I'm sure you heard it before. You never get a second chance
to make a first impression. So when it comes to the initial
interaction with patients, it's important that the
impression is a good one. Hi, I'm Randy Baldwin,
Vice President of Marketing for Hearing at CareCredit. And we welcome you to the second video in this three-part series,
offering you and your team sound strategies for hearing health. In this video we're going to
see how you can use CareCredit to help motivate patients,
once they have moved beyond the exploration to the
next step in their journey, where they engage with your practice. During this step, patients,
usually by phone or online, reach out to get more information
and to set appointments and also to come in to meet the provider. This initial contact is
the first opportunity to engage with patients and encourage them to come into the practice
for a hearing health test. A 2018 Path To Purchase Study
conducted for CareCredit found that cost,
affordability and financing were key consideration, when it came to purchasing hearing devices.

Cost concerns may even
make patients hesitate to come in for a hearing evaluation. Addressing cost concerns
early in the journey can help motivate patients
to move forward with care. As I mentioned, the first
person-to-person opportunity you have to engage patients
and address costs as a barrier, is when a patient calls your practice. This is the perfect time
to let patients know that special financing
options are available. Here's an example. – [Man] Hi, I'm calling to find out how much your hearing aids cost. – [Woman] Good morning,
we're glad you called. Hearing aids vary in
both quality and price. We have a wide range of
products and packages depending on the hearing loss. They range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. To help patients get the
hearing care they need, we accept a variety of payment options including CareCredit, a
healthcare credit card that offers promotional financing. Are you calling for
yourself or for a loved one? The next opportunity you have to engage and to educate patients,
is when they arrive for their appointment.

The way they are greeted and treated will have a significant impact on the decision to move forward with care. Even how your reception area
looks, smells and sounds will influence their decision. This is another opportunity
to address cost concerns. When patients know special
financing options are available, they may be more open to moving forward with the purchase of
recommended hearing devices. That's why CareCredit has
available a wide range of free materials you can
use in your patient areas to help educate patients,
reduce cost concerns, dispel preconceived barriers to care by promoting the financing
solution that you have available. Place CareCredit patient brochures at your reception desk
and in your waiting area to educate them on how CareCredit works. Decals and window clings can be placed on your entry doors or front windows, so patients see that you
offer payment options, when they arrive for
their initial appointment. Office display signage and
magazines can be placed on tables in your reception area to entertain and to inform patients while they wait. And to make things a little easier in today's busy practices,
CareCredit has educational videos that can explain the benefits or promotional financing options in the various healthcare
markets in which they can pay with their CareCredit credit card.

Patients can find out how CareCredit works and hear from other
patients, who had benefited from using their card. These videos were created to
help your practice save time and effectively educate patients
about financing options. For more ways CareCredit can
help you engage with patients, visit or call 800-859-9975. In the next video of our series, Sound Strategies for Hearing Help, we'll discuss the next step
in the patient's journey, where they discover treatment
and payment options.

(gentle music).



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