I am Dietitian Natasha Mohan and, Today I'll tell you about my client Nimrit. Who got great results by trying intermittent fasting. It’s a sure way. 1 Medicine for 100 diseases. Intermittent fasting with which she lost at least 23 kg weight. And now it’s her wedding this week only, And in that happiness, I have brought you all her, Special Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan. That is completely budget-friendly. You have to cook everything at home. No expensive ingredients and just Desi Indian Meal Plan. One day I got a call from Nimrit’s mom. She was very troubled. And she was left with no other option except calling me. Because Nimrit used to watch my videos with passion. Nimrit had a different attachment with me. But her mom called me instantly and told me about, All those problems that Nimrit was facing alone. Be it her pcod, bullying, or bad complexion problem. A lot of pimples grew on Nimrit’s skin. And she was not able to understand which diet to follow. Whereas that girl had a determination to do something. But there was no one to show her the path. She tried everything. Be it intermittent fasting, fad dieting, Or any other diet.

She tried everything! But nothing was suiting Nimrit. Because she was trying general diet plans. Instead, when I noted all the details of Nimrit, Then I realized, That if a customized diet plan is given to Nimrit, Then she can get great results. Our lovely Nimrit belongs to small town in Punjab. And she didn’t know much about dieting, Except the things, she used to watch on youtube. She used to try everything! Maybe that’s why there wasn’t any difference in her. When Nimrit spoke with me, she had teary eyes. She said sister (Didi) I get bullied a lot in college.

And I genuinely want to be thin. Because at such a young age I’m prediabetic. I can start with diabetes medicine soon and, I have Pcos problem too. Due to this, she had pimples on her face, hair fall problem, And she started having joint pain too. So if you’re watching this video and completely agree with me, That diet is the cure to all ailments. All the food you eat, Somewhere helps you cure all your diseases. So quickly like this video, Because I have made this diet plan with a lot of effort, And eager to share this diet plan with you all. And quickly subscribe to my channel, And don’t forget to press the notification bell. So come, let me tell you about Nimrit’s exciting, Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan. But what’s intermittent fasting? Let’s understand this first. Intermittent fasting is such a way of adjusting our body clock, With which, you’ll lose weight too and in a sure way.

Because our body runs on Glucose, Which we get with the food we eat. And the glucose, That our body gets from carbohydrates, Our body digests it first and converts it into energy. But when we won’t let carbohydrates go in our body, Then our body gradually, Starts digesting the glucose from fats and protein. Due to this our body’s fat storage decreases, And people automatically starts to lose weight. This is the concept of intermittent fasting. You don't have to take any carbohydrates thing during fasting window.

And you have to do pure fasting only with water. Because if you eat anything at this time, Then your body will start to extract glucose from that only. But we want the earlier stored fat in our body, We want our body to use that glucose only at that point. To use all the bodily functions. That’s why if you have to do intermittent fasting then, It's advisable to choose the 14:10 window or 16:08 window. So come, let me make you understand this simple concept. So friends, when we do intermittent fasting, And firstly, break our fast in the morning. We need to eat food that doesn’t spike our sugar level instantly. Whose glycemic index is low and is a natural and whole food. So that our body gets good nutrient intake first, As soon as we break our fast. So come, Let’s start with Nimrit’s Exciting Itermittent Fasting Diet Plan.

When Nimrit wakes up, she has to take her first meal at 9 AM. And what does Nimrit take? Come, I’ll show you all. I advised Nimrit to take on an empty stomach in the morning, 1 tsp soaked chia water with lemon slices. With this, her body stays hydrated. Moreover, her metabolism also gets a quick boost. And, After half an hour, I advised her to take 1 whole apple. That too with the skin. Because apple contains fibre pectin. That is very good for our gut health.

The best thing about apple is it’s prebiotic. So friends, prebiotic is that, the bacteria in our gut, It helps to flourish it. So after taking her apple at 9:30 AM, Nimrit used to do yoga at 11 AM. I advised her to do yoga that too Suryenamaskar. Because it’s a very good compound exercise. There’s no need to go to the gym. It’s a very simple and easy to do exercise at home. Together with it, I suggested her pranayama (kapalabhati). With this, her metabolism gets more fast. Why should we go out to the gym or any other place? When we can do our exercises at home, Through our ancient Indian culture of yoga. So if we do, Suryenamakar in yoga that’s a good enough exercise. Whether you do 10, 20, or 30. But please listen to your body. You can’t win in 1 day neither you can get thin in 1 day. So start increasing your stamina gradually. Now, 11-12 Nimrit has done yoga. And 12:30 is her lunchtime. So what does Nimrit eat for lunch? Come, I’ll show you all.

So friends now is 12:30 PM on my watch, And it’s the right time for Nimrit in which she takes her lunch. So if you also with your body clock follow this time table, Then, please do it. Because if you’ll eat at one time daily, And accustom your body then definitely, You have chances of getting more better results. So in lunch, I advised Nimrit to take these 2 options.

Either she can take a roti made with wheat or any other flour, Bajra, wheat, jowar. Take any one of these flour. Not multi-grain. And, It’s very important to take any green vegetable with it. Be it any vegetable. Bottle gourd, ridged gourd, Indian squash, or spinach. Anything. Eat 1 green vegetable for sure. With it, Nimrit has to take dal. She can take any dal. But it’s advised if it’s chilka dal.

And the next option she had was half bowl curd. With it, It was important for Nimrit to eat a plate full of salad too. Because salad will help in digesting this food. And fibre will save her from constipation. Because often when our metabolism is slow, Then it takes time for our bowel movement. And if your stomach doesn’t clean in the morning itself, Then the day doesn’t pass well. You are irritated, And you have many other problems too. And weight loss becomes impossible. So sure include a plate of salad like this with your food. If you don’t have dal cooked in your home then, You can take rajma, chole, paneer, or soya vegetable. And those who are non-vegetarian can take egg or chicken too. But one source of protein is only allowed. Be it a veg source of protein or nonveg. Come, let’s move forward towards evening tea. After having lunch at 12:30 PM, Nimrit used to take her tea between 3-4 PM. So, All those who are fond of drinking tea can take tea at this time.

No problem! With tea, you can take a small bowl of makhana, A small bowl of nuts, or if you want, you can take channa chaat. You can also have bhel made with puffed rice. But the quantity of all these things will be 30 grams. That is 1-1/2 small bowl. And you can add a lot of vegetables, In your chaat or bhel and make something spicy for you. Or if you want, you can take sprouts chaat too. It’s a very good option. And those who aren’t fond of having tea can take, Any 1 option from these 3 options. The first option I’m giving you is salted lassi. It tastes great! You can add cumin or mint powder to it if you want. The next option you have is coconut water. And the third option you have is that of Aam Panna. Yes! Aam Panna is made at every house these days. Not a lot of it.

You can add 1 tbsp of it in a glass, With a lot of ice and enjoy drinking it. Try to add a little sugar. So this was about evening tea, That Nimrit used to take between 3-4 PM. Come, let’s see at what time does Nimrit eat food? And what are the options that she has? So, friends, it’s 6 PM on my clock, And it’s time for Nimrit to take a pre-dinner meal. Yes, before dinner, I prescribed her, that if she at 6 PM, Would eat a plate full of salad, then it’ll be very good for her. So she used to walk a little between 5-6 PM in her home. And used to sit with a plate full of salad at 6 PM. Because if you’ll eat salad before dinner then, There are less chances of overeating in dinner. So as soon as she used to finish her salad, After 20 minutes of it, she used to eat her food. When Nimrit joined me, she just had one small request, That ma’am my mom shouldn’t be troubled a lot, In my weight loss journey to cook the food. Because her mother only knew cooking desi food, Like the food that is cooked at everyone’s home.

Nothing too fancy. No pasta, no vegetable sandwich, Nothing like this. So I gave Nimrit 1 from all these options. The best thing she could have is a bowl full of rice and dal. That used to be made in her home. It means there wasn’t any, Need to cook something different from the rest of the family. Nimrit also used to eat that same food. We just made little difference in her timing. So at 6:30 PM, it’s time for Nimrit to have her plate full of food. Nimrit takes 1 bowl of dal and 1 bowl of rice. She takes this much only. And with it, We asked her to take green sauce for more betterment. Now till 7 PM, Nimrit finishes her food, And her next meal will be at next morning at 9 AM. Now you must have understood, That I kept Nimrit on 14 hours fasting. Friends, it’s not important that everyone that follows, Intermittent fasting has to do 16 hours.

You can according to your body clock, your eating habits Can decide the window of your intermittent fasting. Be it 12 hours eating window, or 12 hours fasting window. Or if you want you can keep 14 hours fasting window And 10 hours of eating window too. Nimrit wasn’t in this field at all and when she joined me, She had a lot of cravings. She was habitual of junk food. Because you can order a pizza in 1 phone call only. So, I gradually had to mould Nimrit in this intermittent fasting plan. Because she used to sleep very late at night. Then, I explained to her that if you have pcos or any such lifestyle disorder, That is because of your lifestyle. So either, You get free from all your problems by losing weight now. Or face these problems lifetime due to your late sleeping habit. And you know what? She made a wise choice and she chose a healthy lifestyle. And a few such things that I told Nimrit, That she followed too very well. That it’s very important to stay hydrated all throughout. Unlike if it’s your fasting window then only you’ll drink water.

You need to drink at least 3-4 litres of water a day. Because if your body will be hydrated, Then you won’t crave for useless things. And a balance would be maintained in your body. So definitely you’ll eat that much only that, You need to eat. You won’t overeat. And yes, only water is allowed during the fasting window, And nothing else! So this was Nimrit’s intermittent fasting diet plan. By following this our lovely Nimrit lost 23 kg weight, And now she’s getting married too. So I’m sure all those watching this video, Must have taken a lot of benefits with this simple and easy, Absolutely doable diet plan. Homemade food is the best. You’ll get nutrition with that only and you’ll lose weight too. Rest useless cravings are allowed sometimes, But not every time! If you’re thinking, To do intermittent fasting with eating junk food, then, Let me tell you, your body will get more nutrient deficient.

And you’ll start having reverse ageing effects. You’ll start having hair fall, your nails will brittle, The texture of your skin will turn bad and many more. And with skin texture, I remember that our lovely Nimrit, Has glowing skin now after following intermittent fasting. And her pcos/pcod is also better to a great extent now. Her periods are also normal too.

Moreover, she’s no more pre-diabetic. She has managed to win this race against herself and, Like I tell everyone else it’s You vs You. Nimrit has achieved her goals and I hope those who are watching this video, Soon will achieve their weight loss goals. And don’t forget to tell me by commenting below How did you like today’s video? I’ll meet you with many more exciting diet plans, Till then, take care! .



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