you are very welcome. In this video we are going to
talk about losing weight. Are you having troubles shedding those extra pounds?
No worries. Below are some simple remedies that you can try at home. For this remedy you will need 10 curry leaves
every day in the morning. This works great ayurvedic remedy. This treatment
lasts for 3-4 months. For this remedy, take a cup of warm water,
add a teaspoon of honey to it, then add 3 teaspoons of lemon juice and a pinch of pepper.
This mix well. Drink this every morning on an empty stomach and continue this remedy
for 3 months. Take a glass of water, add 2 teaspoons of
apple cider vinegar to it. Also add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix this well and drink this
daily in the morning and preferably before meals. We hope this video helped you. For more such
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