– Who will win the no-sugar
soda war, diet or zero? – Let's talk about that. (upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning. – Now, it's not a huge stretch to say that most adults experience some period where they wean themselves off of soda. And during that wean,
that oh-so-important wean, they'll try some no-sugar alternatives before jumping into the
healthy beverage deep end. – Yep, both diet sodas and zero sodas boast a lack of sugar
to appeal to that wean, but do you think that there is an actual difference between the two? Is it negligible? Is it all marketing? – Well, I bring a bias to this. I haven't a whole lot of
zero and a whole lot of diet, but the ones that I have had, I think that I think that
there's a difference. And I think that I think that the zero tastes more like the original formula and the diet tastes more
like diet, that's the bias. – Is that because you
think it's more for guys? I think it's a marketing thing.

– For guys?
– That's what I thought. – I didn't think that at all. – I'm looking for anything to make me feel a little bit more… (grunts) – Okay. Well, that shirt looks great. Today we're gonna find out
what's what. It's time for: What's the Difference
Between Soda Called Diet and Soda Called Zero? The First Person to Ask This
Was Henry David Three-reau. – "Three-reau?" It's supposed to be "Thee-reau." – Thee-reau. – All right, after doing some boopity-boop-boop boop-boop-boop research, it seems that the main difference between diet and zero sodas all really comes down to
the artificial sweeteners. Sodas with diet on the label tend to use the artificial sweetener… – Aspartame!
– Aspartame.

And sodas labeled zero or zero sugar tend to use the one called… – Acesulfame potassium! – Good, I made you say that. In combination with a
few other sweeteners. – Now, of course these will vary based on the different brands, depending on how that
particular recipe overlord decides what each one will taste like. But on the marketing side of things, more and more brands are adding zero-sugar soda options to their roster and sometimes even getting rid of the diet soda options altogether.

– Is that because the
zero option tastes better or because we think it tastes
better and they know that or they want us to think it tastes better? – It's because of the guys, man. – We're gonna taste both and we're gonna see if we
can guess which is which, and we'll also be talking
about which one's better. – And we're spicing things
up a little bit this time because we're gonna add extra stakes, 'cause we'll each begin
with 100 DZ dollars, that's diet zero dollars, that we will use to bet on how confident we are in our decisions. And whoever ends the game
with the most in the bank wins and the loser will have to
give the winner a massage using soda cans in Good Mythical More. – Great. – Okay, we're gonna start out
with the classic, Coca-Cola. In one of these glasses we have Diet Coke and in the other is
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, also… Or formerly known as Coke

They changed it. – Let's start with our A's. – Here's your A. – [Link] I just feel like I
instantly know what this one is. – [Rhett] I feel very
confident what this is. – I feel very confident. Now, we have 100 DZ dollars, but we have a maximum
bet of 20 start out with. – [Rhett] But we gotta taste both of 'em. The B's?
– Trying the B. I mean, I'm gonna bet 20. And I'm not even looking
at yours, 'cause… – I'm betting 20 as well. I'm not saying which one I like better. – Which one do I like? – I know that this is who I am. – I've never tried them back-to-back. I've just always thought
that I like Zero better. But I do like Zero better- – I like Zero better as well.
– If I'm right about this. – So we both did the same
thing, both bet 20. Okay.

– [Stevie] The Diet Coke is in glass A and the Coca-Cola Zero
Sugar is in glass B. – It's not as different as I
thought it would be though. You know? – The zero sugar, especially with Coke, which I think is one of
the only ones that I've had to be honest with you, I would think that I was
drinking Coke Classic. – I wouldn't think that, but it does allow more of the
cola flavoring to come through and that's why it's superior. – You think that's what it-
– Only for men! – You think just the change
in the sweetener does that? – Yeah. – I could've sworn it was more
than that, but I don't know. But I'm just a dude. – Now let's move to Pepsi,
diet and zero versions, but let's go all the way
to Wild Cherry Pepsi. – I've never purposely
had Wild Cherry Pepsi, which means I may have never
actually had it at all. – Yeah. The maximum bet's off.

You can ride it all on
this one if you want to. – Smells good though. – Hmm. Whoo! That cherry is kickin'! – I like a cherry flavor. I do. – I'm gonna start off by guessing that. – Uh-oh. – The cherry-
– I am not confident anymore. – Is not nearly as robust in B. Is it? There's other flavors that
are coming through in B. – These are remarkably similar to me. – But doesn't A hit the
cherry a lot harder? – I don't know. Actually,
I don't think so. – What does that mean besides
a stomachache? I hate this. – Okay.
– I'ma say… – I'm not super confident here. – The one that I like better
I always assume is the zero. – Oh, oh, whoa! We're different here. We're different here.
I'm only going with… I'm only going with 10 on
this 'cause I'm not confident. – I think that there's more
cola coming through here, so… I'm gonna bet 20. – [Stevie] The Pepsi
Zero Sugar is in glass A and the Diet Pepsi Wild
Cherry is in glass B. – Aw, man. Well, I liked the diet
better with this one, which is interesting.
– It was super subtle, but I thought the one that
I liked a little bit more.

But the cherry flavor
throws everything off because it's very dominant. – Hey, you wanna make your
grooming routine more legendary? – Yeah.
– Well, grab our Mythical line of grooming and personal care products. We got clay pomade, beard balm, a musical comb, a brush, some lotion, beard oil, and lip balms, all types of stuff. Go to, get you some super speedy Prime shipping on all these highly rated products. Super proud of that. Even
the package, look at that. – Even the package!
– It's a toiletry sack. – Okay, now we've got Red Bull. Now, Red Bull's a little different. – Is it? – They don't have a diet option, they have a sugar-free and a zero option. And here's the weird part: they're both made with
acesulfame potassium, but Sugarfree has aspartame
and Zero has sucralose. So this is screaming marketing alone, to me, is what's happening here because I think there's a difference with the whatever the
name of the thing is. – Now, to further complicate things, these are just our urine samples.

– Right. Yeah. – No Red Bull.
– Who's who? – So you're going with the A first, which is an alphabetical
thing I guess, I'm with you. – Tastes like medicine.
Tastes like cough syrup. That's the only thing that I taste. – There's a nice tarty aftertaste. – Tardy? – So you're left forgetting
that fake sugar taste, which is nice. I'm just gonna start
with that on sugar-free. – Don't tell me!
– Oh. Well, we're starting in the same place 'cause I'm looking on this one. B? It is different.
– I taste more fakiness. – Yeah. It's not as medicinal
tasting, but it's fakey. And it doesn't have
that really tart punch. – Whoa, yeah! They added a super, super sour
aftertaste to one of these.

You think that's all happening just with sucralose and aspartame? – I mean, it's amazing
how different these are. The A leaves you with a tartiness. This one's definitely tastier. – Did you have a tardy
problem in high school? – No. No. – I had to go to detention one
time, because of tardiness. – Oh, that's all it takes, man. – And Benny was the guy
in charge of detention. – And did you make it
out in one piece, man? – Well, yeah.
– What did they do in there? – Because my keyboardist from my band was the guy in charge
of the detention center.

– Yeah.
– I mean… 'Cause he was the bassist's dad. – [Stevie] Why were you tardy? – 'Cause you know me, I got things to do, places to be, Stevie. – Takes him a long time to wipe his butt. – That too. – I mean, just think about
how long his crack is. – I got a long crack.
– No thanks. – Just to traverse the whole thing once is twice as long as a normal person. – I got a long crack. These are pretty different. I'm doing a $20 bet. $20 bet 'cause I got a
little bit of a cushion here. – I feel pretty confident that the zero tastes better and more punchy. I'm gonna go with a $30 bet. – Okay. – [Stevie] The Red Bull
Sugarfree is in glass… A.
– Aw! – [Stevie] And the Red
Bull Zero is in glass B. – Yes.
(buzzer honks) – No.
– No, you were wrong. – No, no, no.
– Yes! I was wrong! – That's why I went, "Aw!" – I don't know.

I'm seeing
the back of this crap, man. – Yeah, but we had the same guess and I was expressing disappointment, so you could've just gone with that. – Oh! I thought we had the opposite guess. – No, we had the same guess. But you were lower than me
to start with and bet more, so now you're down by 40. – So hold on.
– Aw! – Just which one do I order?
– Yes! – Which one do I order next time? – What did you do? That was a good… – Yes!
– Yes! Yes! So which one do I order? I order- – I like the sugar-free. – [Stevie] You like the sugar-free better. – Sugar-free's better.
– Sugar-free's better, y'all. – That's all I need to remember. The doctor is in, with 23 flavors to boot. We got a Diet Dr Pepper
versus a Dr Pepper Zero Sugar.

Now, here's the thing. – Diet Dr Pepper tastes
more like regular Dr Pepper. – But Diet Dr Pepper is my
favorite diet drink by far. (crew cheers) But I have not even tried Dr Pepper Zero and I haven't had regular
Dr Pepper in 20 years because the diet is so good. Is that what I've been
drinking for the past 20 years? I don't know. My mouth is so confused. – I mean, I would say that's Dr Pepper 'cause I don't like it. – Ah. Ah. Hmm, okay. All right.
– This is subtle to me. I mean, as someone who doesn't
drink any form of Dr Pepper. – I think I'm familiarizing,
or re-familiarizing, myself with a taste that I know and love. Now I actually have to figure
out which one I like better.

– It's so little difference.
I can't even tell. – The reason I think that Diet Dr Pepper tastes more like regular Dr
Pepper than other diet drinks is because you're tasting so much of the mediciny, doctory, syrupy thing, which is what makes
people hate it or love it. It is the sort of polarizing
quality of Dr Pepper. – And I think that's what B has.

B is slightly more nasty
that A, which is… Just plain nasty. So nasty, nastier. – I think I still liked my favorite just because it's familiar, but I think this one does taste more like- – Boy, I'm really having trouble. Are, are, are, are… Do we agree? – [Stevie] Yeah. You agreed on the placement,
you disagreed on your choice. – I'm gonna go with a $20 bet again. – Yeah, I really gotta- – [Stevie] Did you say "in yen"? – Yeah, this one's in yen. Can I do my fourth-round bet in yen? Because I am requesting that. – Well, since I'm agreeing
with you and I'm down by 40, and you just bet what? – 20.
– What do I do? (Rhett laughs) How do I beat you? I can't. – Hold on, this isn't
the last round.

Right? – But I can't-
– Yeah, you have one more. – I can only catch up if we're
both right and I bet more. – But neither one of these is ketchup. – I'm gonna bet 50 that he is right. – [Stevie] The Diet Dr
Pepper is in glass… A.
– Golly, I'm wrong! – You're stupid! (buzzer honks)
What's wrong with you? – I don't know!
– I believed in you! – It just goes to show how
confused your palate can get when yen are involved. – [Stevie] I'm really intrigued
by the Zero now though. – But you need to switch.
That's what you learned. You like-
– I like Zero better. – Zero better and you didn't even know it.

– Yeah. (Link belches)
(Rhett laughs) – That burp, it's like I
could see it coming up. It was like… It was like you thought
about it before it happened. – Yeah. It came from my scrotum.
– And you really… This is like going into Final Jeopardy and the guy in second place cannot win. Okay, last but definitely not least, we have the soda that will
eventually take over the world if we don't stop them, Mountain Dew.

One is Diet Mountain Dew, the other one is Mountain Dew Zero Sugar. – Okay. Let's start with A.
– A? – See, now I'm back in a sweet spot. I know what's happening here. I've been to Mountain Dew. I've summited. – Now, one of the interesting
things that has happened- – Not great. – Is that in almost every round I have preferred the zero and
you have preferred the diet. – Except for Coke. – Yeah.
– But those are ones- – Three out of four rounds,
I've preferred zero. – But the ones that I've preferred, it was like the lesser evil 'cause I will never
order that cherry stuff or that Dr Pepper stuff. Or that Red Bull stuff.
– You only order drinks? What are you, just like a brunch guy? – This is so much better than A. B is clearly superior. Am I right? – I don't think so. No. You're very wrong. And that's why I'm going with the one… I think that I'm a zero man.

– A is a lot more lemony.
And I think B is more limey. – I think-
– That's tough. This one tastes more artificial to me. I'm assuming that I like the zero better. – I'm assuming that I
like the zero better too and I'm assuming that
it's on the opposite side. And I'm up by 70. – I have $20 and I'm gonna bet it all. – Okay. I'm going to bet… (groans) – Bet at least 70.
– Okay. – Come on.
– I'm gonna bet… – Make it interesting. Be confident. Bet 90. – I'm gonna bet… 49. – You're boring. – I'm gonna bet $49. – [Stevie] The Mountain Dew
Zero Sugar is in glass… A.
– Yeah! Okay. – Shoot. So I do like the
diet better and it is good. – And I do like the zero
better and it is good! So, hey, the main thing we learned today is that I usually win. And the second thing is that
I like zero, you like diet. – Except for Coke. – So next time we go to one
of our fancy restaurants and order…

(chuckles) – Yeah.
– The drinks, you'll order diet, I'll order zero. – Huh. Who would've thought? Who would've thought? I didn't know. – Man. All right, well, it looks
like I'm getting a massage along with my brunch
in Good Mythical More. – Where you gonna spend that $139? – I don't know. – Thanks for subscribing
and clicking that bell. – You know what time it is. – Hi, my name is Zoe,
I'm from Dallas, Texas, and I just finished my
first week of full shifts as a registered nurse.

Now it's time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Thank you, Zoe, for
all that you're doing to help us and the people of Dallas. All right, click the top link to watch us discover which crazy Pepsi
flavor is real or fake in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land. Unleash your legendary style with our line of Mythical grooming and
personal care products, available now at



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