– This is Tom Biernacki. And today, I'm going
over the nine best nuts and the three nuts to avoid. We're starting now. (upbeat music) Here's the beauty of nuts. These are some of the best
snacks that we can eat and they're proven. They did a study of 500,000 plus people and they found that nuts
help with weight loss, help with blood flow,
help with heart health. This is over years. This is
basically undeniable studies. They did a second study
regarding kids in school and nuts were one of the most nutritious and beneficial things that you
could pack for a kid's lunch.

Just be aware of kids' allergies. The New England Journal of
Medicine essentially states chips are the worst thing
in America right now. They say 15 chips, so like a handful of
chips, is 160 calories. There's no nutrients. It's
all bad stuff in there. It causes plaque in your arteries. It causes you to be unhealthy. Put on that fat around the midsection. Whereas one equivalent handful of nuts gives you six essential things. Number one, you get fiber. Chips don't give you
any fiber, but nuts do. And they give you essentially looser stool so you don't get hemorrhoids
so your butt doesn't hurt when you're sitting in
your office chair all day. You feel more full. And one handful, if you
wait like 5 to 10 minutes, most people feel a lot more full and they don't wanna keep eating. Whereas with chips, you don't get full. Vitamin E, that gives you
a powerful antioxidant, which helps protect against stress.

So do you have toe pain,
finger pain, numbness? That could be helped by antioxidant. They give you protection
of the cell membrane, and they also have magnesium. Magnesium does over
600 things in the body. Heart protective, it's
protective of your nerves, helps more bone develop by
helping vitamin D along. You have copper, important
in red blood cell formation, healthy blood vessels, immune system. Phosphorus, this helps with
the formation of your teeth and cell growth. And as I mentioned, fiber
is recommended by dieticians and you get that in a handful of nuts. You also get manganese,
which helps with cholesterol. Studies actually show
for type two diabetics and heart health, if you
eat one serving of nuts, which is a handful of nuts, as a replacement for some of
these crappy snacks like chips, it does significantly help your heart.

The American Heart Association
Circulation Journal says it lowers your chance
of type two diabetes by 17%, 34% lower risk of cardiovascular death. The blood vessels that
supply your heart muscles, 20% less risk of coronary artery disease. And a 31% reduced risk of
premature death overall. With all these athletes now
falling with heart issues and people having heart attacks, this is something that could help your cardiovascular system. I'm gonna go over my nine favorite nuts, including the research studies and the reason why you're
getting great proteins, good healthy fats, getting full, good vitamins, good nutrients, so they're gonna help you with
all your arterial problems, your heart problems, your nerve problems.

Let's start from number nine, all the way down to my
favorite, which is number one. Technically, peanuts belong
to the legume family. Peanuts are great 'cause
they make you feel full and they're full of B3, B9, and magnesium. Especially for ladies who are pregnant, folate is very useful from nuts. A study of 200,000 people eating peanuts showed significant
improvement in heart health. So this is proven on a
large scale for many years. And look at the nutrition
stats on peanuts. They do have a little bit
of fat, but it's good fat. Look at that protein,
that B vitamin, that B9, get these things and eat them. Hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are nutrient packed.

Just one ounce contains a lot
of B vitamins and magnesium. Hazelnuts are loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. At least one study shows that
hazelnuts can lower your LDL and reduce your risk of heart disease. So they're filling and
they help with your heart. We have a video on arterial disease, but nuts are one of the top seven ways to unclog your arteries. They're part of a great balanced diet. Just one ounce of
hazelnuts is 178 calories, but look at that fiber, look
at that protein, the vitamin E, the magnesium, the manganese.

This can really help you get healthier. Number seven, Brazilian nuts. Brazilian nuts are full of
nutrients like selenium. They contain vitamin E and magnesium. Selenium is important
for thyroid production and DNA production in your body, so they're one of the richest sources. You just have to be careful because if you eat too much
of these Brazilian nuts, it could lead to too
much selenium poisoning. At least one study shows
that Brazilian nuts are an excellent source of antioxidants. And again, that can
help with nerve damage. Just one ounce of Brazilian
nuts has four grams of protein, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium,
and as I mentioned, almost 1,000 of your
daily value of selenium, which is helpful in DNA
synthesis and energy levels. Number six are macadamia nuts.

Macadamia nuts are soft, buttery, and they contain a lot
of nutrients as well. They're high in healthy fats and they're great for a
low-carb diet as well. Macadamia nuts contain a lot
of B1, a lot of manganese, and this has been shown
to really fill you up and control your LDL and
help with heart risk. Not only are these nuts
creamy and delicious, but they have protein. Low in carbs, they're
very filling, a lot of B1, manganese, and copper, as
well as fiber in your diet. Pecans are great for salads, for adding to other vegetable dishes. They are, same kind of
thing, very filling, very dense, very low in sugars. They help get you your B1 and your zinc. And zinc is very important,
especially now in the winter, in immune health, DNA synthesis,
a lot of other things. So zinc is very important
and you get that from pecans.

There was a study where people
ate pecans for eight weeks, 56 people in total, and
those that ate the pecan, they had significantly
lower LDL cholesterol and much stronger heart
health as a result. Pecans are a great snack. They do have some fat,
but it's healthy fat. They have good protein, good fiber, vitamin B1, zinc, and manganese,
and it's a delicious treat. Number four is cashews. I love cashews. They're delicious. They're
filling just like the other ones. They're low in sugar. They're high in protein,
vitamin K, magnesium, manganese.

So cashews, very strong
in nutrients and minerals. They lower your blood
pressure, lower your LDLs, and can help with heart health. So not only does it get rid
of your bad cholesterol, but your blood pressure comes down significantly with cashews. And in just one ounce of
cashew is 155 calories, five grams of protein, you get
some fiber, some vitamin K, some magnesium, and some manganese. So walnuts, I love walnuts.

They're fun to crack, fun to crush. They're a good source of minerals, high protein, good fat, and low in sugar. They're shown to help
with your blood flow, your blood pressure, get
that cholesterol down. It's also shown that walnuts
can be good for Alzheimer's, for blood cholesterol, for
treating diabetes as well because there's no sugar in these things, so these are very beneficial for sure. In just one ounce of walnuts, you have protein, fiber,
copper, magnesium, manganese. It has those heart benefits
that were shown below. It's a great choice. Number two is pistachios.

So these little shells, I
love to crack them open. They're very addicting,
and they're very filling. High in protein, good fat, low in sugar. Pistachios are a great
source of vitamin B6, vitamin B1, and phosphorus. They have done studies where
people actually eat nuts, like a very small amount,
few ounces here and there. They help make you full.
You actually lose weight. They're high in protein, good fats. They take your cholesterol down and they've actually
done real-world studies where people have lost weight
actually using these nuts. What you also have to consider is these nuts are great in
antioxidants and they have fiber. So fiber keeps your stool
a little bit more regular and helps with blood cholesterol. Check out pistachios. In just one ounce, you get protein, fiber, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, phosphorus.

That's a nutritious nut. With the countdown,
peanuts at number nine, hazelnuts at number eight, Brazilian nuts at seven, macadamia nuts at six, pecans at number five, four is cashews, then we have walnuts at three, pistachios at number two, and drum roll, we get to number one. Almonds are amazing. They're number one on our list because they're relatively cheap. For the amount of calories and density you get and nutrients, the cost is relatively low. You can eat them raw or roasted. You can eat them in a
lot of different ways. You can chop them up
and add them to salads. They're very good in
protein, very good in fiber, very good in good healthy
fats, low in sugars, and they have vitamin
E, magnesium, manganese, so they're great for you. People who incorporated
almonds into their diet actually have less belly fat. They've lost weight.
They've lost cholesterol. They did a 12-week
study on over 200 people and basically lower cholesterol, less diabetes, less blood sugar, and better hemoglobin A1C, so that's a blood marker for diabetes for my diabetic patients out there.

And finally, almonds actually can help regulate your gut bacteria. So there's some studies there,
not getting into specifics, but they keep your gut
bacteria more regular. And the three worst nuts are these, I'm gonna go over the top three in a countdown with the
worst nut in last place. Macadamia nuts are number three. Even though they made my best nuts list, macadamia nuts, they're
a little bit higher fat. I love them personally. If they're part of your mixed
nut packet, they're great.

But if you're eating just
macadamia nuts all day, you're getting more fats
per ounce than other fats, although studies now
show fat is not that bad and it does make it full, so that's a controversial
number three for me. Number two is pine nuts. Pine nuts have great nutritional value. They can lead to pine nuts syndrome. This gives you a bitter metallic taste in your mouth for months. Is that a chance worth taking?
I don't know, probably not.

That's why they make number
two in our worst list. And the worst nut overall, this is a little bit controversial to me, but you'll see why. The worst nut is peanuts. Essentially the case is made that peanuts make you
eat a little bit more. They're little, but they are exposed to something called aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a fungus
associated with liver cancer. Some studies show that aflatoxin is a toxic byproduct of a mold that falls under Aspergillus. The National Peanut Board points out that peanuts are more likely
to be exposed to this toxin in parts of Africa and Asia,
so we should be safe in the US. The nut can cause discomfort,
at the very least, even if it doesn't cause major issues. I don't think we have to
worry too much about it, especially peanut allergies now. They are banned in schools. There's a lot of different
risks like allergies, aflatoxin. They are packed with protein, and they are a much better snack than like chips, for example.

That's why they make our
number one worst list. They are high in fiber. Fiber
keeps your stool regular. Cuts down on your hemorrhoids. Cuts down on your cholesterol. You can have your B vitamins. So B vitamins can help
with your neuropathy. It can help with your blood flow by lowering your bad cholesterol
and increasing your HDL, which cleans up your bad
cholesterol even more. Nuts are filled with good fats, not those synthetic bad
fats like trans fats.

And they're low in sugar. So if you're on a keto diet, they keep your blood sugar really low. They help with diabetes. They are one of the best things you can put in your kids' lunches. And this is proven by studies
over long periods of time. Huge level studies of over 400,000 people show that eating nuts regularly
cuts down on heart disease, improves blood flow, lower blood
pressure, and less obesity.

So even though they have
fats, it's good for you. That's why nuts are one
of the top seven ways to unclog your arteries. And that video is linked down below. So there's absolutely no reason not to eat these nine delicious nuts. So those are my nine favorites. Tell me what your favorites are. And if you need to learn about seven ways to unclog your arteries or the best vitamins
for your nerve diseases, click down below, I'll link them.

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