Amenorrhea is a medical condition that 
occurred during a woman's fertile life   and involves the absence of menstruation 
for a transitory or prolonged period What can be the remedies for amenorrhea? Treatment of the patient with no menstrual cycle 
depends on the specific cause of the amenorrhea.  There are various congenital 
anomalies that can cause amenorrhea.  In these cases for example it's possible to 
proceed surgically by dilating a possible short   vagina or by cutting an imperforate hymen.
If the absence of menstruation is instead   determined by hormone deficiencies 
such as estrogen deficiency,   it's possible to administer estrogen or set up 
an adequate nutrition program in the event that   this condition is caused by a deficient diet.
If instead the amenorrhea depends on polycystic   ovary syndrome the gynecologist will probably 
proceed with the assignment of oral contraceptive   therapy associated with metformin.
In the case that the absence of   menstruation derives instead from intense 
emotional states or anxiety disorders   cognitive behavioral therapy associated with 
antidepressant drugs is usually recommended.  Finally we remember that patients with amenorrhea 
have a higher risk of Contracting bone fractures.  It's therefore recommended to 
prevent any complications of   this type by taking calcium and vitamin D.
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