Hello and welcome back to my channel guys I'm Dr Shikha So guys today's video will be going to be very interesting as there were many requests of this So you'll really like this I'm sure Today I've bought a very simple,easy,budget diet plan which don't require cooking at all so its a low cooking diet plan and it is very economic bugdet diet plan that is very simple and easy guys this is so pratical diet plan All recipe are very simple easy and quick and get ready soon that easy, even a child can make and guys this diet plan that I bought for you is very nutritious I'll show you how to cook it and how to make things and everything get cook very quickly within 5 minutes all your things will get ready You don't require any appliances to cook them there is no cooking required even gas is also not required if you're hostelor or you stay in PG or you're bachelor or you don't know much cooking or you don't want to do much cooking Then this diet plan It'll give you very good result you can lose atleast 10-12kg in month and mostly importantly all recipes are very simple and qucikly get prepared So guys before starting plan so firstly I'll tell you do's and Don't and tips that will give you superb result First thing that you need to do with my diet plan is and 8 hours of sleep is must, you need to sleep on time and wake early on time If you're a student also Try to sleep on time at night and study early in morning because this will give you amazing results and you'll get superb weight loss and this will give you health benefits also guys if you sleep late at night that is not good for your health at all there are many side effects of that So you try to sleep on time and also wake up on time So sleep at 10-10.30pm at night and wake up at 6-6.30am and first thing just after waking is to use washroom and first thing you need to do is weight check Try to make it as your habit that you never skip that will help you to know that things you're having is whether giving you weught loss or gain So you should check your weight after that first thing that should go in your body is water that is your morning drink so how to make morning drink that I'll tell you If you don't have gas to boil water then we can use kettle here I've boiled water in kettle will pour it in water and squeeze 1/2 lemon in it and our lemon water is ready if kettle is also not available you can use it in room tempature also So guys this was our simple and quick morning drink with anyone can make and it can be made ,there is no requirement of kitchen After this comes our breakfast turn Don't ever skip your breakfast if you're student and remain busy in your study do take your breakfast on time because if you don't take your breakfast then you may have many health problems that I really don't want so never skip your breakfast always take your breakfast on time and it quicky get ready it takes only 5 minutes So you must prepare it and never skip it Try to take your breakfast around 8-8.30am I'm giving you 3 amazing options lets see how to make it I've taken 2 bread slices This is home made flour bread here I'm taking lettuce You can take any salad leaves here Keep some sliced tomato on it Sliced onions few paneer slices I've PCOD and PCOS patient can skip this Pinch of salt and pepper little oregano seasoning that's it our superb simple superb easy quick sandwich Ready to go guys its super yummy For making peanut butter banana sandwich I've taken 2 whole wheat bread slices and peanut butter I'll apply this on bread slices I've taken 1 banana Cutting it into slices will spread it into sandwich and that's it It's absolutely ready very yummy and so filling breakfast is ready in just 2 minutes We're making overnight banana oats I've taken a jar and adding 1/2 cup oats in that these are chia seeds adding this also in jar adding 1 spoon honey, this is organic honey Taking 1-2 cup milk, this is skim milk PCOD and PCOS pateint can use almond milk Will mix it well and keep the jar closed in fridge for overnight Will see it next morning See,this is soaked properly in milk Super yummy, now will add this banana slices in this and that's it, our breakfast is ready will put some almonds over it You can make it at night and when you're hurry in morning can carry this with you You can enjoy this within 5 minutes and this is superb delicious You must try this is very easy and quick option and no cooking option,look at it So these were simple easy,quicky no cooking option for cooking if you don't have much time you can make it night and store it in fridge in morning you can take it either you can have it in your way or whereever you are going but please never miss it So guys along with this diet plan I'm also giving you detox water that will give you superb result in weight loss So you can prepare your detox water when you wake to around 7-7.30 in morning and you can start taking it around 9-9.30am try to finish it around 1-1.30pm Detox water will excrete all toxins of your body and gives you glowing skin and amazing weight loss So how to make our cucumber lemon mint detox water that I'll tell you Detox water that I'm making in this I'm adding cucumber,lemon and mint Cucumber hydrates our skin and body and make our skin glowing good for our heart manages diabetes and detox our body Lemon is rich source of Vitamin-C and good for immunity Improve digestion makes our skin glowing and superb for weight loss Now we're adding water in this, mint is also good for digestion rich source of fibre, makes our liver healthy makes our skin healthy if there any respiratory disorders,it is amazing for that also and superb for weight loss it is completey ready you can use it after 2 hours So guys this was our amazing detox water there is no need of cooking at all there is no need of anything,if you stay in hostel also you can make it very easily you take this in morning 9-9.30am till 1-1.20pm you can refill this also and ingredients inside this you can consume that also Now after detox water let's talk about Mid morning snack In mid morning snack you can take any one fruits any fruit any fruit which is availabe in your local area fresh and cheap You can take this as it is seasonal and will give you health benefical there is no need to take any fancy fruits there is no need to any expensive fruits which is local in your area and freshly grown you can take that 1 fruit as your mid morning snack So guys after this comes our lunch Take your lunch on time no excuse will work that we're busy is doing this and our that so we can't take our lunch if you won't take on time then how weight loss will happen If you want to lose weight then take your lunch on time No excuse will work If you want you can prepare your lunch at night and store it in air tight container in fridge and carry that in morning with you because I'm going to tell you simple options I'm giving you 3 options that are amazing that are very simple and easy cooking is also required in this and get ready in 5 minutes if you want to you can make it fresh or prepare it earlier and you can carry it with you in morning when you're leaving You don't have to take your lunch from outside also and you don't need to skip your lunch also and you'll get amazing weight loss So let's see what I'm giving you in lunch We're making Chaana chat salad I've taken boiled black gram you can take it in soaked or sprouted form if gas is not available Taking chopped onions chopped tomatoes taking chopped cottage cheese chopped cucumbers This is raw mango this really taste very amazing adding green chillies Corainder leaves Black salt cumin seeds powder and this is black pepper powder and little chaat masala lemon juice that's it, mix it well and it is ready to go superb amazing and superb yummy You should try it once you can take is 1 small bowl as lunch and this is superb source of protein superb filling and to much yummy and delicious you should try this For making paneer veggies salad I've taken salad leaf Lettuce You can take any type of salad leave I'm breaking it with help of hand and keep in bowl I've taken chopped tomato chopped cucumber Large pieces of onion this is cottage cheese Pinch of salt little black pepper here I'm adding 1 spoon olive oil Lemon juice Mix it well our paneer salad is ready it get ready in 5 minutes you can pack it and store in fridge You can carry this with your workplace and this is superb easy and cooking is not required in this at all and this is simple to make So guys these were our salad for lunch If you don't want to take from these then you can take 1 good bowl of papaya in your lunch you can keep it in air-tight container by chopping it at night only and in morning when you're leaving you can carry this and your lunch is ready So after lunch comes our evening tea Evening tea plays a very important role in any diet plan because if you take any snack at evening then you don't overeat in your dinner So in evening tea I'm giving you green tea You can take 1 cup any green tea of any brand but without sugar There are many benefits of green tea green tea keeps your metabolism very high and with this gives you antioxidants and prevent you from many health problems 1 cup green tea is really amazing for you you can take this at this time and with this you can take 1 bowl small bowl and handful roasted channa which will be unsalted so you can take this as your evening snack and it is very budget friendly and easily available If you're hostelor or stays in PG or you don't get much time to prepare anything So this is very simple easy recipe which you can grab and have and you remain full till your dinner So after this comes our dinner try to complete your dinner till 7-7.30 pm because guys dinner is very important when you are losing weight if you take your dinner late then you will not lose weight very effectively So you take your dinner till 7-7.30pm and in dinner if you keep your salt intake minimal or zero then it will be very beneficial to you If you have low Bp problem then you can include salt in your dinner So I'm giving you 3 options in dinner Let's see how to make it Here comes pur personal favourite detox salad lets prepare it's dressing,I'v added 1 spoon extra virgin oil here I am adding lemon juice This is chopped garlic Chopped green chilli Chopped corainder Little oregano seasoning Little chilli flakes Little pink salt will mix it well and our dressing is ready I've taken a bowl for salad here I've taken long sliced half carrots Capsicum this also I've long and thin sliced,onions Tomatoes,little corns like 1 spoon Little cottage cheese that easy Now adding dressing in this Add dressing gradually and will mix side by side so that dressing get mix properly in salad , that easy guys so our salad is ready guys Mix it well add rest of the dressing in it and will mix that's it Mix it and our detox salad is ready have this and have superb weight loss Guys super gorgeous and super super yummy isn't it and fab for your weight loss If you stay in hostel and PG and gas is not available then we'll boil eggs in electric kettle adding water and eggs that's it and let it boil our boiled egg is ready super simple dinner option If you don't have must time for cooking then it is the best option Super simple and super easy and get ready in 5 minutes So guys Isn't all the options very easy these all get cooked very easily This is so amazing diet plan we don't have to cook anything everything gets prepared very quickly If we don't have much time or kitchen is not available then also we can lose weight without any excuse that we don't have kitchen and gas is not available I can't lose weight No still you can If you don't want to take any of these you can take 1 cup milk try to take skim milk, toned or double toned milk full cream or full fat cream you've to avoid You can take 1 cup milk either hot or cool as you want but without sugar with that you can take 1 small bowl makhane that also unsalted you can take 1 small bowl makhane and milk as dinner after this comes our nightdrink which play important role in our diet plan because when we take night drink you'll lose weight soon night drink boost our metabolism at night also and in morning our motions remain proper as you've taken your night drink So our bowel movements remain proper, so night drink is very important In night drink I'm giving you Apple cider vinegar You've to do nothing you have to take 1 glass of water In that we've to add 1 spoon apple cider vinegar mix it and drink Guys always remember to have apple cider vinegar with straw because apple cider vinegar it little acidic in nature it can make your teeth ache or make them sensitive so always have apple cider vinegar with straw rather than directly So guys this was our diet plan very simple and no cooking required and it got prepared with very simple and easy ingredients and get prepared very easily it is very easy You can lose 10-12 kgs easily in a month and with this you have to take care that you have to drink 2-2.5 litre and your 8 hour of sleep is must try to sleep around 10-10.30 pm this will give you amazing weightloss and you'll get amazing skin So guys hope you like today's video if you like it and is beneficial to you then please press like button and share with many others who require this diet plan If you're on instagram then do follow me there this is my instagram ID if you havn't subscribe my channel and please do subscribe because I keep on bringing such amazing videos for you So will meet you in my next video in which I'll bring one amazing diet plan for you or weight loss recipe stay tuned to my channel guys.Bye for now



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