hey guys hey listen in this video I want to share 
three important low carb high fat ketogenic tweeks   okay or tips whatever you want to call it number 
one the ketogenic diet basically says that you   can do 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates okay a 
lot of times people don't differentiate what   carbohydrates they're using we do potatoes fruit 
a doughnut a bagel and they get confused with   vegetables and I want to talk about that first 
because if you take one cup of spinach 20 grams   of carbohydrate is only two and a half cups okay 
if you do 50 grams is six point to five cups so   in your mind if you're including the vegetable 
family and you're doing 20 carbs you're doing   like only two cups of spinach that's not going 
to give you the nutrients that you need to keep   you healthy and the vitamins one cup of kale 20 
grams is one cup 50 grams is one and a half cups   imagine just having that just small amount that's 
not enough one cup of bell pepper one cup is 20   grams two cups is 50 grams 1 cup of spring greens 
like a salad mixture to two and a half cups would   be 20 grams six point two five cups of these 50 
grams so in other words you want to consume 7 to   10 cups of vegetables that's tweak number one and 
don't let this gram dosage restrict your vegetable   intake you want to keep this high because if you 
do ketogenic diet without the vegetables you tend   to end up with the fatty liver ok number two we 
want to add intermittent fasting to the ketogenic   diet the ketogenic diet doesn't normally have 
intermittent fasting they allow snacks okay so   why do you want to do that simply because the 
principal or the physiological fact that every   time you eat right whether it's fat or protein 
you stimulate insulin to some degree and if we   want to handle in some resistance pre-diabetes we 
have to include intermittent fasting as part of   this eating plan okay number three nutrient-dense 
fats when you look up a traditional ketogenic diet   it doesn't differentiate the types of fats that 
you need you could mistakenly just consume all of   your fats to MCT oil which by the way doesn't 
have a lot of fat soluble vitamins in it or   like heavy cream they don't differentiate 
hormone core moans in that milk product or   not or vegetable oils they don't differentiate 
if it's soy or corn oil or some other other oil   that could be harmful because it's GMO here are 
some healthy fats like the fat that's normally   in proteins that you eat like in different 
meats like grass-fed beef something like that   or grass-fed dairy the normal fats in there 
those are actually good for you coconut oil   grass-fed butter olive oil olives avocados 
nuts nut butters fish while caught those are   the types of fats that you want to make sure 
that you have in this eating plan and those   are the three tweaks that I would recommend 
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