hello from the American Diabetes Association 74th scientific session the largest diabetes meeting in the world I'm Rhonda Anderson here with the latest news update we all know it's important to eat well now we have even further proof according to a study just released improving your diet can help prevent type 2 diabetes what's new and interesting here is that the results were independent of any lifestyle changes such as weight loss or increased physical activity meaning if all you do is change the way you eat that alone can reduce your risk for developing type 2 diabetes so what kind of improvements are we really talking about things like eating more fruits and vegetables more whole grains and cutting down on your consumption of saturated fat and sweetened beverages researchers at the harvard school of public health measure diet quality using a scale called the alternate healthy eating index the study found that those who improve the die quality index score by ten percent over four years it reduced their risk for type 2 diabetes by about twenty percent compared to those who did not change their diets of course if you improve other lifestyle factors you can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes even further but again focusing on diet alone had significant benefits even better it doesn't matter how good or poor your diet currently is these changes prove to be beneficial for all hopefully this news makes eating healthy feel much more approachable and doable for many of you out there I'm Rhonda Anderson with another breaking news update from the American Diabetes Association's 74th scientific sessions in San Francisco to view this press release online visit the newsroom section of our website diabetes org and for more on our update updated breaking news visit diabetes org slash breaking news you



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