Are you suffering from a fungal nail infection
You're not alone.  This infection is common and can be a real pain!  But don't worry!
We have the perfect remedy for you!  This video will show you how to treat these 
infections with natural home remedies.  Learn which ingredients are the best for 
treating fungus and how to use them effectively.  These remedies will cure your 
painful and embarrassing condition.  From natural oils to natural 
ingredients, we've got it all covered.  So don't suffer in silence.
Watch this video to eliminate fungal   nail infections once and for all!
So here are the best Natural   Ways to Treat Fungal Nail Infections 1.
Vicks Vaporub has long been one of the most   popular home remedies for fungal nail infections.
It is a salve applied directly to the affected   nails and can help reduce the discomfort 
and pain associated with fungal infections.  Its active ingredient, eucalyptus oil, has natural 
antiseptic properties that help soothe irritation   and kill any bacteria or fungus in the nail bed.
Vicks Vaporub also helps to moisturize dry   and cracked nails, reducing peeling and 
splitting caused by a fungal infection.  This remedy is easy to apply; rub a small 
amount of the ointment onto your affected   nails twice daily until symptoms subside.
Ensure to wash your hands thoroughly after   application to avoid getting the product on any 
other parts of your body or surfaces around you.  2.
Snakeroot extract is a   natural remedy for fungal nail infections.
The active ingredients in snakeroot,   known as sesquiterpene lactones, have 
antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Historically, it was used topically to treat 
skin conditions like athlete's foot and ringworm.  Today, research is being conducted to investigate   whether snakeroot can be used effectively 
as a treatment for fungal nail infections.  To use this extract, apply 
it to the infected area.  Snakeroot extract can help reduce 
symptoms associated with fungal   nail infections, such as discoloration 
and thickening of the affected nails.  It may also help reduce pain and 
inflammation caused by these infections.  Additionally, some studies suggest that snakeroot 
can promote healthy new tissue growth and prevent   future recurrences of fungal nail infections.
3.  Do you know oregano oil can 
treat fungal nail infections?  This essential oil is obtained from the oregano 
herb, an aromatic member of the mint family.  Oregano oil has impressive antimicrobial 
and antifungal properties, making it a   powerful natural remedy for treating 
fungal infections without resorting   to harsh chemicals or antibiotics.
The most popular way to use oregano oil   is by applying it directly on the affected 
nails using a cotton swab or dropper.  To get rid of a stubborn fungal 
infection, we recommend applying   diluted oregano oil to the infected nails 
twice daily until the symptoms disappear.  Additionally, consuming oregano oil in capsule 
form can help strengthen your immune system and   reduce inflammation associated with the infection.
However, see your doctor before incorporating the   capsules into your health program.
4.  Tea tree oil has been used for centuries as a 
natural remedy to cure fungal nail infections.  It is an essential oil derived from 
the leaves and twigs of Melaleuca   alternifolia, native to Australia.
Tea tree oil has antifungal, antiseptic,   and anti-inflammatory properties that help 
fight off infection and reduce itching and   discomfort associated with nail fungus.
It is easy to find tea tree oil products.  It's available in food stores or online stores.
However, check the label before purchasing as   some products are diluted with carrier 
oils such as jojoba or coconut oil.  To use tea tree oil for treating fungal nail 
infections, apply a few drops directly onto your   nails several times a day until symptoms subside.
5.  Vinegar is an excellent home remedy 
for treating fungal nail infections.  It has antifungal properties that 
help eliminate the infection.  Besides, it’s inexpensive and easy to find.
To use this remedy, create a solution of   equal parts vinegar and warm water and soak 
your feet or hands in it for fifteen minutes.  Doing this consistently for two weeks can 
help reduce symptoms and eliminate the fungus.  You can also add essential oils such as tea tree 
oil or oregano oil to the vinegar solution for   extra protection against fungal infections.
These essential oils have potent antifungal   properties that are effective against various 
fungi, including ringworm and athlete's foot.  6.
Garlic is an effective   home remedy for treating fungal nail infections.
It has antifungal properties that easily penetrate   the nail bed and kill off any fungus present.
Research suggests that garlic extract can   effectively reduce the growth of 
fungi in as little as two weeks   when applied to the nails twice a day.
Garlic is easy to find and inexpensive;   you can buy it fresh or use crushed garlic 
tablets available at most health food stores.  To make a garlic paste, mince garlic cloves and 
add enough water or oil to form a thick paste.  Apply this paste to the infected nails 
two times daily for the best results.  If you prefer not to use a paste, you can 
also soak your feet in warm water mixed with   crushed garlic cloves for about twenty minutes.
Do this once daily until the infection clears up   completely.
7.  Regular Listerine mouthwash can 
be an effective and convenient   home remedy for treating fungal nail infections
In addition to its usual purpose as a mouthwash,   Listerine has antiseptic properties that can 
help tackle the fungus causing the infection.  Listerine mouthwash can kill the fungus 
that causes fungal nail infections and   prevent the further growth of new fungi cells.
The antifungal properties of this mouthwash   help reduce inflammation and discomfort 
associated with the fungal infection.  Additionally, it helps soothe any 
irritation from the fungal infection and   prevent further spread throughout the body.
It is easy to incorporate this method into   your daily hygiene routine without 
additional purchases or supplies.  To use this method – soak your feet in warm 
water and soap for at least 10 minutes each day.  Then apply some Listerine directly onto 
the affected area and allow it to sit   on the nail for another 10 minutes 
before rinsing off with warm water.  Doing this daily will help reduce symptoms such 
as discoloration, thickening, crumbling nails,   and even possible pain in severe cases.
8.  Olive leaf extract is a natural home remedy that 
can eliminate fungus in the hand or toenails.  The powerful antioxidant properties of 
olive leaf extract help fight off infection,   making it an ideal treatment 
for uncomfortable conditions.  The phenols and other active compounds in 
olive leaves inhibit the growth of fungi   while providing anti-inflammatory benefits.
Since it is a natural remedy, it carries   fewer risks than conventional treatments 
like antibiotics and antifungal ointments.  The best way to use olive leaf extract 
for fungal nail infection is to apply   it directly to the affected area using cotton 
swabs or a compress soaked in olive oil daily.  Additionally, oral consumption of 
extra virgin olive oil can help   boost immunity from within and maximize its 
antifungal effects on your skin and nails.  Finally, remember that prevention 
is always better than a cure.  Clean and dry your feet regularly, and 
wear open-toed shoes as much as possible.  Eat healthily, drink lots of 
fluids, and keep your nails trimmed.  If you are faced with a fungal infection, 
don’t panic, try these home remedies before   consulting a healthcare professional.
So don't let those fungal nail infections   get the best of you — take control 
and start treating them today!  I hope you have enjoyed this video.
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