in this video we are going to discuss nine best natural home remedies for stomach ulcers stomach ulcers are open sores present in the stomach wall stomach ulcers develop when the acid in your stomach starts damaging your stomach lining damage to the stomach wall causes open sores which might cause pain and bleeding stomach ulcers require medical care and treatment even if they don't cause symptoms if not treated in time stomach ulcers can get worse therefore medical help is necessary there are also some herbal remedies that you can use to manage the symptoms of stomach ulcers at home the benefits of these herbs and the method to use them are discussed in this video what causes stomach ulcer overusage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs nsaids taking nsaids for a long time or in large quantities can cause stomach ulcers examples of common nsaids include aspirin naproxen and ibuprofen helicobacter pylori infection getting infected by the bacteria helicobacter pylori can cause stomach ulcers this bacteria lives in the stomach itself and does not cause any symptoms for most people but people who have bacterial overgrowth can develop stomach ulcers as the bacteria continue to grow and damage the stomach wall symptoms of stomach ulcer burning pain in the abdomen bloating the stomach swells due to accumulation of gas nausea vomiting indigestion heartburn and acid reflux home remedies for stomach ulcer you can use these natural remedies for stomach ulcers the remedies mentioned below can help you take care of your stomach and manage the symptoms of stomach ulcers one turmeric turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant remedy that could be extensively used as a medicinal herb it is found throughout india because of its antioxidant activity it may help reduce ulceration it might also reduce the inflammation and swelling in the stomach lining you can put turmeric in your foods and dishes you can also add turmeric powder to a glass of warm water drinking this water will help you manage stomach ulcers two tea tea or camellia sinensis as one of the most non-alcoholic popular beverages worldwide it might be effective against stomach ulcers because of its rich antioxidant benefits the antioxidant activity of tea might be good for managing ulcers it could also reduce swelling in the stomach and increase the production of mucin mucin is responsible for forming the protective barrier of the stomach wall you can prepare black tea at home and get all its antioxidant benefits three ginger ginger is widely used as a therapeutic herb in many parts of the world ginger might be an effective remedy for many gastric ailments like indigestion and gas it is good for reducing stomach distress it may also be effective for stomach ulcers because of its antioxidant activity ginger could be used as an ingredient in food and dishes you can put ginger in your soups salads and other side dishes 4.

Licorice licorice is the root of the plant scientifically known as glyceriza glabra it is often used in the management of gastric ulcers in europe licorice may help by enhancing mucin production in the stomach increasing the vitality of the cells lining the stomach and promoting ulcer healing licorice root can be used to make tea heat some water in a saucepan or kettle till it boils you can put some licorice root powder and a little honey in the boiling water for taste let the tea simmer on low flame strain it in a cup and enjoy 5.

Indian gooseberry indian gooseberry or amla is widely consumed as a fruit and food product this fruit is often used as a medicinal ingredient in the ayurvedic and siddha systems of medicine it possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which might aid in dealing with ulcers intake of amla in the form of fruit or juice might help you manage gastric ulcers 6. kootkie kootki or picrariza caroa as a medicinal herb grown in tropical regions of the country this herb is known for its antioxidant benefits because of which it might act as an effective stomach protective agent you can take cootkey powder with a glass of warm water you can also put some honey for taste 7.

Myrobilin harad as a medicinal herb known as mirabilin in english it offers many health benefits it may also be effective for many stomach ailments like gastritis inflammation and swelling of the stomach and stomach ulcers it might help form a protective barrier for the stomach lining and prevent ulcer formation you can mix some harad powder in warm water intake of this mixture might help you relieve stomach ulcers 8. aloe vera aloe vera is used as a herbal medicine for many health conditions for example aloe vera has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties because of which it could be an effective remedy for stomach ulcers consuming pure aloe vera gel regularly might help you reduce the swelling in the stomach lining and promote the ulcer's healing you can also try aloe vera juice to get the benefits 9. honey honey is one of the most popular medicinal ingredients used in the ayurvedic system of medicine it is good for many stomach conditions such as gastritis and peptic ulcers it is mainly recommended to manage stomach ulcers honey has healing powers that might be beneficial in dealing with stomach ulcers you can eat a spoonful of honey directly you can also take honey with a glass of warm water to relieve stomach ulcers when to seek medical help you need to contact your health care provider and get medical help if you experience sharp pain in the stomach notice blood in stools or notice black stools vomit blood that looks like coffee grounds experience weakness difficulty breathing or fainting you must not rely on home remedies alone for dealing with stomach ulcers and should consult a qualified doctor for advice if the symptoms do not improve with home remedies frequently asked questions what are the home remedies for gastric ulcers home remedies for gastric ulcers are herbs like turmeric cookie mirabilin aloe vera ginger harad licorice tea and indian gooseberry honey may also be effective in relieving gastric ulcers you need to consult with a doctor before proceeding with any remedy for stomach ulcers gastric ulcers need to be taken seriously and require proper medical care is honey good for stomach ulcers yes honey offers many health benefits that might help to deal with stomach ulcers honey possesses wound healing properties honey might help promote the healing of stomach ulcers what are peptic ulcers peptic ulcers are lesions in the stomach and intestinal lining the protective mucous layer lining the stomach is damaged allowing the stomach acids to damage the stomach walls directly this causes the formation of peptic ulcers stomach ulcers are one type of peptic ulcer can stomach ulcers get worse yes if stomach ulcers are left untreated for an extended time they can lead to severe complications like internal bleeding obstruction in the flow of food from the stomach to the intestine perforation or hole in the stomach and stomach cancer thanks for watching don't forget to like this video share with your friends and subscribe to get updates on new videos

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