My name is Dietitian Natasha Mohan and today, I’ll tell you about my very lovely client Neena. Who is 43 years old and how she lost her weight, Good 10 kgs weight loss in just 45 days. With her slow metabolism, she’s middle-aged, And faced all the problems that she could, During her weight loss regime. But she stood there, She didn’t give up and with very good results, Now she has tremendous inch loss too.

So Neena’s story starts when 45 days back, She called in my office. She requested that, please let, Me talk to Natasha because I followed many dietitians, Spent a lot of money too, but no results at all! She’s 43 years old. Almost about to hit her menopause, Because she had an early menopause, And a slight bit of complications. She had Irregular periods and slow metabolism. Moreover, her belly fat was coming way too much, In wearing her favourite dress. Especially when she was asked about her motivation, Then Neena quickly answered, I want to wear all my, Favourite dresses that I used to wear in my college days. I really look forward to it. Can you help me? I quickly answered, Of course! Why not Neena. But what’s the problem that you feel you can’t lose weight? Then she gave me some conditions that if you can, Follow these conditions and help me lose weight then, I’ll accept you.

And when I heard her conditions, I was stunned. That it's India’s more than half of the population, More than half of the women also have these conditions. Her first condition was that she has a family of 10, 13 members. Now she cooks food for such a big family alone, So she doesn’t get time for herself. So this first condition I’m sure many of you women, Watching this can relate to this.

They know, When you have to cook food for everyone in the house, So you have to make it by keeping everyone in mind. And there’s no time left for ourselves. Her second condition was that if she, has to do dieting, Then could she get such meals, In which she isn’t required to cook for herself? And options that are budget-friendly. Besides, that quickly, Get ready in a few minutes and aren’t tasteless at all. Because Neena was a foodie. She was very fond of eating, But, she had to lose weight by eating tasty food only. Now I’m sure most of you watching, Must be aware of the second condition too. Now, Who likes to eat tasteless and lifeless food in name of dieting.

Neena’s third condition was that she, can only do mild exercises. She won’t be able to go rigorous 1-2 hours gym. She doesn’t get the time! And she gets very tired too, With all the housework and taking care of everyone. So by keeping all these conditions in mind, Will we be able to make her achieve her weight loss? And I quickly told Neena, Yes! Of course, it will happen. You can lose weight with all these conditions too. Then, Neena got shocked over the phone and said are you joking? I have tried so many dietitians and spent a lot of money too. But till now I haven’t lose weight. How can you say with such a guarantee? I told her, Neena if you want to lose weight and, Your motivation is so high that after trying so many people, You didn’t give up.

You’re still there to do, efforts, And you’ll definitely get success. So I also won’t step back. I’ll leave no stone unturned to make sure that, Neena loses her weight and has tremendous inch loss. And it makes me so proud, after 45 days, Neena has actually lost good 10 kgs and, She has turned it all around. She still has to lose 4-5 kgs. But I had to make this video for all of you too.

All those watching this video, I’m sure, So many of you are housewives, working, or are students, That can’t cook food for themselves or, They want no-cook budget-friendly options, That are quick to make and eat too. And in that much, their stomach gets full too. Because, after all, if you’ll eat your food at right time, And eat balanced meals, so definitely you’ll lose weight too. So come, let’s start this Neena’s exciting or most fabulous, No-Cook Budget-Friendly Diet Plan. So, Neena is very punctual of time and wakes up at, 6 in the morning. She has to send her kids to school too, And take time out for herself too. So 6 in the morning, Is the right time in which Neena takes her morning drink.

And in the morning drink, I gave her apple cider vinegar. 1 tbsp in about 1 glass of lukewarm water. You have to take apple cider vinegar unfiltered only. Especially the bottle in which ‘with the mother’ is written. All its benefits are present in that only. Taking apple cider vinegar in the morning, your metabolism, Starts to work fast, and you get a lot of help in weight loss. But if you can’t take it, due to any reason it’s not, Available to you or you have tried but, it doesn’t suit you, So instead of it, you can take 2 glasses of lukewarm water. Come, let’s move forward and, See what Neena take in the day. Now at 6 AM, Neena had her morning drink, and at 7 AM, Neena likes to do some light exercise. Like she said, She can’t do much rigorous training, which is not her type. And neither is she that motivated. So with any of my home workout videos, I said, That she can practice with them.

Do your exercises for 20-30 minutes, or if you want, You can do yoga. That’s such a good option. Even just plain walking. Brisk walking. You have a park near your home or a road then, Go there early in the morning, and spend time with yourself. Play your favourite songs. But, yes, do a brisk walk only. Even if it’s for 10-15 minutes. That’s what your body needs. Here, I’d like to talk about Neena’s discipline, After doing her exercises at 7:30 AM, she used to take, A shower and sharp at 8 AM without fail, every morning, I used to get a picture of Neena’s breakfast photograph. That means Neena was absolutely determined, And this is the one good thing she did, She was disciplined and not just motivated.

So the biggest advantage of following a daily routine is, Your slow metabolism will start to work properly, In digesting your food. So come, let’s watch quickly, What Neena likes to take for her breakfast. Friends, Neena is a housewife, But she lives in a metropolitan city and, She’s very fond of shakes, smoothies and all these options. Especially in summers, When we don’t feel like taking anything hot. Thankfully, she’s not a tea addict. So she likes in the morning, All our shakes. Neena’s favourite is apple and oats smoothie. It’s very interesting, very amazing smoothie. It contains 1 apple, 4 soaked almonds, 20 grams of oats, And we add 1 date in this. Just to give it a nice sweet taste. And we add cinnamon powder, just about a pinch. Add water and a lot of ice to it we blend it.

And, This goodness, this creamy thick shake is so filling, If you eat, you’ll get to know. Quickly make it and eat it. Do tell me by commenting, how much did you like this recipe? It’s Neena’s favourite. And the second option, That I gave Neena was a sandwich. Now Neena likes sandwiches a lot too. She loves having brown bread or whole wheat breads. So I told her that in whole wheat bread, fill as many vegetables, As you can, and add 40-50 grams of panner. And make a good and filling sandwich for yourself. And she loved this combination. Now, if you want, Grill this sandwich or not. It’s upto you! But that’s the way Neena likes it, and that’s how I like it. Its roasted flavour tastes very good. If you want, you, can eat it by adding it to the raw bread too. Next on the list is a beautiful, super delicious, super tasty, Watermelon smoothie. Now it’s made with just 2-3 ingredients.

It contains 100 grams watermelon, lemon, cumin powder, Ginger juice, some mint leaves, and a lot of ice. It tastes delicious! Without adding any water blend it properly. I mean the taste is top-notch and, It can’t be compared to anything. If you make this, And take it as it is, then, it gives a very good tasty flavour. And its sugar content is so great for you all, That all your sugar cravings will finish.

Especially, Those women who have low energy complaints. This is the perfect option for you. So till now, all the options, You have watched are from very quick to make options. Friends, I took care of one thing in Neena’s diet plan that, She’s given small frequent meals the whole day. Not that she’s a very big eater. But she feels hungry very quickly, has sugar cravings, Because she was giving long gaps in between her meals. So every body type is different. And according to her, Body type, I thought this is the perfect choice for her. Come, let’s see at 11 AM when she feels very hungry, What does she like to take? She’s addicted to this very, Famous cucumber smoothie. It has half a cucumber, And we have added 2 spoons of curd.

Together with it, We have added spices that are easily available at every home. They are so easily available. And it’s such a refreshing, Very delicious drink. Now, if you’ll make and take it as it is, Then believe me, that you’ll get a very good taste and, You’re surely gonna love it. And this has the capacity, To keep you full, at least for the next 2 hours. And cucumber, Contains a very good cooling and hydrating agent. It’s so hot these days that you all need these drinks a lot. Stay away from sugary cola and fizzy drinks. The second option that you can have is a sattu drink. Make it in a salty form or make it by adding 1 tsp of jaggery, And cumin in it.

It tastes delicious. That too chickpea sattu. It’s a very high protein source. You won’t feel hungry till long, and you’ll have full energy too. And the next option you have is that of aam panna. Aam panna is made in every house in summer these days. But the problem that happens is a lot of sugar is added to it. So if you want to take aam panna, then take 1-1.5 spoons, Rest fill, with water.

Mix it properly, add mint leaves, And enjoy it! So these were your hydrating cooling, Mid-morning drinks option. But what does Neena takes in lunch? I’m sure, You all are very excited to see it. Come quickly, I’ll show you. Now in summer, Neena’s favourite fruit is mango. So she asked if she can take mango? Then I said, Yes, Sure! So, I gave Neena 1 glass full of mango shake, Every day for lunch till she got irritated with mangoes. I mean, this was such a fabulous option for her. She just loved it, and she freaked out. She was so happy. That her favourite food, which she haven’t eaten in years, When she was dieting. By eating it and enjoying it easily, Her weight loss is happening, and she’s enjoying it too. So the speciality of this mango shake is that it has 1 mango, With it, half a glass of milk, half a glass of water.

That’s it. Blend it properly. Mane it nice and tall. Add a lot of ice. And have it as a thick creamy shake. But this isn’t your snack. This is your main meal. This is where people make mistakes. Either take mango with food or after food. But, Learn to eat it as it is food. It’s a complete meal all by itself. But then Neena liked cooking as well and, Whenever she used to make food for her family, She used to think, if she can, also take this? Then, I used to give her an option of regular homemade desi food. 1 phulka, 1 bowl of vegetable or any 1 dal with it, And a plate full of salad. Neena used to eat this. And she, Wasn’t very fond of rice, but sometimes she used to crave it. So she tried my very tasty oil-free veg biryani recipe. And she specially told me that it’s such a delicious recipe, That not only me, but my family also loves it. So we started including this option too in her meals.

So if you want to watch that biryani recipe, the link, I’ll share in the description below. So come quickly, Let’s look what are the evening options for Neena. Now, after 1 hour of having lunch, I gave Neena, Ginger and lemon tea. This works wonders on her. Because her metabolism was so slow that to fasten it, We used this option. And she loved it! The flavours, the taste. You have to grate 1 tbsp ginger, And boil it in 1 glass of water. When it boils, Cover it for 1-2 minutes. When it gets a little lukewarm, Then squeeze half a lemon in it and take it. This ginger lemon tea works wonders for her. So let’s move forward and see, What interesting options are there on Neena’s menu? Neena is not fond of tea at all. But those who are fond of, Tea and coffee can take 1 small cup of tea at this time. No sugar allowed. With it, You can take 30-40 grams of homemade roasted makhanas. Try to avoid outside or store-bought processed food, Like makhana, snacks, or diet namkeens. So the good thing about Neena is that she used to prepare, All these things at home for herself.

But because she, Didn’t drink tea, and already she took ginger lemon tea. She used to prefer 1 glass of coconut water this time. So at this time, she used to take either 1 coconut water, Or lemonade without any sugar. Together with it, She used to take 4 soaked almonds and 1 soaked walnut. This provides a lot of healthy fats, and it’s also full of protein. So this actually helps in nourishing the skin with vitamin E, And it has all the essential elements. Apart from it, she liked to take a small bowl makhana. Next, come, let’s watch Neena’s dinner options. Now, for dinner, I gave Neena a banana shake. Well, she loves fruit. So, why not? She liked to take 1 banana, Half a glass of milk, half a glass of water, And a pinch of cinnamon powder. It sounds very posh, But, actually, banana is so cheap, and it’s such a Budget-friendly option. So Neena was very addicted. She used to say that if I don’t take this banana shake, Every night, then I feel like something’s missing.

So give me more of this than food. So I gave her this. You have to listen to your body. If you, Wish to eat something salty or if you want to eat something, That you’re craving, then please eat it. But other options that Neena like to take were cheela. Either oats cheela or ragi cheela. You’ll get both interesting recipes too, on this channel. And I’ll share the links in the description below.

So Neena was allowed about 1 cheela every night with, Green chutney, or she could have 1 whole banana shake. So Neena had her dinner between 7-7:30 PM. But those, Who eat late dinner must have issues with digestion too. Because if you’ll eat heavy dinner, eat late, So you’ll sleep, without digesting it only. So I’d suggest a light walk of at least 15-20 minutes, Right after your meal, be it a dinner or lunch. So that, You get a little ease with digestion. But no brisk walking, Just light walking. The last thing I used to give Neena, For her meal for entire day plan was Amla (Indian gooseberry). Because Neena had a slight constipation problem too.

So every night, I gave Neena 2 tsp of amla with about, 1/2 a glass of lukewarm water. Amla juice is very beneficial. To cure constipation, it’s a great source of vitamin C. And this was the last thing that Neena used to take. Around 9-10 PM. And that’s it. She’d go to sleep because, Remember it, Neena was very, very punctual. She used to sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 6 AM. So Neena’s story is not finished here. In her weight loss journey, Still, 4-5 kgs are left for her to lose weight. So if you like today’s video a lot, so quickly, like it. I have made it with all my heart, and if you identify with Neena, You’re middle-aged, or you’re about to have menopause, Or you’re students or working women.

You can’t, Get time out for yourself, so sure, follow this diet plan. You’ll get a lot of help. And quickly tell me by commenting, How did you like today’s video? So come, I’ll show you, not only Neena but all the other clients, That join our program how their meals look. Weight loss with Natasha Mohan program is a very interesting And a very good program. You guys get daily monitoring. Our team is also a very supportive team that works for you, The whole day and do, efforts. And when you guys lose weight, We cheer at that time.

We feel very good that, We’re involved with you in this journey. So if you also want, To reduce your weight, contact me on the number given below. Quickly make a call. I’m always there to help you! I’ll see you soon with many, many more exciting videos, Until then, take care!.

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