all right good workout so a little
congested but feel a lot better telling you exercise helps everything
also I want to talk about this diet oh all right guys so this is my one week
update of my carnivorous diet that I've been on the first thing I want to go
through are the symptoms of a carnivorous or a Keto just a zero carb
diet what you can expect what they call the keto flu I'm going to go over those
symptoms for you now so these symptoms are fatigue depression
brain fog light headed muscle cramps muscle twitching blurry vision heart
palpitations muscular weakness keto breath constipation diarrhea intense
thirst nausea loss of appetite insatiable hunger carbohydrate craving
sleep disturbances nighttime urination severe headaches general achiness and
hot flashes so here is our list and I'm gonna show you which ones I have felt alright so this is what I felt
it's fatigue yes I felt fatigue depression no brain fog yes lightheaded
yes muscle cramps no muscle twitching no blurred vision no heart palpitations no
muscular weakness yes keto breath yes a little bit
constipation no diarrhea no intense thirst yes nausea yes
loss of appetite no insatiable hunger no carbohydrate cravings yes sleep
disturbances yes nighttime urination I always pee at
night I drink a lot of water severe headaches no general aching is no hot
flashes no so that's how I feel about it just to give you a little example I'm
trying to be extremely honest with you guys since since if you feel like doing
a diet similar this whether it be just the zero carb only meat diet or
ketogenic diet this is what you might you might expect everybody is so
different cuz everybody's body is so different but on day one I felt really
normal it felt good on day two I felt weak to
be expected on day three the middle of the night I felt nauseous I woke up
feeling really nauseous in day four I felt tired and lazy just I felt kind of
just exhausted day five I had nausea again in the middle of the night woke up
feeling like crap day six I was feeling good and day seven I had nausea and
vomiting during the night so but so I figured that the vomiting
shouldn't happen so you shouldn't be puking and so I went to this Facebook
group Principia Carnivora and they're just a group of people who are all on
this meat diet basically and they're really they're really smart they have a
lot of a lot of experience combined knowledge and things like that so I
posted in the group and I told him what was going on and so what I got basically
is I didn't read the pain post at the beginning which I should have done a lot
of people have issues with rendered fats so that's like rendered animal fats
that's the liquid fat in the like base of your pan or whatever and when you're
cooking bacon all that all that grease that's all rendered fat so a lot of
people have issues with the rendered fat I should have looked more into it
beforehand but I think that's my issue I had a similar problem my first week of
the ketogenic diet so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna cut rendered fats like
basically completely out say bye to bacon boom buy bacon but it's all for
the greater good and so this this week and you know this upcoming week I'm
gonna be really focusing on mostly beef and occasionally I'll try to throw in
some like fish we'll see how this works out this upcoming week is gonna be
hopefully much easier than the first week I have been craving carbs you know
crave doughnuts I just want donuts and ice cream like
all the time but that's like pretty normal I won't doughnuts an ice cream
all the time always so it's good to have be on a strict diet that doesn't allow
you to have those things but yeah that's just what I wanted to update you guys on
it's Christmas Eve here right now my videos come out like two days after I
make them because I so it's Christmas Eve right now I'm doing a lot me and
Amelia where's Amelia Amelia where's your toy amelia is loving her chicken
come here you want this oh there she comes
see amelia loves her chicken her catnip chicken so yeah it's been a pretty good
christmas eve so far and hopefully it gets better from here hopefully i feel
great today and this that's the last day that i feel like crap but
you're interested in this diet go check out that group Principia carnivora or
whatever it's called read into it prior to doing
I just always jump into things without necessarily reading too much about them
but that's not the way you should do it because then you'll feel nauseous in the
middle night anyway I think that's all I'm gonna do today guys as far as video
goes it's like Christmas Eve I'm gonna probably talk to my family a little bit
I'm gonna call them up on the phone yeah so until next time guys I'm gonna go eat
some meat see you later oh yeah don't forget to
subscribe to the channel and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and
give it a thumbs up anyway if you didn't like it cuz that
would be cool alright until next time guys



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