Hi guys,
Welcome to the 2nd episode of The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Miracle series. In the first episode, I shared the backstory
of my mother’s struggle with her back pain and leg pain. And, my journey of losing 14 pounds in 12
months and becoming Medicine FREE by
reducing inflammation with the anti inflammatory diet. If you haven’t watched the first episode
of this Anti-Inflammatory Diet series, make sure to watch it first at As I promised in the first episode, I’ll
share the journey of the 30-day meal plan that my mother and I tried to reduce inflammation
to ease her back pain and leg pain. On an overcast day in May, I picked up my
Mom from LAX airport. As most Korean mothers do, she expresse her
love, not with so many words, but with food.

Therefore, she arrived with her luggage full
of the Korean food that I love. My mom had been relying on pain pills and
patches to relieve her symptoms for many months due to her severe back pain
and leg pain. We dove right into the meal plan to reduce
the inflammation in her body. The meals consisted of organic, nutrient-rich
vegetables, seasonal fruits, wild caught seafood, and organic meat that
is free of antibiotics and hormones and full of healthy fat. We removed foods that contained gluten, dairy
and high amounts of lectin which raises inflammation in the body. Also, we completely eliminated
any trans fats and hydrogenated oils such as vegetable oil from our diet.

Fruit and licorice roots were used as sweeteners
to make dishes delicious instead of using refined sugar. Also, we drank lots of filtered water
to aid the body in performing its detoxification process. Moving the body is also an essential part
of detoxification. Walking is a crucial “Nutrient” that your
body needs to flush toxins out of your system. My mother opted to go to a neighborhood park
for her Joy Walks to rejuvenate her body and mind. We also incorporated gentle outdoor activities
that she enjoyed doing, such as gardening. This provided an essential outdoor time to
get Vitamin D, which is a critical nutrient for the body.

Also, simply by touching plants,
paying attention to the moment and getting the fresh air helped her reduce her stress
level. My mother was making a great progress with
the anti inflammatory diet and the small lifestyle  changes. She was able to do a range of motions she
couldn’t previously do. It’s so wonderful to see her smile and full
of energy. Discover the power of foods, anti-inflammatory
recipes, and practical health tips at In the following episodes of this Anti-Inflammatory
Diet series, I’ll continue to share the journey that
my mother and I took together to reverse her symptoms and regain her health
by changing her diet and lifestyle. So stay tuned.  
Remember Guys, Eat Real, Be Real Thanks for watching…. I’ll see you next time! I’ve lost the 14 pounds in 12 months that
I had never been able to lose over the years. Also, I got off the steroid medicine that
I had used for 30 years since I was 13 to alleviate my chronic skin condition.

This was achieved by changing my diet and
lifestyle. What you eat and drink has a huge impact on
your body and mind. Discover how to work with your body and mind
to look good and feel energized. Sign up right here with your email address
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