So I'm generally pretty good with my money December… Kind of went way overboard The only way I'm going to feel okay about my finances is if I really really really cut back specifically in January and Febuary. So I'm Cash Dieting Get it? Like Cash Dieting So the plan is… $60 $60 $60 a week All cash That's all I have for the entire week.

I'm going to leave all my credit cards at home. I can't use food and other stuff that I've bought before hand but I will be able to use butter that I already have salt, pepper, garlic, and olive oil. $60 goes towards everything that's basically not a fixed cost. So the $60 will be for things like food transportation going out for dinner drinking, bars travel? I guess Not like I'll be able to buy a plane ticket anywhere If I don't use the $60 in one week it can roll over to the next week. This whole Cash Diet thing is culminating in a trip to Mardi Gras. I'm going to try and set aside $6-$8 a week in my Mardi Gras fund.

Say hi to the camera Hey camera! How's it going? This is my roommate, Monica. How's your weekend? I live here with my one roommate who I went to school with. My roommate and I played tennis together at Williams College. Me and my roommate So we are in Chelsea, Manhattan We decided that we would rather have a great location as opposed to a ton of space. That was kind of one of the compromises we made. It's a one bedroom that we converted into a two bedroom. I just wanted to pay the least amount that I could so I was like you could have the bedroom so I technically live in the living room.

We are in a great location. We can both walk to work. There's a lot of great things here and at the end of the day we like don't mind not having a lot of space at all..



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