Can eating like a snake help you tip the scales? Well, our next guest claims his extreme reptilian inspired diet is a sure fire way to lose that extra weight. Take a look at this. Hey Fatty! Hey Fatty! Hey Fatty! Hey Fatty! Hey Fatty! Hey Fatty! Before doing anything I say, go consult your local drug dealing doctor and make sure it's okay, let's begin! The Snake Diet is a prolonged fasting focused lifestyle. You fast as long as you (beep) can. Not hours, but days, weeks, and months.

If you're (beep) fat, you don't need to eat. Drink water and (beep) salt. You don't need anything more than that! It's that simple! You don't have to eat (beep) There's how it's done. Prolong snake juice fast until you have (beep) ripped abs. It took me ten days! Lastly, weigh yourself every (beep) day. It keeps you accountable. Fast longer and eat less.

Don't (beep) be a crybaby and get that fat in you! Cole Robinson, the creator of the Snake Diet joins us on Skype from Alberta, Canada. Cole, so what's the concept behind the Snake Diet? So essentially, it's a prolonged fasting focused lifestyle and you fast as long as you can when you're fat because fat people don't need to eat any food because they got more calories than they could ever use in like, weeks, on their gut. People don't understand that body fat is food. And then what they do is they drink the salt water as they fast because it keeps your electrolytes up and you feel good and you can fast for days, weeks, months. So, people have been fasting for hundreds of thousands of years, right? But most times people are fasting on plain water. Right. As soon as you add that salt, you can go a long time. I got a guy that I'm coaching right now that was 350 pounds and he's down probably almost 50 pounds in a month.

And he does jiu-jitsu and everything. And he's eating one meal every seven days. Coz you got so many minerals on your body fat, people just don't understand that their fat is fuel. And the only way to harness that is by keeping your insulin levels so low that you're just going to burn pure body fat. You can't be eating all damn day like the mainstream tells you to. And you also say that you can cure certain diseases or conditions. Can you tell us a little about that? Yeah, so one of the girls actually, she's one of the people that was helping me coach on my big Facebook group, and she had a prolactinoma brain tumor. And basically, I got her dry fasting. I had her on a dry fasting routine where we're doing probably at least a three to four day dry fast a week.

And then on the off days, she would eat. Basically, we'd refeed her coz she was pretty lean. So in that routine we couldn't just fast straight through because we had to keep some weight on her. We'd fast for three days in a row, dry. And then we'd eat a meal a day for four days in a row, and we beat that, we melted that tumor down in two months. And I've heard you and, and , and I,
No, no, no, Cole you can not melt that tumor down! And, and, and, I also
That's not what happened! That would defy science, that would defy thousands of years of medicine, and medical thinking. You also said you can cure Herpes, the Herpes virus, correct? Yeah, so what happened basically, as far as Herpes goes, I had Herpes. So what happened is I started, actually, I told people that I beat the Herpes because I basically did a five day dry fast. Never had one symptom, okay? After this, and then I had a whole bunch of people getting ahold of me, a bunch of women, they wouldn't come out about it.

The whole populations got HSV 1 or 2, to be honest with you. No, that's a…
Cole, I got to say you're confident, you're well spoken, you're charismatic, if I didn't have an exercise science degree, a medical degree, and 20 years of intensive self study, I would personally believe you. But, what you're telling people is (beep) and it's not safe. (cheering).



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