What's going on Nation? Today I'm going to teach you guys how to build a meal plan now obviously you can use the meal planner on my website But it's really important to me that you guys understand where these numbers are coming from and by the end of this video You're gonna know Exactly how to calculate what you need to be eating a day for protein carbs fat and calories in order to reach your goal Now in order to do these calculations You're gonna need to know a few things you have to know what your weight Is your body fat percentage and what your base metabolic Rate is or your BMR and what that is is basically how many calories you need to be eating a day in order to maintain Your current weight now to do these calculations I'm actually going to be using my information So let's take a look over here really quick my info right now my weight is 171 pounds and my body fat percentage is around seven percent The first two numbers you need to figure out What from your weight your body fat percentage is how much of that weight is fat weight? Then the leftover is going to be your lean weight so in order to figure this out I'm gonna take my body weight which is a hundred and seventy-one pounds And I'm gonna multiply that by my body fat percentage which is seven percent and it's gonna come out to twelve Pounds so twelve pounds of my body is body fat And the rest is gonna be my lean weight So all I need to do is take my weight which is 171 and then subtract that twelve pounds and come out to 159 pounds So right now my fat weight is twelve pounds and my lean weight is a hundred and fifty nine Pounds remember this number who's gonna use it later Now I did my calculations On my website for my BMR and what I want you guys to do is actually take an average of the two numbers you get The first number is gonna be your BMR at rest so for me It's 1832 calories and your BMR in motion well for me was two thousand one hundred and forty calories in Order to get an average of those all you're gonna Do is add them together then divide by 2, so My on average BMR daily is two thousand three hundred and thirty six calories.

That's how many calories I need to be consuming a day in order to maintain my current weight now typically if you want to lose weight You want to be 250 to 500 calories below this number And if you want to gain weight you want to be 250 to 500 calories over that number But keep this in mind because gonna use that later The first I'm gonna figure out is how much protein you should be eating a day in order to reach your goal So what this means is we have a scale of how much protein you should have Go on the lower end of the scale, which is around one gram per pound of lean weight That's if you want to maintain or lose body fat If you're trying to gain muscle you want to go towards the higher end of the scale which is 1.5 grams per pound of lean weight so very simple calculation one times 159 which is my lean weight comes out to 159 grams now for me my goal is to gain muscle So I'm gonna go to that 1.5.

Grams per pound of lean weight, and it comes out to 239 grams that's how many grams of protein I need to be eating a day in order to reach my goal The next I'm gonna do is figure out what your fat should be for the day So it needs a fat multiplier once again using a scaled system the lower End of the scale is if you want to maintain or lose weight the higher End if you're trying to gain weight so the low end of the scale is you would multiply your lean weight once again by 0.35 so 0.35 Times a hundred and fifty-nine equals 56 grams if you're trying to gain muscle or so what I'm trying to do you want to multiply Your lean weight by 0.5.

Which is the higher End of the scale and that comes out to 80 grams so as of right now I know that if I'm trying to gain muscle and make lean games. I want to stick to out 239 grams of protein a day and I also want to stick to around 80 grams of fat a day Now before we figure out what your carbs should be I want to teach you guys some numbers really quick You need to know what your macros are from grams to calories your protein 1 gram equals 4 calories 4 carbohydrates the same exact thing 1 gram is for calories and for fat one gram actually equals 9 calories So keep this in mind as we move down the list to figure out what your carbs should be for the day Before we figure out what your carbs are utilizing the carb multiplier We're going to figure out how many calories you're consuming right now and protein and fat So protein my number over here was 239 grams times four comes up to 956 calories for your fat once again.

I took the 80 grams I'm gonna multiply that by nine and that comes out to 720 calories if I add these two numbers together My total is one thousand six hundred and seventy six calories. That's how many calories I'm consuming just for my protein and fat that I'm eating every single day Now in order to figure out what your carbohydrates are gonna be we're gonna have to take that leftover calories from what our BMR is minus the total calories from protein and fat And so remember I told you to keep in mind that range of 250 to 500 calories My goal is to make lean gains where I've been doing is going 250 calories over my BMR which came out to two thousand three hundred and thirty six calories for the day And so I added that up over here so my current BMR right now for my goal Which is the gain muscle is gonna be that two thousand three hundred and thirty six plus two hundred and fifty calories Which comes out to two thousand five hundred and eighty six So this is my total calories of how much I should be eating a day And so in order to figure out how many how many grams of carbs you should be eating a day You have to first figure out what those leftover calories are and the way you do that It's very simple you take your new goal for your BMR and you subtract it from the amount of calories you're taking in right now from protein and Fat and that's gonna come out to nine hundred and ten Calories and all you're gonna do to figure out what your carbs are in grams now remember per gram of Carbohydrates is four calories so nine hundred and ten calories divided by four comes out to 228 grams so in order for me to reach my goal.

I need to be consuming 239 grams of protein 80 grams of fat and 228 grams of carbohydrates, and I rewrote those numbers up here And I also put the calories on the right-hand side just so you guys could see those so protein 239 grams times four is 956 calories carbs 228 times four is nine hundred and twelve calories fat 80 grams times nine It's seven hundred and twenty calories, which comes out to two thousand five hundred and eighty eight now I know I told you guys my goal was two thousand five hundred and eighty six the only reason why its off by a few Calories is because I rounded some of the numbers up and that's normal But now that you have these numbers This is basically like your your baseline starting point as you continue to exercise and you continue to push yourself and reach new goals You're gonna have to manipulate these numbers also everyone's body is different and you're gonna digest food differently and you might react to certain amounts of carbs or protein differently and so for Me I started off here and what I ended up doing is manipulating Those numbers because I noticed that as I was eating more carbohydrates I was starting to keep more body fat around my torso area, but before I get into those numbers I want to explain something to you guys real quick that might help you manipulate what your current carb intake is based on your goals So carb intake guidelines for accelerated fat loss you can be between 0 and 50 grams range But I would not recommend Staying in this range too long because it's not a healthy range to be in If you're preparing for a show or a wedding or a photo shoot you might want to stick to that range to drop some weight real quick But you're gonna have to make sure you have at least one carb refeed day a week so that you don't end up getting sick or losing too much weight or feeling too weak and on a refeed day usually you just Kind of pump up your carbs to like between 200 and 250 grams Maybe even as high as 300 grams just to replenish your glycogen stores Now for fat loss a good range to be in is between 50 grams and 100 grams For maintenance you can go between a hundred grams at 150 and maintenance just basically means kind of stay where you're at For weight gain you want to be between 150 grams and 300 and anything really over 300 is gonna be the excessive weight gain Category we're actually gaining more weight, and you really need – you putting a lot of excess body fat and So for me what I did was I Manipulated these numbers and I came to this conclusion down here so my daily macros as of right now is I'm eating about 250 grams of protein so I bumped that up from 239 I'm eating only on 150 grams of carbs Which previously it was 228, and I'm eating a hundred grams of fat Which before was 80 grams you have to understand something The amount of calories you're consuming a day, it's very important So I know that I need to be eating at least 2,588 calories, so if I'm gonna start taking carbs out I'm gonna have to bump up my protein and fat in order to make up for those lost calories And that's why I was able to bump my protein up and bump my fat up while I lowered my carbohydrate intake for the day So I hope this video was very informative for you guys and as you move forward you start to reach your goals I want you guys to make sure you're coming back to here because your body fat percentage changes And as your weight changes you might have to make some small calculation changes to what your protein carbs and fat are for the day Now if you don't want to go through all of this all the time And if you don't want to have to add up your macros every single day from all the food you eat You can utilize the meal plan system on my website because it'll do all of that stuff for you And you can even actually enter all your custom foods in as well Or you can use my meal plan app and it has a barcode scanner Where you can basically get your favorite foods scan the barcode with your phone It'll Automatically add in all the protein carbs and fat calories for that item and then help you add them up for the day as well So I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want to try my meal planner out for one month free use the promo code freefitness for more great tips exercise in routines feel free to join me on and as always More good stuff coming soon.

See you guys.



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