Hey everybody, So today I am going to talk about the diet called the GM Diet This was put out by the company GM. SO, General Motors Coperation and they basically put it out to all of their staff to keep them in shape since they did this it has caught on, everyone has been wanting to do it lots and lots of people have given this a go When I read reviews about it I see more positive than negative So I thought that I really wanted to give it a try, see how it worked for me I know diets dont work for everybody But I was really intrigued. When I read through what you needed to do it was very do-able and its something I know I need t do for my body just so I can do a detox get back into my fitness and try, shape up. I know it is better to start with a cleanse first So, I am actually on my 3rd day today on this diet What i thought I would do is take you back to what the diet involves and I will give you an overview of the 7 days that it takes to complete the diet and then what I will do is talk about my day 1, my day 2 and my day 3 How I felt, what I ate and anything I can recommend and then what I will do is another update on day 7 or maybe 6 depending on how I am going but basically I know what I weighed before I started and I am only going to weigh myself on the very last day So I just think, weighing yourself on the 7th days or the 6th day is better.

I know that if you don't get results during a diet it almost makes you want to give up so I don't want to put myself in that situation so I am just going to weigh myself at the end. so yeah, I am going to bring up some information on the site that I am following and I will put the link below so you can follow this aswell I am keeping very close to what this is but obviously it doesn't tell you how you're going to feel so, I will get right into it so if you want to see how I am doing and what this diets about and how I did in the days and if you'd like to maybe do it with me then please stay tuned Okay, so basically this diet works over 7 days.

If you got good results and wanted to do the diet again it recommends that you wait 1-2 weeks before doing it again from what I have read like I said, people are getting good results so I'm really intrigued to see what I can get I wasn't HUGE to start with but I just felt uncomfortable and like I needed a clean and I was quite tired and bloated and just not feeling very good.I also carried a lot of water weight as well. So I felt like I needed to assist my body with cleaning itself out so I am going to give you a top overview on what the 7 days look like I cant go into a lot of detail on this because there isn't a lot of detail to talk about so this is why I think that its better that I just wait a few days give you an update, do the next few days and give you an update so I can actually give you my advise and experience on this diet So for day 1 you are allowed fruit.

You are allowed any type of fruit it recommends watermelon, cantaloupe those types of fruits. It does say you are NOT however allowed bananas and that's because of the potassium stay away from any fruits that have high potassium Its basically your apples, your mandarins, oranges grapes, just any other fruit basically. So its actually not so bad if you get a sweet tooth, and I am and complete lolly junkie so I actually really struggle when I do diets or detoxes that kind of thing I really do struggle, Its the sugar thing that gets me most not really the hunger so Basically I had sweeter fruits so like plums or nectarines is what I had as well, mandarins so anything that tastes sweet and that really what helped me get through that day.

So my day basically looked like The morning I had 3 mandarins, 2 apples I drank a lot of water. so as per any other day your suppose to drink 8 glasses of water I drank 3.5L of water its what I have on a normal day so I have no issues doing this part of the diet so yeah 3 mandarines, 2 apples, a lot of water I basically snacked from then on mandarins and nectarines I had as well so nectarines is what helped me get through that first day lunch looked exactly the same just apples and mandarins and then just kept snacking. when I felt like sugar I just had a necatrine Day was was actually really hard… well, I lie… Its not really hard its very do able I just dont like that hungry feeling when when you know you can only eat fruit and the cravings are for more food is actually really hard just to ignore but as long as you have that fruit and go drink lots of water that feeling passes straight away So dont give up if that's how you feel just drink a lot of water it completely gets rid of that feeling for you and dinner, same kind of thing I just had mandarins actually my partner did like mandarins, nectarines, nashi pears and watermelon all cut up on a plate for me and I just ate that so it was, yeah…

I still felt hungry after that fruit doesn't feel that satisfying but yeah just don't give up on that day. Day 2 is vegetables only so no fruit, nothing just vegetables, just raw vegetables you can have them steamed or whatever you want but yeah, basically I went to work with a lunchbox full of whole capsicums carrots and green beans so I snacked away on… what did I have for breakfast? I think I had carrots for breakfast I think I had 1 carrot, a full carrot and green beans and that actually really did fill me up I drank a lot of water again which really helps helps get you through the day and stops you getting hungry then I just ate my way through capsicum and I like that because its quite sweet so I have the yellow and the orange ones which are the sweeter flavours so yeah that was nice but yeah just beans and stuff and then for dinner What did I have for dinner last night …

I remember, how could I forget! I got my partner to make me… an dyes he does all of the cooking if you hadnt noticed he does all of the food I do everything else he does food… im not being slack lol my partner did me up one massive broccoli on a plate… and he put some kind of vinegar and something on it which made it taste way better but it SO boring, like it really was but but there was no way I was going to make that meal exciting after you have had 1 day full of just vegetables its about as good as it gets so on day 2 I did feel tired I was a little grumpy I guess and really just… not hungry like I hadnt ate but hungry like like I really wanted a big burger and a massive bit of cake like my body obviously just really wanted that food and that old diet that I use to have so I just pushed through it, drank lots of water another thing that I found you are allowed to have is coconut water and I absolutely LOVE coconut water so that really helped so that basically how I got through day 2, then you go to bed as fast as you can so you can wake up on day 3 Day 3 is the day that you feel, just so much better than day 1 and day 2 and you feel proud that you got through it because you feel good and you realise it really wasn't that hard in the first place so with day 3 its fruit and vege and again with the fruit you are not allowed banana so with today I had fruit int he Morning I had mandarins,I had necatarines I had capsicum.

I just basically mixed up my day 1 and my day 2 and just ate similar kinds of stuff and then tonight I had tomatoes, courgettes, onion and capsicums all in a pan or pot thing, heated up and it was really yummy but yeah that was really satisfying and I am just totally not hungry now so I am just drinking on warm water so today I do feel really good and I just, Im glad Im not weighing myself though because those first days are quite difficult and if I weighed myself and I felt that way on day 1 & day 2 I probably wouldn't have continued and I have done that in the past with other diets so I suggest dont weigh yourself until the very end. you should try surprise yourself and stick as close to this diet as you can like I have followed it to the T so if this doesnt work, MAN!!! I wont be annoyed I guess, I feel better and I think you're retraining your body to eat properly use all of the foods properly this diet does recommend that you do exercise I am really busy with work at the moment and I dont have a lot of time to exercise and I really appreciate my downtime at the moment but it does recommend that you do 10 minutes of some kind of exercise because obviously that releases endorphins which will make you feel better for the days that you feel a bit crap but obliviously that hard part is going to the gym or doing something when you feel so bad so a bit of a hard one to get past there but yeah I am just powering through it like I said just get yourself to day 3 and It will feel a lot better so I am really excited to see what day 4 is like day 4 you are allowed bananas and milk…

Which is totally random um.. yeah I don't really know what I am going to do tomorrow OH MY GOD I DIDNT BUY BANANAS oh! fail.. okay first job tomorrow, get bananas because otherwise im just on milk but yeah… damn… ok yeah so tomorrow is bananas . you can literally have as many as you want I think it recommends like 8-12 so its a huge amount and skim milk so I am kind of looking forward to tomorrow it going to be a nice change from fruit and vegetables but yeah I will let you guys know in my next update video how that all goes day 5 you are allowed beef and tomatoes which is totally random I dont know the science behind that one but its slowly introducing meat back into your body and tomatoes is… um.. meh! I don't know ..w whatever i get meat finally ! it just says beef and tomatoes is all your allowed and lots of water day 6 is beef and vegetables so every other kind of vegetable which will kind of feel a lot better to me I guess and then day 7 you are back to fruit and vege but it does say that it is so much easier than day 1,2 and 3 so I am really excited to do the rest of these days and I am excited to update you if you have done this diet before, please leave comments down below let me know how it went or if you are doing it how you are going and we can swap notes coz yeah it is quite basic to follow the foods you need to have but I guess its just finding a way that makes it more entertaining or a bit different so that its easier to follow but yeah I will talk you guys again in I guess 3 days so ask any questions if you want.

But yeah, I hope you enjoyed this video, I hope its helpful yeah, just ask questions its a lot easier if you come across something just ask so yeah. thanks for watching guys. .



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