Dry and wrinkled hands are a common concern 
as we all age, considering the type of work   we do and how much we use our hands on a daily 
basis, it’s no wonder our hands seem to age   faster than the rest of our bodies. And 
in todays climate when we are constantly   washing our hands and sanitizing them with 
alcohols, and possibly drying them out,   a lot of hand aging is taking place and the 
question on making your hands look younger   becomes a question that is more so asked 
today than ever before.

So in this video,   im going to go over how to prevent hands 
from getting worse than they already are,   and what you can do right now from your kitchen at 
the end of each day, to hopefully reverse all the   damage that is being done to them. You dont 
want to miss this, stay tuned till the end.  Hi guys, yaseen arsalan, media pharmacist here 
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it a like, is more than enough, to make my day.  Soap and water rinses away germs and 
dirt, but also strips the natural,   protective oils in your skin, causing 
it to dry out. Now dont get me wrong,   its incredibly important to wash your hands 
often during these times, but at the same time,   you need to be proactive in ensuring you arent 
damaging your hands either and forming what is   known as irritant contact dermatitis, that is 
being observed more so today than ever before,   especially in those working in “wet work” as 
these workers end up washing and drying their   hands several times a day, even up to 100 
times a day for some health care workers.   Factoring all this in, with time as we age, your 
skin thins and the fat in the back of your hands   diminishes too, all this reduced volume and 
decreased elasticity produce what is known   as translucent skin that wrinkles and develops age 
spots over time, that we want to hopefully avoid.  Once you then, factor in exposing the hands 
to the sun and other harsh chemicals related   back to where we work, lets say your a 
mechanic and gets their hands greasy,   or your a gardener, and hand your hands get 
exposed to a ton of different germs from the soil,   it really is no surprise that a lot of damage is 
being done to them, when you think about it..

So   its a never ending process of damaging the stratum 
corneum, which is that important top layer of the   skin that is protective in nature, and it all 
falls down from there. But whats the solution?   How do we break the cycle. There are 4 things 
you need to know right away.. The first one is:   Use soap over sanitizer whenever possible. The 
second is: not just any soap, you need fragrance   free and dye free soaps that are gentle, 3: 
pat your hands dry instead of rubbing them,   as you dont want to cause too much friction. And 
4: when you can, moisturize soon after you wash   your hands, to trap in the water to prevent whats 
known as CREPEY skin that starts to form in your   40s. And later in the video ill be showing you 
guys natural moisturizer you can make to soak   your hands in at night that works wonders, so stay 
tuned for that, but before we get into that.

Lets   talk about 2 of the most common everyday 
mistakes that cause dry and wrinkled hands   leading to Crepey skin and aged hands, even 
after lets say your doing all the right steps   to prevent all this. Because lets face it, there 
are some people who avoid harsh chemicals on   their hands, they dont over sanitize them with 
harsh alcohols, they use lukewarm water and   avoid hot water, and they us a thick moisturizer 
everyday and still have dry and wrinkled hands.   Whats the problem? What gives? Well the first is: 
not using gloves. If your washing dishes and youre   not wearing gloves, youre making a terrible 
mistake. Hot water, detergents, and yard work   can dry your skin, which can age your hands even 
faster. And 2: If your not wearing an SPF on your   hands, your allowing direct UV rays from the sun 
to cause photodermatitis which reverses all your   efforts your putting into to fix the problem. Ive 
seen some dermatologist go as far as recommending,   wearing a thin, sun-protective glove even 
while driving to protect against crepey skin.  Also guys, if you are enjoying the video, 
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Now that we addressed the causes of dry and   wrinkled hand aging, and 2 of the biggest mistakes 
we not knowingly make, not using gloves to protect   the stratum corneum and forgetting sunscreen on 
the hand causing photoaging.

Lets get into how   to make that night time moisturizer that I think 
is worth trying to get younger looking hands. The   first moisturizer recipe is using, egg yolk. The 
protein in eggs helps in binding the skin tissue,   while the zinc, fatty acids and vitamin B2 present 
in the yolk will help you have tighter looking   skin while leaving your hands incredibly soft 
once you dip them into the mixture. To do this,   Separate an egg yolk in a bowl. Add a decent 
amount of honey to the yolk. Mix it properly and   soak your hands in this for about 10 minutes. And 
you want to do this at bedtime, when your getting   ready for sleep. Wash it off with luke warm water, 
and repeat it until you start seeing results.   And let me know what your results are. You can 
even use an Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub mixture,   which the Olive oil, which acts as an 
excellent moisturizer can keep your   hands supple and hydrated, while the Sugar is 
an excellent exfoliator which helps to slough   off the dirt and extra skin cells 
from your hands. So to do this,   Mix some olive oil with sugar and 
scrub your hands.

Then Wash it off   with lukewarm water. Try this for about 
a week to see if it helps you in any way.   And there you go guys, Those are 
going to be 2 of my favorite recipes,   and I hope that it helps point you in the right 
direction. Im really interested to hear your   thoughts and let me know what has helped you.
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