– This is Tom Biernacki and today, (strains) using whole simple stuff,
just some simple stuff, you can see I can barely lift it, but stuff you have at home, I'm gonna show you how to blast, absolutely obliterate your athlete's foot, your tinea pedis between
your toes, on your heel, around your foot, on top of your foot. Yes, all types of athlete's foot. People even Google
athlete's foot on the face. I don't think it's on the face but we'll help you get
rid of that one too. So this guy goes over everything. Prevention and the best treatment. The best proven treatment
principles at home. We've got you covered. (upbeat music) so what is athlete's foot anyway? Let's say you're not an athlete.

You can still get it. Here's what athlete's foot is. Little gross bacterias
crawl all over your skin. All the time, there's fungus everywhere. Everybody's got it. You didn't catch it from your
cousin who just went to Brazil and caught some exotic fungus or bacteria. It's everywhere. Athlete's foot symptoms. How do you know you for sure
have athlete's foot anyway? You have dry skin, you have redness, it's burning, it's itching. It gets in between your toes. It gets on top of your foot. It gets on your heel, it gets
on the bottom of your foot.

This is not a foot, it's my
hand, but you get the point. That's where it shows up most commonly. So athlete's foot
prevention tip number one. You have to get good well-aerated socks. So is this a perfect sock? It's not a perfect sock. But it has lots of little holes in it. I don't know if you can see right there as I get closer, the lighting's bad. But as you have holes in your socks, the sweat can get outta there. So there's a lot of studies. You can spend a lot of money. Wool socks especially, thicker wool socks get
sweat outta there better. This leaves the fungus nowhere to live. Nowhere to chew up and
nowhere to leave their poop and byproducts which
cause itching, swelling, and irritation on your skin. Another thing is,
especially if you're working 12 hour shifts, if
you're in shoes all day, switch up socks all the time. You get sweaty pretty quickly. You're sitting in this
sweat for 12 hours a day in damp, dark conditions,
which fungus loves.

Don't give them everything they want. They love damp, dark, sweaty conditions. Prevention tip number two, this is probably my favorite option. Anti-perspirants for your feet. So in medical school, I had this friend who had a condition called hyperhyrosis. He would sweat everywhere all the time. This sweat is like a buffet
for fungus and bacteria. They live on your skin, they
chew up and eat all that sweat and bad stuff, that dry skin, and then they create their byproducts and irritate your skin. So in the morning, before
you start sweating, or at night, spray it
with anti-perspirants.

It's the same type as under your armpits. There's specific brands
that are made for your foot. So go to the pharmacy, it's like $5. It's cheap, you don't need to buy expensive foot doctor prescribed sprays. Get the reasonable stuff,
just start using something. Get rid of your sweat and your problems will get better pretty quickly. That sweat will be gone, the fungus will have nowhere to live. Next is great shoes. So take a look at this thing right here. It has lots of mesh right there. A lot going on mesh-wise. Picture this. If you're in a big,
thick leather work boot, where's the sweat, where's
all that odor gonna go? You want a well-aerated
shoe, a well-aerated sock, you want that sweat to get outta there.

You don't wanna sweat the
same disgusting gym shoes everywhere you go. If you're going on a nice date, there is a reason you wear nice shoes, because you don't want it to smell, you don't want it to be all sweaty. So switch up socks, switch up shoes. If you do have to wear a
consistent work boot like this, make sure your anti-perspiring your feet. I don't know if that's a
word but I just made it up. Anti-perspiring your foot. Spray your shoe with anti-fungal sprays. These things are cheap. Look 'em up on Google,
they're in the show notes. We will give you options
for all this stuff and it will keep the inside
of your shoe fungus-free. I know everybody can't switch
shoes five times a day. It's expensive, so get the
spray at the very least.

Anti-perspirant and get
the spray inside your shoe. Next tip is get powders for your shoe. If you're still not doing
it, brands like Lamisil, the powders, the foam sprays,
get those into your shoes. Get those into your socks. These do an amazing job. Studies show putting these on
your foot or inside your shoe for 30 days, 90% of the time,
they get rid of the fungus. Another prevention tip, this might seem a little bit confusing, but how we talked about
getting rid of the sweat at nighttime, you want to
get moisturizing ointments. So you don't need anything expensive, but you want to get rid
of the dead, dry skin.

Fungus love to live on dead, dry skin. The more dead, dry skin
you have on your foot, heel, between your toes, that's
where fungus loves to live. So when you're not sweating, moisturize. So especially after a shower, it's not drying out and not
getting scaly and thick. That scaly, thick, dry skin
is a buffet for fungus. So get rid of that scaly skin. Another common cause, we're
into the treatments now, is in between your toes.

So see right in between there? Sweat builds up especially in between the fourth and the fifth toe. This happens all the time. So you wanna grab some tissue
paper, some paper towel and what I'm gonna do is
I'm gonna rip some off and you just tuck it in, maybe that's too big of a
piece, that's a huge piece. So see what I did right there? I tucked it in between the toes. This lets the sweat get out. If you have, we can say this on YouTube 'cause I'm not making fun of you in person or hurting your feelings,
but if you have a big foot and you know what I'm trying to say. If you have a big foot, you need to get that sweat outta there. If your skin is stick together 'cause your toes are
so tight in your shoes, it's gonna chafe. The fungus will build up.

Get some tissue paper
everyday between your toe so that the sweat can get outta there. Change your socks, get the
anti-perspirant in there. Dry skin, sweat will not stay there and fungus cannot live there. That's like home base. That's ground zero. If you leave in between
your toes all that sweat, that's gonna cause
really big issues for you and continue your athlete's foot no mater how much expensive
doctor creams you put on there.

You gotta get rid of the source. You gotta get rid of the fungus. Home remedy time. This is probably the most popular one. Apple cider vinegar, right there. Oh, hold on, I'm gonna move
it in front of the camera. You gotta be careful with these, so disclaimer alert, disclaimer alert, you want to grab yourself a tub. Look at how big this tub is. It's actually a shelf that I pulled out. It's a clear shelf but it fills
up with fluid and it works. What you wanna do, you unscrew this, you pour about one quarter,
so one out of four. You pour that into that tub and then you pour three quarters, so three out of four
warm water into that tub and you turn on Netflix,
you watch some TV, and you soak your feet 20 minutes. This kills fungus living on your foot, pretty much guaranteed. The real key is what do you next. You have to get rid of the dead, dry skin. You have to exfoliate.

So if you have a pumice stone, even just using a rag, wipe it. Personally, in clinic, I love
to use moistened towelettes. People, I have them soak ahead of time and that skin comes right off. You killed the fungus and
you killed the food source, which is the dry skin on there. So other home remedies, you
can grab right here, Listerine. Everybody's got Listerine at home. Use one quarter in that tub. So that big old tub, I'm
not gonna pick it up again 'cause it's gonna hurt my back. But put that in, put some warm water and soak your feet 20 minutes. That will kill that fungus. Do that two, three times a week until your athlete's foot is done. The next thing you can
use, I love Epsom salts. Epsom salts are great. In fact, this is the only
one we actually recommend 'cause technically everything's
dangerous in medicine and I have to do a little
asterisks and warn you. Epsom salts are safe though.

They don't do all that
crazy stuff that people say. It's not the crazy stuff. All Epsom salts do is
soak into dead, dry skin. That dead, dry skin flakes off, falls off. You still wanna use the pumice
stone or the rag to clean it. So that's the crazy treatment guide. Home remedies, all this stuff works. It's all proven to work. Listerine, apple cider
vinegar, Epsom salts, you can even use Vicks VapoRub
at the bottom of your feet. It all has anti-fungal properties. It's a no brainer, it works. Yes, there are medicines available but they're more expensive. Realistically, the disclaimers out there, if you're worried, come see a podiatrist. We've got you covered. I would love to see you and
take care of your foot fungus. That needs to be said. We love you, but we don't
love your foot fungus so come see us, we'll get
rid of the foot fungus. But all these remedies do work, provided you get rid of the
single most important thing. Get rid of the food source, which is sweat and dead, dry skin.

Get rid of those. So how do we get rid of those things? You want to wear good, well-aerated shoes. You wanna spray it with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial materials. Between your fifth toes
and between your toes, you wanna put some wicking material. That means get that sweat out of there. You want to change your socks. Change your socks. Change it multiple times during your shift and very importantly, this is what makes a huge
difference for people. Get good, well-aerated socks. Switch 'em, anti-perspirant materials. Spray your feet with anti-perspirant if you're still sweating after all that. So if the shoes and the
socks and the cleaning and the moisturizing and the
dread, dry skin does not work, get the anti-perspirant. I have never seen this method fail. It just doesn't, it works. You don't need crazy treatments. If this stuff's not working for you, you probably don't have athlete's foot. And that's the truth. And if this helped, send it to a friend.

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