ageLOC TR90 empowers you to continue on the
path toward a leaner, healthier, happier life. An important part of the ageLOC TR90 system
is the simple eating planÑa scientifically advanced, safe, and and balanced plan that
is designed to promote healthy weight management. The eating plan has three simple steps: 3-2-1.
That means some things you need to do 3 times each day, some things you need to do 2 times
each day, and some things you need to do once a day. 3-2-1 is a formula designed to keep
your eating plan simple and easy to remember. It also helps you learn how to structure your
daily eating.

The first step is 3. There are some things
you need to do 3 times each day. First you should be taking ageLOC TR90 Fit 3 times each
day. The next thing you need to do 3 times a day
is get 3 servings of lean protein. In just a minute youÕll learn how to calculate how
much lean protein you need, but for most people itÕs going to be about 30 grams of protein
3 times a day. Why is it so important to get at least 30
grams of protein 3 times a day? Because, muscle tissue takes up less space in the body than
fat tissue, and experts agree that one key to improve & promote lean muscle is through
nutrition. You need the right amount of protein in your diet each day to support lean muscle.
Also, consuming the right amount of protein helps your body burn rather than store the
food you eat. So we know we need at least 30 grams of protein
3 times a day. However, itÕs also very important to note that this protein intake should be
spread evenly throughout the day.

Many people have the bad habit of skipping breakfast,
eating a quick easy lunch, and having a big dinner. Unfortunately, this means you are
only getting adequate amounts of protein at dinner. As you can see in this graph that
puts you in the fat burning zone for only 3 hours a day. If you have protein at breakfast
youÕll be in the fat burning zone for another 3 hours, and if you have protein at lunch
that will put you in the fat burning zone for yet another 3 hours. The total time in
the fat burning zone will come to about 9 hours a day.
Calculating how much protein you need each day is simple. The steps to do this can be
found on page 25 of your ageLOC TR90 Program Guide. IÕll walk you through the steps. First
convert your target weight to kilos by dividing your target weight by 2.2. LetÕs say your
ideal weight is 140 pounds.

Divide 140 by 2.2. If you end up with a number that has
a decimal point simply round to a whole number. In this case your answer is 64.
Next multiply your target weight in kilos by 1.6. This will give you your daily protein
intake. In our example the answer is 102 grams of protein that need to be consumed each day. Finally take your total daily protein number
and divide it by 3 to see how much protein you need to consume 3 times a day. In this
example 34 grams of protein should be consumed with each meal. Keep in mind, 30 grams is
the minimum amount of protein that should be consumed at each meal.
Now that we know how important protein is and how much we need to consume, letÕs talk
about good sources of protein to add to our diets.

AgeLOC TR90 TrimShake and GreenShake
are a quick easy source of quality lean protein. Other good sources are fish, eggs, beans,
and nuts. For more ideas see pages 29 & 30 of the Program Guide.
The second step of 3-2-1 is 2. Twice a day you need to take ageLOC TR90 Control.
The ageLOC TR90 program also recommends two small, healthy snacks between larger meals.
Eating quality snacks will help reduce hunger which can lead to overeating. Quality snacks
can also help you maintain healthy energy levels and keep you in the fat burning zone.
By eating a snack with protein between breakfast and lunch, and again between lunch and dinner,
you will be in the fat burning zone for up to about 15 hours a day! The key is to spread
your protein intake evenly throughout the day.
The last step of 3-2-1 is 1. Once a day for the first 15 days you should take your Jumpstart.
At least once a day you should have a complete healthy meal.

Your meal should consist of
a lean protein, an abundance of vegetables, a moderate amount of fruit, and a small portion
of grains, cereals, or pastas. To help determine correct portion sizes refer to page 33 of
the Program Guide. Portion size for grains, cereals, and pastas is the amount you can
fit into your cupped hand. The portion size for fruits and vegetables is the amount that
can be placed on your hand when it is opened wide.

For protein a general guideline is the
size and thickness of your palm (not including your fingers), however, it may be easier to
follow the protein gram requirement you calculated earlier.
Avoid high fat foods, fried foods, processed foods, sugary sweets, and sauces.
Many people like to replace two meals a day with one of the ageLOC TR90 Shakes. This is
a great option; just make sure that you have at least one complete meal each day. Also
you will need to supplement your TR90 Shake to make sure you are reaching your protein
needs. For example if you need 30 grams of protein at breakfast, you can have TrimShake
Vanilla and add 1 cup of Greek yogurt to hit 30 grams. You can also add other nutritious
ingredients like strawberries to add flavor. Your body requires a variety of nutrients
to maintain proper health, especially when working to make weight maintenance and body
shaping changes. To help you get used to the types of balanced meals you should eat, we
have provided numerous examples. You can find recipes for shakes, breakfast, lunch, or dinner
on pages 35 -62 of the Program Guide.

ageLOC TR90 empowers you to continue on the
path toward a leaner, healthier, happier life. Follow the simple eating plan and redesign
your life in 90 days!.



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