Today, Arapahoe County Public Health employees arrived at a brand new health department for work. After serving residents for more than 75 years, tri-county Health dissolved New Year's Eve. Today was the first operating day for Adams, Douglas and Arapahoe counties as separate health departments. All three county health departments are in the same locations that the previous health departments are located. Arapahoe says they wanted to make the transition seamless for residents who receive services from them. Really brand new agency having to get all the. To all new systems setting up, even though we're in the same locations, there's just a lot of the startup cost. We just want to serve the community that we've been serving and really provide top of the art or state-of-the-art public health services.

Both Douglas and Adams County decided to start their own health departments in 2021, forcing Arapaho to also make their own..

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