Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to discuss some home remedies for ear infections. The cause of otitis media is because the ear canal
gets swollen or there is a buildup of fluid in the middle ear area. You need to take a few tablespoons of salt
and heat it well. Then take a piece of cloth and put the salt in the cloth, tie it up really
well and then when its comfortably hot, apply on the effected ear and lie down for
5-10 minutes to get relief from the ear pain. In this home remedy, we are going to
take equal measures of apple cider vinegar, lets take about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
and we'll take the same amount of water and mix well.

Take two cotton balls and
dip them in this mixture. Take a cotton ball and keep it in your ear for 5-10 minutes
lying on one side and then after that time lying down on the other side so that the liquid
is able to drain the ear. In this home remedy you take 2 tablespoons
of mustard oil and then take 2 cloves of garlic and cook
this in oil until the cloves of garlic turn black. Cool this oil down and then apply 2-3
drops of this on the affected area. I hope he feels better. If you found this video
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