's your end game? – What now? / – What are you doing? – What's that? / – Playing billiards? What are you going to do? It's like eating spaghetti. (Taehyun is tenacious.) What are you going to do? (He drops the noodles.) Oh no. (Siyoon failed.) It's hard. Look. You shouldn't drop the food. – The food… / – He's good. Don't drop it. Let's see if he can do this. Good. He picked it right. Stop it. It looks like a bird's nest. (They are having a fierce battle.) Gosh. (It drops into his cap.) – Oh no. / – I got it! – What's that? / – Take it using a cap. You have to eat it. (It drops on the floor.) (Disappointed) – Pick it up.

/ – Okay. – He picked it up. / – Right. – Gather around. / – The birds are coming. – He can't reach it. / – He can't. Oh no. (Joonyoung succeeds.) – Spread them like this. / – That's it. – Put it on here. / – Tilt it a little. – Roll it. / – It will work. (He rolls a plum.) He took it. (Okay, that was spontaneous.) Again? – I can't believe this. / – He's lucky. (The show isn't over yet.) We have more. Right. They have buns. You can eat the buns with some beef. – That's right. / – It'll be a burger.

It's Andong's Korean beef burger. It must be delicious. – Add some mayonnaise. / – It looks delicious. (Put cabbage, mayonnaise and ketchup between the buns.) Add some beef. – This one is good. / – Add lettuce leaves. He's using his hands. It's a handmade burger. – It looks just right. / – It's perfect. (Minsang takes a big bite first.) He seems to like it. It must be good. This is really good. It tastes like a burger sold in a bakery. But it tastes even better with the beef slices. (The beef slices make it even better.) Please add more mayonnaise and ketchup for me. More mayonnaise? Add more mayonnaise and ketchup on mine. It tastes like healthy food with sikhye. With sikhye? Take that off your mouth. – More mayonnaise. / – Wipe your mouth. It looks really good. – Add two slices of beef. / – I want two slices. It's a bite-sized burger. Seyoon, it's bite-sized. – Eat it in one bite. / – Okay. (It's like a magic show.) He eats it really well.

(It's time for him to show some reaction.) How do you like it? – He ate it all? / – It has cabbage in it. Delicious. I especially like the sauce. (Calm) It tastes like one that's sold in a market. They add a lot of ketchup. It goes well with cabbage. – Didn't you chew it yet? / – Don't you feel anything? – What did you add? / – We added like 20 pieces. We added 20 pieces of garlic. – It must be good. / – I like garlic. – He likes garlic. / – What's wrong with that? (He likes garlic very much.) – I can't believe this. / – It's like garlic bread. No wonder it tasted so good. (Satisfied) – It's delicious for him. / – He likes garlic bread? – He loves it. / – It's like garlic bread. I can even smell the garlic here. He should be screaming by now, but he didn't. He's just eating garlic bread. How did you like Andong health food table? I'll have udon on the way to Seoul.

– He will eat udon. / – Let's go to a rest station. I was uncomfortable and couldn't eat much. They will eat udon on the way to Seoul. It felt special to come to Andong and have the food. The health food will help me get through the summer. Thank you. I hope you will clear the mission and have lunch. – Thank you. / – Good luck.

– Where are we going? / – Are we going to have lunch? Let's play "Lunch Game". It's 12 p.m. You're being too harsh. – You're so mean. / – It's too much. Yet why are we gaining weight when we skip meals? So where are we going? Play this. You are now heading to Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang Province. The city has a fine view. Mungyeong? Until the 1980s, Mungyeong was a famous city of coal with about 36 mines. The summer health food you will taste in Mungyeong is the health food for miners. I'm sure it has meat. – They need strength. / – Right. I hope you will be tasting the summer health food of Mungyeong.

– Okay. / – Mungyeong. – Thank you. / – Health food for miners. – A meal for miners. / – We have to eat it. I stayed in Mungyeong for a while. They have beef. But we had beef already. I'm guessing they'll have meat or pollack soup. Miners inhale a lot of coal dust. – They eat meat. / – They must clear it out with meat. They need strength after all. I think they have some meat menu in Mungyeong. In Mungyeong? Mungyeong samgyeopsal? That's not it. – Is it called stone meat? / – Stone meat? – It's called stone meat. / – That's right. – Stone meat? / – I ate it a lot. – It's famous. / – This place is amazing. The beautiful scenery outside is Jinnam Gyoban located in Maseong, Mungyeong. It's beautiful. It is one of the eight scenic views in Mungyeong that came first in Eight Scenic Views of Gyeongbuk.

It won first place? As you can see, there are three bridges surrounded by uniquely shaped rocky cliffs. It's an exquisite harmony of nature and man-made creation. – Look at that. / – It's amazing. Look over there. They made a tunnel through the rock? It looks like an artwork on a folding screen. Are we not doing a scary episode for the summer? – I need to go home. / – I'm not scared at all. Jongmin always says he's not scared. – He needs to see a ghost. / – I'm not scared at all. – He can have dinner with a ghost. / – I think so. After the horror special, we can try an acrophobia special. I don't think it's a good idea.

I can't do that. We should do these two episodes together. I don't like the idea of a horror special. So we need acrophobia special to call it even. – I'll sue you if you do. / – I can do neither. (Junho falls asleep alone.) Look. We should show something cool to our viewers. (Peaceful) We're on a vacation. – Right. / – Our viewers need this as it's too hot. They'll be excited to see something cool.

Show them something cool like we're on a vacation. (Ready, go!) Poor Junho. Our viewers will feel cool. I feel bad for him. – We need this in summer. / – Did you put eye drops? It got into my eyes. Don't your glasses have lens? His glasses don't have lens? You should be careful today. I just did it to make our viewers feel cool.

He's been wearing glasses without lens for three years. He has good eyesight. Give me some food. – He's hungry. / – I want some food. – He's hungry. / – Won't you let us eat? He's sleepy because he's hungry. (They arrive at the second health food place.) – I'm tired. / – I'm too tired to walk.

I'm too hungry to walk. I don't want to go there. We need something to eat. We can't climb the stairs without food. (What is waiting for them at the end of the path?) My legs hurt. – What's that? / – It's really cool here. – What's that? / – Let's go there. – It's really cool. / – It must be a mine. It's so cool. It's Eunseong Mine located in Mungyeong. It was abandoned in 1994. In the 1970s, Mungyeong was the nation's leading coal producer. Before I tell you about the health food of miners in Mungyeong, we will look around the mine. – Okay. It's cool. / – It's cool in here. I can actually see it. Is it vapor? – It's moisture. / – It's wet fog. Wet fog. – What's that? / – It must be a workplace. – For miners. / – He's the head. – They have a talk here. / – Safety regulations. It's blackish.

– Are they paid here? / – Right. – They got money here. / – They called roll here. They call roll before going into the workplace. By the way, I can't breathe well. The air doesn't have enough oxygen. You're the only one who feels like that. – Don't you think so? / – I don't know. I feel dizzy. – You're dizzy? / – What was that? There are a lot of workplaces. – They dug here. / – Really? They are eating lunch. Are they eating lunch? – They worked for 8 hours. / – It must've been hard. They worked really hard. We're just watching it, but they actually worked here. I told you I need more oxygen. You'll get more oxygen. – They worked so hard. / – This is so beautiful. – What's that? / – Isn't it beautiful? We've been through a lot. We deserve good food. – We don't need games. / – If you keep doing this, I don't even know what we'd do.

You should think about that carefully. You won't be able to catch us. We'll hide in the mine. We won't come out of the mine. – It's summer. / – You won't come out? – No, I mean… / – I'll get out of it. I won't get into the mine. (Let's go eat some health food.) – What? Who are they? / – He looks like… – Who's that? / – The gluttons again? – They're not them.

/ – It can be Minkyung. I don't think so. That's a guy. It's a man? We said goodbye. What are you doing here? (The goblins are here again.) Hey, how could you lie to your senior? You know how things work around here. This is meat. I thought you already knew. We did. – I don't think so. / – We knew. Go home, guys. Why are you telling us to leave? We hoped for female guests. We thought Twice would be here. – Or Blackpink. / – Instead – we got black pigs.

/ – Blackpig is here – playing with fire. / – Exactly. ("Playing with Fire" by Blackpig is coming soon.) – Many years ago… / – It's so hot. – Gosh, it's hot. / – Listen, it's important. Stand here for five minutes. You're sweating so much. My face is burning. A coal mine has been here for many years. The miners ate samgyeopsal in order to wash down the dust and coal debris in their system.

(Miners ate stone meat for this reason.) – You aren't using stones. / – Samgyeopsal. Stone meat is Mungyeong's specialty food. Stone meat comes from pigs that are fed on fodder mixed with ground stone with medicinal effects. What? – It's not grilled on a stone? / – No. (The meat isn't grilled on a stone.) They grind the stone. Here's another famous local product. – It's omija. / – Omija makgeolli. – Omija makgeolli? / – Omija makgeolli. – I want to try it. / – Goodness. (Yes, it's good.) – It's cool.

/ – We have fruit punch, too. I've tried it. It's sweet. Can we do rock-paper-scissors and have a taste? (Samgyeopsal and bibimnaengmyeon) (A stone meat course meal for a hot summer day) – Let's do this. / – I'll explain the game. The game you will play for the stone meat course meal is "Divi-divi-div". – What's "Divi-divi-div"? / – Is it a team game? One of the goblins will attack. The 6 members have to endure it for 60 seconds, after which, they can get stone meat. There will be three chances. – 60 seconds? / – So… – Yes, 60 seconds. / – That's too much. However, if you fail once, you'll lose half of the meat – to the goblins.

/ – Gosh. And if you fail twice, you'll lose another half to the goblins. If you fail all three times, you'll get no meat. I don't think we can do this. Go slowly. I'll buy you drinks. – Do it slowly. / – I quit drinking. (Disheartened) Darn it. Jongmin, you've played this game before. Yes, I have. They're huddling right away. Please listen to the explanation.

Your feet are together for two of the moves. First you have to look at the opponent's hands. – Okay. / – Watch first. Divi-divi-div. What was that? There's no point in coming up with a strategy. We were listening to a fool like fools. I'll start from here and move down. Whoever is bad at it should go first. The good player should go last. – How do we know who's good? / – You have to be quick. – I don't know this game. / – Let's do a practice run. (Divi-divi-div with stone meat on the line) Shall we do a practice game? – Let's do a practice run. / – You go first. Music, please. It's a practice. ♪ An alien comes down from a UFO and says… ♪ Divi-divi-div. Goodness. (Walking slowly) – Divi-divi-div. / – Don't look at his face.

(He loses the first time.) Walk over slowly. – Minsang, do it slowly. / – Relax, okay? Divi-divi-div. (Defconn cheats.) – This is okay, right? / – No. Divi-divi-div. (What?) No. Come on. Do it. Divi-divi-div. (Give me some time to think.) It's an off beat. Don't you know? You won't let it slide? He's very polite. Okay. Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – That's good. Divi-divi-div. (He plays first.) Divi-divi-div. (Jongmin fails in three turns.) – We didn't succeed. / – He even went slowly. Each person has to win 20 times. Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. (The members fail in one or two turns.) Divi-divi-div. (Gosh!) Divi-divi-div. (Even Jongmin loses.) He attacked me, but he still lost.

We can't even last 30 seconds. You have to reduce the time. I can't reduce the time for you. I'll add more members. That's good. Who? – Two people. / – Who are they? I brought two of the most famous Two Days and One Night staff. – Famous staff? / – Who? John Zaller and AlphaO, please come out. – I see. / – AlphaO. – Put them last. / – No, put them in the middle. (He doesn't know how to play this game.) Will they be enough? – Then… / – Go in the middle. – Well… / – Stand in the middle.

– Okay. / – We have three chances. Okay. We should try twice. One of you will be able to last. – Okay. Let's do this. / – We just need one person. – Just one good one. / – Let's go. (Will they be able to endure 60 seconds?) Here we go. – This is your first try. / – Let's do this. – I really want to eat meat. / – I want it, too. I think I can even eat stone right now. – Okay. Good luck. / – Start! All right. (Eunsung Butchery) – Let's go. / – ♪ An alien ♪ ♪ comes down from a UFO and says…

♪ – Let's be polite. / – Divi-divi-div. (Taehyun loses at once.) Goodness, Taehyun. Do it slowly. – Let him bow. / – It's okay. – Just do it. / – He'll go. Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – Good! – You were good. / – Did I win three times? Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – He got it. (What's wrong with him?) Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. (Did you see that?) – Let's go. We have no time. / – He has to bow. – Take off your hat. / – Let's go. Divi-divi-div. – Gosh. / – Long time no see. – Please get up. / – Gosh. Here we go. Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. It's okay. – Divi-divi-div. / – He's out. – He lost. Let's go. / – There's no time. (He lost at once.) – Jongmin. / – Okay. (Jongmin is the last one to play.) (He has played every game possible.) (He played this game numerous times.) (There's only 10 seconds left!) – Divi-divi-div. / – Divi-divi-div. (They failed their first try.) – This is upsetting. / – Only five seconds left. Okay. – What's this? / – What? – What's going on? / – Hey. – Something fell. / – Defconn lost a bolt.

Here. – Screw it in. / – Okay. You did great, Gyuhwan. Someone has to stall. If we can't, then we can't win. Take one plate out. Take the marinated meat out. Let's switch. – He's the ace. / – The bad ones go there. – You're the ace. / – Go to the back. People who did badly… Are you ready? – Let's go. / – Okay. Get ready. Music, please. – Let's go! / – Go for it! Let's go! ♪ An alien comes down from a UFO and says… ♪ – Hello. / – It didn't start yet. – Divi-divi-div. / – Okay. We'll start now.

– Take your hat off. / – Okay. – Get ready. / – Take the hat off. Divi-divi-div. (He loses at once.) – Gosh, Taehyun. / – I'm glad he was first. – Divi-divi-div. / – Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – Divi-divi-div. – Gosh. / – That was good. – You're going too fast. / – 30 seconds left. – Okay. / – Divi-divi-div. (Seyoon is shocked by John Zaller.) (He won five times.) – He's good. / – Gosh. – Take a bow. / – Okay. – Nice to meet you. / – It's good to see you. – Here we go. / – Good luck. – Go slowly. / – Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – Okay. – Hello. / – Let's do this. – Divi-divi-div. / – Divi-divi-div. – Gosh. / – One shot. – I'm your fan. / – Okay. – Please stay. / – Do it. Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div.

– Do it. / – Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – Gosh. Hello. (The final player is AlphaO.) (He was at the very bottom of the food chain.) (He has found his special talent.) (Six seconds left! It's show time.) (AlphaO, please.) (It'll show you what I got!) (Darn it.) Divi-divi-div. (AlphaO is disgracing AlphaGo.) (The squeaky hammers attack them.) The last person in line… – Gosh. / – We almost did it. We can't do well when it's not a practice. – That was so close. / – Let's take this off. – Who lost right away? / – Me. – You. / – Move to the back. Let's switch positions. – Me? / – You need time to think. He failed the first try every time. It's "The Best Hit" indeed. – "The Best Hit". / – "The Best Hit". – It's "The Best Hit". / – I'll finish this. Make sure you only take half of the meat. They took half of it. Now this is your last chance. If you fail again, you can't have meat.

They just don't want us to have it. Good luck. – All right. / – Music, please. ♪ An alien comes down from a UFO and says… ♪ Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – You got it! – Divi-divi-div. / – He got it! – He got it! / – Divi-divi-div. – He's on fire! / – Yes! – It's amazing. / – Divi-divi-div. (He's the king of Divi-divi-div.) – Yes! / – Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – Goodness! (He won 19 times!) – We can do this. / – Divi-divi-div. No! Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. – Gosh. / – I lost. – He's too fast! / – Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – He went too fast. Divi-divi-div. (He loses at once.) What are you all doing? Take off your hat. I'm your senior. I debuted before you. – You debuted somewhere else. / – Right. Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. (It's his personal best, six wins.) All right. (It's AlphaO again.) (Only seven seconds remain.) (I will end it here.) Divi-divi-div. (It's hard.) – What are you doing? / – That was bad. (Five seconds remain.) (But suddenly, the clock stops.) What? It stopped. (He lost at once again.) – The clock stopped.

/ – It stopped. – What's this? / – What's going on? – What was that? / – The clock stopped. – You lost anyway. / – No! – The clock stopped. / – We would've won. The clock stopped. It really did. Divi-divi-div. (After AlphaO's loss, the clock stopped.) (If the clock hadn't stopped…) – That was bad. / – What? It stopped. (They would've lost anyway.) – The clock stopped. / – It stopped. You have to give us one more… – You don't have to do it again. / – We would've won. It doesn't feel right, does it? – Let's do it again. / – All right. We know Taehyun always lost at once, so you lost the game. But we will bet half of the remaining meat. You can't take the meat. – The clock stopped. / – We compromised once.

– Shall we stop, then? / – This isn't right. "Shall we stop, then?" – What? / – Come on. – We don't want to stop. / – Let's just stop filming. Let's just stop. Let's go out and eat some fish stew. – All right. / – I can't play this game. Since there was a problem, let's start over. – Siyoon did so well. / – AlphaO, go to the front. – AlphaO, go to the front. / – What's gotten into you? Siyoon should be in the middle. – I just got lucky. / – Go to the middle. Siyoon was amazing. All right. Shall we start? Ready. Please distract them with your face. We can do this! Music, please. ♪ An alien comes down from a UFO and says… ♪ – Divi-divi-div. / – Good. – Oh, it didn't last. / – What are you doing, AlphaO? Show us what you can do, Siyoon! Divi-divi-div.

– Great. / – Divi-divi-div. Divi-divi-div. – You got it. / – Divi-divi-div. (Siyoon won six times.) Good job. – Divi-divi-div. / – Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – Divi-divi-div. – Why did you go fast? / – He went fast himself. You should slow down when you are winning. – He was doing so well. / – Divi-divi-div. – We still have 30 seconds. / – Divi-divi-div. There you go! – Go, Defconn! / – Yes! (Excited) – You got this, Defconn! / – Let's go! Divi-divi-div. (He won nine times.) – That was amazing! / – Goodness. – We can do this. / – Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – That's good. Divi-divi-div. – Divi-divi-div. / – We're almost there. Divi-divi-div. Okay, it's good. Divi-divi-div. (They only have five seconds.) (Please) Divi-divi-div. (He desperately spreads his wings.) My gosh! (Only one second left.) (Just one more win.) (Will he take the best hit?) – Divi-divi-div. / – Yes! (He won!) (They succeeded at their third try.) We did it! – Yes! / – We won! – It was perfect. / – I wish I had one more second.

– How many wins? / – I won three times. – I almost flew. / – It was so close. He almost flew. I could win if I had 0.3 more second. He got scared when I went forward. All right. The mission is over now. We somehow got something to eat. You earned one fourth of stone meat. You can enjoy it now. Great work, everyone. Thank you. (Come on.) – I'm starving. / – Let's eat. The table on the far right is for the goblins.

Omija makgeolli and fruit punch are for everyone. The table on the left is for you. Please enjoy. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (He hurriedly eats an egg,) (and becomes the happiest person in the world.) (They scoop up the fruit salad.) It's delicious. (He takes a big bite.) Here, Joonyoung. – Thank you. / – It's delicious. – There's a glass. / – You're making me sad. (I can die without regrets now, Defconn.) Stop. You sound like a lonely, old man.

– Goodness. / – Junho – passed away after taking a bite. / – I was thrilled that we're eating food. – Here. / – Try it. Try it. Gosh, it looks delicious. Try it. – It's so good. / – Is it good? It's like spicy noodles. – It's really good. / – It's delicious. (Someone quietly prepares the main dish.) (He skillfully catches the tool.) (Those fools don't know what's important.) I'll grill the meat now. – Thank you.

/ – It's for ourselves. We should grill some ourselves as well. (Seyoon is the master of barbecue.) (He places the stone meat gracefully.) (He tenaciously grills the meat alone) (and creates a piece of art on the grill.) Junho, here. Try the makgeolli. – You all worked very hard today. / – You, too. It's hard to work in a coal mine. You worked a lot today. – I did. / – There was no coal left. – Right. / – We dug three tons of it. We did. – I smell the meat. / – You should dig up the coal, not your wife's past. You're making it sound real. He got caught. Stop suspecting your wife. He got caught, and his wife ran away because he doesn't trust her. – Trust your wife. / – If I ever catch her… (Gulping down) – It's delicious. / – This is not – very strong. / – It's like soda. I like it. It tastes like that soda drink. Minsang, I'll pour you one. (Let's drink together.) Thank you. This is good. (We don't pause when drinking.) (They drink it all at once.) This is what a real trip feels like.

(They keep drinking makgeolli,) (but they already finished their naengmyeon.) Give us more naengmyeon. (Defconn is on the move.) (There's no one at the table.) (Happy) (Putting his hand down) I'm sorry. (Giving in) (He apologizes right away.) You were keeping an eye on it. (How dare you try to steal my food?) Don't steal his food. Minsang. Aren't you full? You're sweating a lot. You weigh 130kg, right? (While Minsang is distracted,) (Jongmin switches his naengmyeon with theirs.) I need bigger clothes now. Do you have it at home? – Should I visit you? / – No. I'll bring it to you later. I'm really hungry. – What? Wait a second. / – Why is it so short? I ate our naengmyeon. They switched it. – It's not enough. / – Can we have rice? It's delicious. (I won't forgive you.) – Why? / – What are you doing? Why? You know why.

(You'll be punished if you mess with the goblin.) (You will be punished severely.) (But there are even more vicious people here.) – What are you doing? / – Gosh. – He got their bag. / – It's ours. – It's ours. / – Shouldn't you leave? No. It's still ours. Don't take it out. – Stop it. / – Are you going to stay? (Looking around) – It's ours. / – Doenjang, dried laver. The only edible food is dried laver. That's not true. They're all ingredients. Let me see. What's wrong with you people? He must have eyes on his back. I like dried laver. Seyoon, come have some makgeolli. You're working hard. (He pours a lot of it.) You should have a glass. It feels like we're having a party. – I know, right? / – Yes. Have some makgeolli. (There you go.) – That's a lot of smoke. / – Give us another piece. Seyoon, have some more makgeolli. – Why are you forcing him? / – Thank you. All right. (It's suspicious, but I'll drink it.) (Enjoying) It feels good.

– Have another glass. / – Didn't I just have one? – I just had a glass, didn't I? / – Have another. You should drink makgeolli on a good day like this. (He drinks another glass,) (and another one.) It's great. – Hold on. / – Here. – Where did our meat go? / – Try this. – Where is our meat? / – There. – I mean ours. / – It's there. (There are only three pieces.) Why are there only three pieces? It's supposed to be six. (Where did it all go?) What are you talking about? (As Seyoon drinks makgeolli,) (Jongmin starts working.) – Didn't I just drink one? / – No, you didn't. – Have some. / – One more drink. (You drink makgeolli, I'll eat the meat.) That's right. – Excuse me. / – Have some. Let's eat. (Belly meat is ready.) (Sizzling) (They cut it to bite-sized pieces.) – Is it cooked? / – I'll yield. – Go ahead and eat. / – It's not cooked yet. It's ready to eat. It's delicious. – It's delicious. / – It is. (The juice from the meat spreads in the mouth.) (Junho eats a wrap.) This doesn't fit.

(He's very excited.) – It's really delicious. / – It's good-quality meat. The juice is savory. The meat is very firm. It tastes like the rind. – The skin is good. / – I like the texture. (He eats it directly from the grill.) It's delicious like ogyeopsal. – It tastes smoky. / – There's a place. (This is naengmyeon with meat.) (Take two pieces and dip it in ssamjang.) (This is double-patty meat.) Eat it in a wrap. (Everyone enjoys the meat party.) This is delicious. It's a waste to throw it away. Put it on your head. It'll look good on Minsang. The members should wear it. Don't make us wear it. You're the main members today.

– No, we're not. / – Come here. Come here, Seyoon. You should give it a try since you're the guest. – That's right. / – Try putting it on. – Show it to us. / – Put on the watermelon. – Where shall we go? / – You have to laugh. – Of course we'll laugh. / – Laugh. He can imitate an ox. He'll mimic everything. – Are you my fan? / – Goodness. – You've done it a lot. / – That's true. My hair was done by a stylist today. I'll mimic Joohyun first. (Heavy movements and emphasis of the brows) (His acting is natural and familiar.) – Hello, sir. / – Hello. – Hello, sir. / – Hello. What brings you here? Are you on vacation? It's nice to meet you. Hello. – Hello. / – You're sweating a lot. – You must be hot. / – He's sweating. – Is it the watermelon? / – It's the summer. Good job, Joonyoung. Hey, Taehyun. You're very good, you punk. Excuse me, sir. This hat feels cool. I'll mimic Cho Sanggun's character from "The War of Flower". – Okay. / – Okay. (Smiling eyes and pursed lips) Come in, Sanggun.

(Laughing) (He mimics him perfectly.) – He's exactly the same. / – He's a natural. Who's the best among you? That's impressive. Is it you? (Seyoon recognizes his friend.) Hello. Are you a member of Koyote? – Yes. / – "Koyote"? Hello, Siyoon. You can bake quite well. Junho, you punk! Great. Good job, Joonyoung. (He says hello to every member.) Taehyun, you punk. – He's just like him. / – It's a combination. – He's more like Joohyun.

/ – It's too mixed. What's the ox? (He mimics an ox.) It's hard to mimic an ox at a place like this. Can you call me out? Come out, Ox. Come here. (They burst out laughing.) What is he doing? (He puts fodder in his mouth.) He looks so cute. (He mimics an ox perfectly.) (The sound of the ox echoes.) (Laughing) (He's on his way to the field.) (He sounds exactly like an ox.) (The sound of nature works with any background.) (He deserves an applause.) He's impressive. – That was refreshing. / – It's a three-person act. It's a three-person act. He can do it, too. – Minsang can do it. / – He can do it. It's better to wear the watermelon hat. If you put it on, you'll become talented. – It makes you look cute. / – It looks good. (He feels a lot of pressure.) I can mimic the barking of a dog. – Barking? / – How do dogs bark? This is the sound of a large dog.

It sounds like the letter F. – F? / – Yes. Large dogs bark like this. – He's actually spitting. / – Right. When large dogs bark, they spit. – He spits like a dog. / – The lady is laughing. She burst out laughing. – What about a small dog? / – Small dogs say… – L. / – Like Chihuahua? – L. / – L. – I learned this recently. / – What is it? – Are you sweating? / – I'm okay. – Ox. / – Where's the ox? Ox. (He turns into an ox.) Bark at him. Shoo him away. (They turn into animals during their meal.) (Defconn is satisfied.) – The two of you can eat. / – Let's eat. – Junho. / – Why are you eating it? (He steals some meat.) – What are you doing? / – Junho had some meat. – How could he? / – What are you doing? Why did you eat it? – You can't do that. / – What are you doing? Junho can't eat anything – from now on. / – Hit him. That's wrong. – Junho. / – He must be punished. Junho is out. He must be punished. – He deserves it. / – Listen. I took a piece because I really wanted some.

Didn't we agree on something? (During their trip in Yeongdeok) (Rules against eating without permission) (Junho was strongly against the rule.) (I won't get playful at all from now on.) He took a bite in front of so many cameras. – Junho. / – My goodness. Fine, I won't eat anything from now on. (He becomes rebellious.) – He doesn't care at all. / – Stop it. – He deserves punishment. / – Really? Seriously. What? He can't appear on the next show if – he eats another piece. / – What shall I do? – Someone did it before. / – He deserves punishment. Someone did it before, and he got beaten up. Hodong beat him up. – Really? / – He beat him hard. It's because no one is strict here. – That's right. / – I can be annoying. – He should be punished. / – I'm annoying or upset. Put on the watermelon and show us a personal charm.

That sounds good. Wear the watermelon and redeem yourself. The younger comedians already did a lot. You should do something as a senior comedian. – We have nothing to show. / – Show us something. That's right. That hurts. Joonyoung. (He puts on the watermelon.) What should I do? – He looks funny. / – Come here. Don't ask me. This is improvisation. – Let's create something. / – Come here. You should come here. He pays the others and asks them for ideas.

It's up to you. – Tell him everything. / – Show us your original work. It'd be hilarious if he's struck by lightning. – Show us your own work. / – I'll wait for lightning. (He'll be fried by lightning.) Show us your work. – Without anything? / – It's okay. – Mimic Sanggun. / – Use your hand. Do it in front of him. – Has he done it a lot? / – He's done it a lot. – He always does it. / – I'll take a look. Mimic Sanggun. – Try it. / – I can do well. I… Do it in front of him. "I just need to be paid." I can't in front of him. (They enjoy his embarrassment.) – Give it a try. / – Hurry. Think of it as an audition when you were young. – Show us your old act. / – That's right. That sounds good. This is my act during my second audition. The second audition? It's a story of an old man and his grandson. Hello, I'm Kim Junho, candidate No. 237. – I'll start.

/ – Go ahead. Grandpa, tell me a fun story. A long time ago, a lady was carrying rice cakes over her head. Grandpa, what are rice cakes? Let me finish the story. She carried rice cakes. She had rainbow rice cakes. Grandpa, what are rainbow rice cakes? I told you to let me finish my story. Let me finish my story. (They feign laughter.) We'll stop here. – Gosh. / – We always say that comedians should be auditioned regularly. Comedian license should be renewed every five years. It's outdated. (They criticize him out of love.) – Outdated? / – You can be a singer. – A singer? / – He should. Hello, I'm Kim Junho, an outdated comedian. Okay, I understand. This is what I get for eating a piece of meat. Try eating another piece of meat. (Next week) (They travel for health food in the summer.) (Will they spend a memorable time) (or not?) (They suffer from heat and get scared by an insect.) (Health food is provided to clear their minds.) (Doesn't it look appetizing?) (Those who want to eat become uglier.) (They make faces to eat health food.) (Is Jongmin a genius?) (Coming up next week)

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