Bud, salad, ganja, happy cigarette, grass
blunt, reefer, doobie, pinner, sticky icky, wacky tabacky, spliff, mary-jane, spice. It
goes by many names and today we're going to give you the straight-up no BS facts
on cannabis. Hey guys, so you think you know what this cannabis thing is all
about huh. Or do you? Cannabis is a drug that can be
produced from plants. The cannabis plant contains many chemicals including two
main active ingredients we got THC which is the thing that gives you that high
and CBD which is being studied for its medical benefits and then there's
synthetic cannabinoids which are developed in a lab and are supposed to
be much stronger and actually pretty dangerous. The more you know. All right so let's play a game that I like to call cannabis not cannabis.

Dried weed leaves? Yeah that's cannabis. Tea leaves mmm not cannabis. Hash? Cannabis. Hash browns? you know that's not cannabis. Cannabis wax? Yeah that's cannabis. Hair removal wax?
Not cannabis. Gummies? Not cannabis. Gummies? Cannabis. Man I can't even. Point is cannabis comes in many forms, oh look it's 4:20 time to drop a truth bomb. So
when it comes to the teenage brain there is no safe amount of cannabis and why?
Because the teenage brain is a work in progress.

It's not fully developed until
you're like 25, cannabis messes with that development. You are unwise to lower your defenses. Okay this is BS I can't breathe in this thing.
All right well given that you're gonna need your brain for a long time you got
to protect your noggin right but here's the thing
cannabis affects everyone differently and it can have different effects every
time you use it and today's cannabis is much stronger
compared to the stuff your parents might have smoked back in the day. Ugh, who
thought those clothes were a good idea. You've got to be careful you got to know
what you're getting into and you know your own limits alright? Alright.
Hands up if you've heard that cannabis is mostly a relaxing experience well.
That's actually not BS, getting high can have calming effects sometimes people
just want to relax you know, but there are two sides to every leaf.

See what
I did there? All right cannabis affects motor skills and judgment and
problem-solving ability too and all that can lead to some pretty epic fails.
Cannabis can be addictive and can cause some pretty nasty side effects like
depression, anxiety, even psychosis. remember this too – the younger you start
and the more you use the more likely the chances of addiction this stuff is too
real. You hungry? mmm by the way cannabis has been known to cause the munchies.
Here's another effect to chew on, you can overdose on edibles it can be pretty
potent and that can lead to vomiting like all over yourself. You could also
blackout I did that for effect. With cannabis it's
called greening out and it sucks bad you know you throw back a couple gummies and
next thing you know zombie and if it happens to someone you're with you gotta
call 911 one right away.

Here's the number in case you forget. You
know some geniuses even think you can drive high, that's some next-level BS. You
can't you're impaired. It's totally illegal and you know what they say drive
high gets you a DUI. Feeling more informed now? Good. Remember
there's a lot of BS out there so make sure you do your research. Alrighty then.
So I'm gonna leave it there mainly because is
only paying me for a two-minute video and I got other stuff to do today plus
they're the real experts. Stay woke, check them out, talk smart, mic drop..



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