Will thereby Dr. O again so were back here
with chapter 2 on planning a healthy diet. Let's go and died in the sculpture chapter
but really important one so icebreaker you consider the nutritional quality of your food
before you make food choices of cities things are supposed be happening in a face-to-face
environment, but don't but do you really think about that right. We talked last chapter about
how convenience and cost and taste generally are more important people than nourishment
or attrition of value.

I think what you were saying, forcing changes, people are starting
to some people are trying to buy lumber seriously to which NCO to give you some examples of
people when Lee chooses food based on price, which totally makes sense. Especially if you
don't have a lot of discretionary income. Eli is busy and values convenience. So what's
the what's the best food you can get that you can prepare really quickly. Ella wants
to perform well on her Bible team. I just want the reasons that time I do success rate
as I really have gotten into spring training, and I think about food and how it impacts
my performance right.

I don't want to eat food that doesn't make me feel good because
I need to feel good for what I'm trying to accomplish, so, so eating to fuel your body
eating pork for performance that's that's very good for some people I meet. The meal
is trying to lose weight so is he thinking about calories and nutrient density. Those
types of things. Keisha is trying to eat more nutritious foods that would be some of the
distinguishing quality, and Jamar eats whatever his wife cooks some people do. Especially
if you don't live at home or something you to see whatever is put in front of you. Nothing
wrong with a these things just stuff you know you should consider nutritional quality whenever
possible but may not always be your priority, especially in situations when you don't have
a lot of money or time, the stuff to think straight.

I think back to when I was when
I was single and lived in Cherokee, Iowa. No food was. I had all the money I'd ever
need to buy food I buy bought of whatever food I wanted. I had of tons of time to prepare
it and all the sets of things. Right now it's just different. Right now I you know I'm I'm
commuting more for work and I'm working more into not working on a dad and husband were
running kids around him or her busy end up sometimes convenience has to trump other things
so I so this chapter we learn explain how each of the diet planning principles can be
used to plant healthy diets is the main focus of the chapters.

How do you plan a healthy
diet. Use the USDA food patterns to develop a meal plan within this process. If I to energy
allowance of busy looking at we learn from last chapter about things like acceptable
macronutrient distribution ranges and you we want to make sure we can get all the nutrients
we need within our calorie budget rate since it's one thing if you if you eat a thousand
too many calories a day.

It's pretty easy to get the protein in the vitamins and minerals
you need. But how do you develop design a diet that doesn't have a lot of empty calories
and is nutrient dense enough we can get all the calla all the nutrients you need with
in the energy allowance that that will be right for you. Compare the information on
food labels a little food labels and and this chapter are to diet, and diet planning basics,
so here we see so what does the word diet MediaIndexer important words matter that some
people would rather use terms like eating plan or eating strategy tackling the word
diet means way of living. That's where it came from a Greek or Latin account number,
but a way of living, so your diet is just the food you eat, but the problem is diet
is taken on this negative connotations become a four letter word. We think alike. I mentioned
in the last video weekly. Think of diet as you know, how can I eat you as a temporary
thing. It's got a start and end date and we struggle through it.

As long as we can. We
persist on this diet until we known repent was nothing sustainable about that right so
die and that's one thing. We'll talk about this chapter. A lot is this idea of sustainability.
How do you know consistently good is always can be better than occasionally great rights
of to developing a perfect diet that you can only stick to for a few days at a time. Isn't
helping you reach your goals, especially if you rebound in and things like that so tiny
changes that you can keep with you can keep up for 10 years are can lead to a much bigger
impact than trying to design this perfect diet which is the word in dialect what the
award of the word diet itself take its power away in a lake up so your diet is just the
way the reading ever.

Everyone is on a diet. If you and look at that way. So here we see
this be an example of someone's diet. Their typical day right so foods contain nutrients
so we know what we we eat food, right, but the goal is to make sure getting the nutrients
it so we weekly. That's why you need a diet that has getting foods in different food group
food groups because every food group is can offer different nutrients and and things like
that. Could you survive on a single food substance for your entire life. I guess it depends on
what you can's what you consume. But the reason that we we build the diet is because the nutrients
that we don't eat nutrients right. We eat foods we have to make sure that we build the
diet. Where were eating the foods that we like to eat and want to eat and we can eat
for the long haul, but we have to make sure that those foods are giving us the nutrients
that we need same time. So here we to see some examples about how it if you're going
to eat some pomegranate seeds and tomato and salmon each of them will be offering up different
nutrients up for you.

So this if you're analyzing your diet. This might support and analyze
it using a tool like Cronometer my fitness pal is different things because it once if
you analyze your diet and you can see which nutrients are getting too much of, for example,
in the may be cut out some foods that are giving you too many of us right. If you are
getting too many calories than you cut out the cut out the may be some sauces and sodas
or things like that cream in your coffee that are just giving you really nothing but calories
but if you're getting too little of a nutrient like magnesium that we gotta find some foods
that offer magnesium and we have to find a way to add them to our diet. So that's kind
of the the beauty of of understanding the foods contain nutrients achieve the goal of
healthy eating, meal planning, so this is up.

I think that one of the best one the best
ways to to get on a healthy diet is really defined for five or six meals that you really
enjoy that are very nutrient dense that can check all the nutrient boxes and the media
build your diet around those not of right is important. We'll talk about that but so
if you have several, go to meals that you know are going to give you a lot nutritional
value that you have that you have like some discretionary calories and you have some meals
where you can have a little wiggle room. Personally, that's what I like to do, so I probably have.
I have more than 45 but I have about a dozen different meals that I know I know the nutritional
value of the these meals and I will I will add them into my week in a way where I know
I'm getting in a like if I know him and get some salmon once or twice a week and I know
him to get a high-fiber meal here and there and here so I like doing that.

So if you if
you if you build your diet then you can have. You can have meals read just eat whatever
it maybe. You may you have a really good structure breakfast in a really good structured lunch
and then for dinner you to see whatever your mom and dad or whatever your husband or wife
will partner whoever whoever is making wrestling like that or you go out to eat. A couple times
a week and we we generally have like Thursday nights is a night that that we just kind of
will order and because of my wife, and he works late on Thursday she has to get up early
on Friday I take Oliver to his ninja class on Thursday so that's just like know so we
eat healthy.

The other times in the thinkable what we order won't be healthy either but
them but just we have little wiggle room there, I think of wanting to planning a diet not
for a day. Are you too busy planning diet over days or weeks and then if you do that
you also can prep your meals and meal prep is a different thing. But it's really important
if you look at if convenience and cost are two reasons that people choose to eat with
the do well if you prep your meals than you can save money and you can save time so the
nice thing about meal prepping is us like I always have like couple of protein sources
that all couple weeks worth of for myself will have a much chicken breast, maybe some
ground beef, whatever. And then I can knowing that I can use that to make all manner different
meals by using different sauces and adding for vegetables. These can things same thing.
My wife chopped of a bunch of investable so we have so we know we have these protein sources
we know we have these vegetables we can this mix and match them in any way that we want
soap so combination of planning your meals planning your diet and then prepping accordingly
can really be a lifesaver.

Okay, it's the goal eating pattern that provides needed nutrients
without excess energy or calories, so we want to be. We want we want to diet that is giving
us enough of the vitamins and minerals and the macronutrients in every and that we need
without having too much of other things. So we don't want to be overfed or have over nutrition.
We also don't want to have undernutrition want. We want to find that balance or in the
middle side of the do that which is a combination of foods to deliver a blend of nutrients and
will talk about right here just a moment, so food is medicine, diet, and prevention
of chronic diseases and absolutely right, depending on the disease and we know we know
that poor diet impacts your risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure which
leads things like strokes and we just that diabetes is a is a real clear example as well
sites is your diet planning can help prevent serious chronic diseases. One example be the
DASH diet the DASH diet state – it stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension
and it's a lower sodium higher potassium diet that's been clinically shown to lower blood
pressure so the debts of planning a diet around the DASH diet is a great way to control blood
pressure or prevent you from developing high blood pressure which is which is of particular
same thing with if you if you need to lose weight to decrease risk of diabetes or you
need to lower your blood sugar than it than planning a diet that will help you control
your blood sugar is it is a great idea right so you think some common chronic diseases
I just mentioned love the big ones there scientific evidence shows that which chronic condition
might be prevented in some individuals through better dietary intake to see these options
here and take a moment, but if the answer is type II diabetes old Kovach type I diabetes
is an autoimmune condition and asthma similar to immune system disorder multiples process,
also an autoimmune condition so diets can impact those things for sure no doubt about

But, but you can you can prevent. So with diet and lifestyle factors. You can at you
can prevent type II diabetes and almost everyone's a great example. This year it's as type II
diabetes affects approximately one of every 10 adults in the US for small snipes adult
anymore right of 100 million Americans right now are diabetic or pre-diabetic, and almost
all the huge majority of them are type II diabetics, so that means that 100 million
people either have diabetes now or are on the path to have it within five years of these
are this is unacceptable number for sure. So it's more common now than previously due
to a high rate of obesity in the near diet changes to I think so, but weight gain is
definitely part of it. So I've seen case reports of seven-year-olds 10-year-olds 12-year-old
that Artie have it back when I was in college we would call type II diabetes adult onset
diabetes became a do that anymore because people are getting it so much earlier. So
now it's a stitches call type II diabetes great example of a means that some studies
show that you know you take a 30 minute walk every day and you you know deep decrease your
sugar consumption.

Just a couple of things like that lose five assists in your body weight
and you can virtually eliminate your risk of getting type II diabetes. It's pretty unbelievable.
And if you get it. As long as you have done a lot of damage if your you know your regionally
dying as a type II diabetes I do say you can put in remission. Write an essay remission
because you you know you can't get rid of it and then just go back the way your eating
and living in excitement to come back.

But if you make changes you can you can remove
your risk for you can bring your blood sugar down the normal levels you can remove the
need for medications in these types of things, but you have to continue with those that last
of factors. That's why we say remission. Not sure okay case study activity, then you'll
have to go through this yourself but Tom just real quickly. Alicia is a 19-year-old college
sophomore. She has prediabetes mean that she doesn't diabetes yet, but her blood sugar
is climate she's having a harder and harder time controlling a butcher between your body
more and more insulin to control her blood sugar after meals of the doctors advisor to
lose weight to decrease the likelihood that her condition will progress to type II diabetes.
Alyssa tells her that she doesn't know how to begin to make diet changes you asked her
if she would like to begin with one meal a time and Alyssa responds that lunch is the
most difficult meal for her because she buys lunch at the Starbucks on campus to get Alicia
tells you that she is always in a rush and hasn't taken the time to look over all the
menu choices so every day.

She orders a chicken and smoked bacon Panini with a salted caramel
cream beverage. Alicia also buys a package of torpor cookies to go so you can you can
do the actual product and and when you go to the website, you can build or healthy meal
I go to Starbucks often, but II used to work a lot at a scooter sites and use a computer
not work for them but I know there are better options in these types of things in a place
like Starbucks so let's say if she if she is to lose weight and control her blood sugar.
There has to be about something better than shortbread cookies to take with her when she
leaves and the salted caramel cream beverage.

Some of those things have like 70 g of sugar
and so she switched to a in all a lower sugar beverage and took something healthier with
her to go and maybe maybe removed the bacon or some condiments from that salmon she could
transform this meal she could cut the calories in half easily. She cut the sugar down by
80% easily right so that this is a co-play around and go the menu and give us different
options, but them, but there definitely are healthier things that she could do with this
meal and then if you convince her to prepare her lunch instead and take like a chicken
salad with her to school and water or tea boom. You know she loses weight, blood sugar
goes down. She's no longer prediabetic so you can you can play around and that's that
you can use this as well. Okay this is what that the that the key of the chapter. To me
this, portion sizes to the six diet planning principles and and I'm at a seven point casino
so we have adequacy to an adequate diet balance energy control also crept number of calories
nutrient density moderation and variety of slowly start with the one I want to add to
list of their seven in my opinion in the seventh is going to be sustainability as I get older
I just I realize how important sustainability is you always want the perfect diet perfect
exercise program, but the perfect thing to do is what you actually can do it if you design
a perfect diet and you just can't eat it.

It's never and help you if you design a perfect
exercise program that you can't really do sever and help you think about New Year's
resolutions failing in the sky think that I'm an exercise six days a week and I'm in
E perfect and then by February or back to your old ways will also tiny changes the you
can actually do for a year or five years or 10 years are much bigger deal. So if you can
make you diet 10% better and you can stick with it. It's good to be the best thing for
you. So a sustainable diet, not what the perfect diet.

Not the perfect lifestyle choices. What
is the best diet that you can easily sustain sustainability as is to me the most important
one. Honestly priceless. Look at these different terms here will cover them all so adequate
and adequate diet means so I like to look at adequate adequacy and moderation first
so inadequate diet means you getting enough energy and enough nutrients so adequacy is
that floor are you getting enough vitamins enough the minerals enough fiber enough essential
fats enough of everything adequate diet means you have no deficiencies a moderate diet so
it can be read the definition consumption of nutrient dense foods. Most of the time
consuming foods that are not nutrient dense but maybe enjoyable only occasionally so that
the whole point with moderation is to make sure you're not getting too much of things.
So if you have an adequate diet injure that the floor you meeting them at minimums a moderate
diet means you're not over doing things so you're not getting too much of anything too
many calories too much sugar too much of a certain bone mineral etc.

So an adequate diet
is the floor a moderate best diet is the ceiling a healthy diet. In the middle there and asked,
balances, so a combination of foods for adequate nutrients and calories are you getting foods
from all the food groups you see some examples there of one type of food will not provide
all the nutrients so balanced diet is whatever your diet looks like. If it's adequate and
it's moderate that it is balanced right. That's why a vegan diet keto diet paly of diet any
diet you want. Talk about a Mediterranean diet all them to be bent balanced when you
when you put the diet together and you formulate it.

Are you getting enough of everything without
getting too much of anything. That's what a balanced diet is so adequacy is the floor
moderation of the ceiling balances in the middle. Number three energy control are you
eating the right number of calories is not always the same life. You're pregnant needs
to go up if you trying to gain weight needs to go up if you try to lose weight needs to
go down but of energy control means you're eating the number of calories that you need
to see their basic energy needs were to be here your basal metabolic rate your resting
energy expenditure plus your calories from activity. So if you're an athlete in training
your anymore energy if you're it.

If you broke your leg in your and you're sitting on your
hind end for a month it any less energy. So energy can control is are you eating the appropriate
number of calories for your needs and your goals. Number four nutrient density is a nutrient
density is so merry does not, expand, variety and amount of nutrients in relation to calorie
content so a a nutrient dense foods can offer a lot of nutrients per calorie, the opposite
would be empty calories thing like a soda.

A soda is empty calories. It's basically all
calories, no nutrients, something like well if you look for nutrient density like the
most nutrient dense when the planet is using organ meats so like up liver like liver feel
great calorie per calorie, gram for gram will be flippers can offer more nutrient density
than anything else us a generally organ meats are number 1C foods. And number two, then
you get the things like vegetables and an improved so could even Batchelder's fruit
is nothing wrong with through but vegetables are to be more nutrient dense than fruit because
they both off offer a lot of vitamins and minerals and fiber, but vegetables have generally
less calories, so nutrient density is how many nutrients can you get per calorie. That's
why think if you're going to design a healthy diet of our dimension is no such thing as
a single perfect diet never and starts to look different, but in the end however you're
eating you want to nutrient dense diet.

Most of the foods that you eat should offer a lot
of nutritional value per calorie not saying everything you teach a low calorie, but there
should be when you're eating something it should it should give you more than calories
that the idea of nutrient density to the planet diet you can get all the nutrients you need
are almost all the nutrients you need from the basic foods you eating a generally speaking
a diet with whole foods that are there less processed is going to be better from a nutrient
density standpoint meeting on eating things like Lexi food in fruits and vegetables versus
a junk food are our dimension moderation. The last one on here is variety of selection
of foods from each food group and varying choices within groups. So is that by the part.
If you have a lot of writing your diet. First of all, each food group is can offer something
right you going to get there nutrients you get from maybe grains and fiber you different
grains that you don't get from Eaton and there's calcium you get from dairy that you don't
get from fruit.

For example, soap if you're eating a variety of foods in different food
groups and then within those groups there some variety. That's been the key with Friday
is to keep you from getting too little of something, but also too much of some things
right if if if the only fruit you eat is whatever grapes let's say we are gonna be missing out
on the nutrients in the phytochemicals that you get from other fruit and you also make
it reach a point rating too much of something the ceiling. Give example broccoli nothing
wrong with broccoli all the broccoli is a glycogen it's called so I brought a dose of
the nutrition broccoli could maybe impair night in a direction of the soap you see pounds
and pounds brought broccoli every day that might not be a great idea. But if you mix
up the vegetables you eat nothing wrong with eating broccoli, but you also eat other vegetables
in different colors of fruits and vegetables, then you're less likely to get too much of
any one thing and too little of anyone think such a variety thing like different colors,
different types of meat different types of dairy different types of fruits and vegetables,
etc., etc.

Rights of you if you can create a diet matter what looks like the specimen
is no perfect diet, but you create a diet that is adequate, moderate, balanced and varied
that has nutrient density and energy control and a sustainable than you create a perfect
diet for you and you you eat that diet you see how you look and feel and perform. And
if you're looking and feeling of performing the way you want to stick with a diet. If
you're not you tweak little things and see if things make you feel better or worse, and
that you do that for for years. You just you're an experiment and you keep changing variables
and and try to find what works best for you are which diet planning principle encourages
choosing foods from all major food groups as well as choosing multiple different foods
within each food group that would be variety different colors is that he eating seasonally
southerly the thing to do if you if you eat the other produce that in season, which is
gonna change with the seasons and times of year that would lead to some variety as well.
Our which food combination best represents dietary balance or reset a balanced diet is
both adequate and moderate so it got the odd mac & cheese.

This one has a role in low fat
milk this mess, broccoli, potatoes, banana water, you can read them, but I would say
what it looks like the right because we got were getting some grains at the macaroni were
getting some dairy with the cheese we got veggies, veggies, fruit, water that looks
like the that the most balanced diet because you're getting you getting a lot from different
groups. Okay, application, diet planning, so understanding diet plan printable. That
is, it is said that for adequacy which combination of foods for you provides enough of all the
nutrients. If you if you put your diet into Cronometer at CRONOMETERS my favorite or my
fitness. Pam is a tell is it spitting out you getting all the vitamins, minerals, and
nutrients you need a V-neck diet balance which foods work together to provide just enough
but not too much of anyone type of food or protect energy control which foods, taken
together, provide the right amount of calories.

So like if your but I'm planning a diet from
for my day plan everything but breakfast first, and I see where I met with my macronutrients,
especially where met with protein where men with carbs were met with fat and calories,
and then whatever is left over. That's a put my breakfast because I don't like to eat more
later in the day like after I lift weights and things so it's like if I have 500 cards
to play with them my records be 500 cal. If I need to make sure I get more protein in
investable do if I have more calories to play with them will have a bigger breakfast that
that's, works for me.

Energy control standpoint is a nice thing about us having meals you
eat over and over its release is plugged in. Plan okay nutrient densities which foods provide
multiple valuable nutrients. I think about things like salmon is can provide the omega-3
fats that you're not to get from other types of meat for example of organ meats are off
the charts of seafood really hot nutrient dense as well. German-speaking moderation
is the diet contained mostly nutrient dense foods and moderate portions am I not going
over right too many calories too much of something in variety. Does the diet include different
types of foods from all major food groups of you can answer this all these questions
than your diet looks really sound helping individuals with diet improvements. So when
you're building a diet of my diet may not work for you right so I generally I like of
a diet lower in carbohydrates works really well for me. Basically my favorite foods have
a lot of protein and a lot of fat and moderate my fat in them.

So it's really easy for me
to stick to a diet is slower carb for other people. That's not true. Their favorite foods
have a lot of carbohydrates and and things like that so so there's of yet. There's lots
of when it comes to planning meals. You have to consider all these types of things. Obviously
if I was going to design a meal meal meal planner diet for a vegan. I wouldn't use the
foods that that my diet is based around the cakes and stuff. So everyone's unique consider
their traditions so what kind of foods stability. How can you improve the quality of someone's
diet. The best thing to do is to take the diet they arty have and make small cheap tweaks.
Sorry, can you add some vegetables here can you remove some trans fats here.

This type
of thing. So don't make something to diet that completely new and foreign to them and
their less likely to stick with of access to food. What foods can the rights of someone
like if I have a student at the college that's asking about their diet and they and they
have the meal plan. They live in the dorms of have the meal plan like, okay, let's see
what they have to eat for whatever meals they're eating on campus and designed the best that
we can. With that in mind. And then they can add other foods to it, to attempt to figure
out the rest the diet food preparation skills so you're asking someone to be a chef and
they and they only have a micro if the work of possible health needs. So again the prediabetic
I probably put them on the lower carb side of things.

For example, if they're trying
to build muscle anymore protein etc. etc. in food preferences you want people to like
with their eating and so I don't know everything, every meal that I is in the flavor explosion
is not an experience but II enjoy every food that I eat which is why I can stick with it
and I go weeks at a time without strength my diet all because I enjoy what I'm eating
is not so. So if you made me to diet that was really different. I would have a lot harder
time and take a lot more willpower on to stick with it so apply. Meal planning principles
by making small changes to usual and familiar meals. That is the best thing to do right
so I'll give you some examples. I'd so cereal like cereal, but I now eat a high protein
cereal instead of the normal cereal from the restaurant and I use macademia nut milk instead
of regular milk, so I'm getting more of the healthy monounsaturated fats, less saturated

So I syllables cereal with Apple cereal is lower in saturated fat, higher in healthy
monounsaturated fats and higher in protein and lower carbs than a typical bull cereal,
but syllables cereal. That's it. That's an exact an example of something I do I like
I like making wraps and or tacos or things like that so use T's. So I now use more of
a whole grain tortilla. That's much higher in fiber, so the symptoms alive increase my
fiber intake without change my diet. All I just change the tortilla that I wrap my food
in so those are some of those are those are simple simple changes.

Okay, maybe changing
if you're trying to lose weight and you really like ground beef will use of of lower lower
fat ground beef going from 8020 to 93, seven, or something like that would be another really
good example. So meet somewhere at make the tiniest change you can to get the biggest
improvements okay so the discussion here. He got a lot of work to do on this one, but
you can you can certainly do this, but time you ill can't can you design great to am I
doing it for yourself is the right thing to do but to which he some examples here.

you can you create meals that are adequate for variety. My all thing to talk about a
set it says to do a vegetarian meal and ethics at the ethnic cuisine and the one that requires
little to no cooking these just just good practice for him. Can you design healthy meals
go and do that and sets up some bail success at obviously were not together here for. This
is a reflection from this experiment experience what you've done it. You draw on your own
lived experiences activity amended to shut right you should do more of the healthiest
meals that you can design that are in those different categories for yourself things Ute
define the background information. Text of useful to go through that you feel that you
can be creative during this activity. So I think being creative is great when it comes
to meals right can you get Tom because varieties important in enjoying the food you is important.
So all good stuff. Okay it did a debrief diet planning principles. What other diet planning
information from chapter 2 would inform use you can help others. Again, you can go to
the yourself the map to dietary guidance for Americans just you know this is of the dietary
guidelines for Americans is a report comes out every five years with recommendations
that are used to make our food patterns to you.

You probably never seen the dietary guidelines,
but the information from the guidelines created the food pyramid before and then we have the
plate so the USDA food patterns are now called, but we went from the food pyramid to the choose
my plate but the information that went into this came from those dietary guidelines are
based on what you have learned if you can help anyone plan meals that might improve
their health.

Would you want to help the Sabino. I love doing diagnosis, projects, and certainly
do it on yourself or you can do it on someone. Someone else read that when I when I took
nutrition class. Years ago I did a diagnosis project and and I did on the father, a friend
of mine is losing weight and getting healthier because he had some disease risks so we I
met with them designed to diet for him. He stuck with it. He lost 26 pounds. I remember
it clear as day, and then he had a heart attack right so this is it was a crazy story but
them to the first person I ever helped with their nutrition had a heart attack, but the
doctor said that he would've died if he had made all those positive because he was excited
to meet all these positive health changes he lost 26 pounds and he would've died the
doctor a corporate doctors know little crystal ball, but the doctor said he would have died
from his heart attack if he had made all these health improvements so I like to think that
I played a role in saving someone's life with the neutrino it with the nutrition with the
diet analysis and and in the diet plan so you this stuff matters really does right II
change my diet and I've lost a ton weight in a moment.

I'm especially healthier than
it was a few years ago. So you go through this and if cantilever else do it for two
of yourself, but maybe for your parents or a friend or something teacher help you. You
may as will take the tools are learning in this class and help someone if you can save
someone's life to ride the dietary guidelines for Americans or cassettes every five years
of the do it again in 2025.

According to the dietary guidelines for Americans. Healthy
eating eating patterns so are our diets built around a variety of vegetables from all subgroups,
dark green, red and orange, beans and peas, starchy vegetable so I agree with a lot of
that. I think that I do believe in animal products, but for reasons we talk about that's
a tough semester, but I think that 60% of the volume of your plate should be of should
be producing on a basically idle at all times eating different cover colors that the whole
variety thing we talked about as well. Starchy vegetables will talk about the role of carbohydrates
as we go in.

I'm a little biased because I think that the
average American eats way too many carbs and will talk about why but but not advocating
keto diets of people or things like that either. Fruits, especially whole fruit that means
is not only don't rely on fruit juices right eating up eating an apple be better for you
than apple juice red apple juices. Yes, it has some nutritional value but from a from
sugar and fiber standpoint, and Ms. will be soda so fruits are better for you than fruit
juices grains at least half of which are whole grains, so I receive you have more highly
refined grains and you have whole grains whole grains any better for you because they have
more nutritional value.

But the big thing is the fiber remain shooting in a fiber fat-free
or low-fat dairy, including milk, yogurt, cheese and/or fortified soy beverages so that
dairy is still recommended because of the it's calcium and its nutrient density of the
rectum and the fat for your low fat because of the avoidance of saturated fat, but I think
that of full fat dairy can be just fine for you as well, depends on your diet and your
needs. A variety of protein foods including seafood lean meats and poultry aches let him
switch or beans and peas, and nuts, seeds, and soy products.

He got gotta make sure getting
enough protein. I think that if you can design a healthy diet. What if I'm designing anyone's
diet. I start with protein. First, get all the protein needs met and then figure out
where how to work where the energy should come from the carbs and fat rectus proteins
are building blocks so get all those and then whether someone's lower or higher Carver fat
really just it's personal preference.

To me after that, and then oils some of see you
like get the oils that everyone agrees good for you, like your monounsaturated fats and
will will do a whole chapter on fat coming up resources for diet planning. So the USDA
food patterns again that will would've been the food pyramid that we got the plate and
these are the stuff food groups, healthy eating, pet eating patterns are flexible to accommodate
an individual's personal cultural traditional preferences and financial resources. Again,
the each of the circles and be different size for different people and different needs.
Again, if your endurance athlete very physically active person that you need any more things
like starches, maybe you can eat more fruits and more grains if you if you don't move a
whole lot maybe or maybe your power lifter instead of a marathon runner you can eat more
protein you need less of the starches and things like that in the maybe your lactose
intolerance, or you have a milk protein RDC you can consume dairy CF use dairy alternatives
as this is just that the placement starts in place to start, but everyone's diets a
little different, depending on individual calorie need levels their recommended daily
amounts of food speech group initially that on this life, so it isn't just you and your
your standard food labels can essay based on a 2000 carried a diet which perfectly fine,
but not everyone she 2000 cal a day.

Some less and some more so. I like this table here.
You got it which ballpark should you be in Lexi. I consume 2800 cal a day so that 2000
carried a diet is in a good recommendation for me. I need more of these different things
than in some of the consume 2000 cal a day and that's because I'm a large man, a very
physically active. A lift weights about 10, 11 hours a week so that that's good to be
different. But if I'm cutting are trying to lose weight then my numbers would drop and
so would the recommendations to make sure you go to website them I play duct up make
sure that your you're looking at the the correct eating strategy for you based on calories
and goals. These kind of things I write this, just this is good. The show we saw earlier
this is a typical meal. So at the end of the day if you design if you design your meal
your meal plan for tomorrow. Then when you input everything, would you have would you
have all the nutrients you need to proteins. The carbs that essential fats the vitamins
and minerals and all that.

Would you have everything without having too much of anything
and that's, that's what. Meal planning is all about when to spend all this time talking
about it so that you can do this but go ahead and that we can agree to students ranting
but if you want practices at home. EV of someone that has 1850 cal a day diet can you design
a good meal for them. So go ahead and do that serving sizes of this is important so because
if if if the the governments recommend you consume in a certain number of servings of
something. What is what is a serving this. This helps you with portions for sure to so
what what is one cup from the fruit group so be 1 cup of raw or frozen or cooked or
canned fruit, but 1/2 a cup of dried fruit would count as a full cup because you dehydrate

Moodle removed all the water so a couple of fruit is and always a couple fruit, and
so half a cup of dried fruit would be equivalent to a cup from the fruit group. Same thing
with vegetables to see if a vegetable 1 cup of raw or cooked or canned vegetables would
be a cup but leafy green vegetables. It takes 2 cups write them in a big pile of spinach
is it really that much spinach soap. It takes 2 cups of a leafy green vegetables to equal
one cup in the vegetable group, 1 ounce from the grain groups cc one slice of bread, 1
ounce of ready to eat cereal or half a cup of cooked rice or pasta or or cooked cereal.
So that's of those those be equal to different different amounts of grains of 1 ounce from
the protein food groups so we have 1 ounce of cooked or canned lean meat, poultry, or
seafood one egg 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1/4 cup Vanessa's baby think it is rated as
I was in the tablespoon memory.

Make sure using an actual measuring tablespoon not distant
tablespoon from the from the the silverware drawer I was doing that what I was getting
a teaspoon of I thought was appeasement something in that up being about 5 1/2 teaspoons by
the time you actually fact it out, but the 1/4 cup of cooked beans or peas half an ounce
of nuts or seeds or 4 ounces of tofu each of these would be the equivalent of 1 ounce
of the protein and they remember up in one cup in the dairy group a cup of milk cup of
yogurt, a couple fortified soy or other plant beverage like the macademia nut milk that
I drink of 1/2 ounces of cheese or 2 ounces of process cheat. So what are these these
me to go back to get on 2800. So if I need cc like 10 so you see, like the different.
Now I need to and have cups of dark green vegetables 7 cups of red nor always got things
so that's the of the the stuff that were need using the service. Recommend serving sizes.
I finally were looking at the nutrition facts panel which has been updated recently, you
notice that they've added at the bottom here.

They've added of vitamin D, and potassium,
but really glad they added potassium, especially because it is one of them. One of the nutrients
that it's hardest for people to find we need a lot of it and the average American deaf
and is not enough of them slept look at the different parts of the nutrition facts panel
to start the top your serving size in large, bold type, serving sizes reflect portions
typically eaten, not those recommended so always makes you look at this. You can really
get confused by this. If you go to if you go by a I member of seeing a blueberry muffin.
Once the gas station a serving was 1/3 of the month and so if you just looked at it
a look at the calories in the carbs and all that you like. Not so that until you realize
that what was in that container was three servings if the triple all those numbers to
make sure you're not confused by those makes you look at the serving size and if you're
going to eat more lesson serving size that changes everything else below it.

Next we
have killed calories or calories per serving in large, bold type, so you and that's calories
per serving, not per container. I a student once that was eating having was man was it
was a brittle like up Ronnie brittle and she was talking about how she was shocked that
Lola calories were, but she was looking at the calories per serving and thought it was
a calories per bag that there was a member there is a years ago. There's eight or 12
or 16 servings in the back way more calories than she ever imagined because she wasn't
looking at it correctly so it's calories per serving, then we have the daily value so you
can see there your total fat issues you broken down into unity saturated fat and also see
trans fat you might see more like a food has a bunch of monounsaturated fat, it'll probably
out there so you might see other types of fats, but you generally are deafening.

as he saturated fat and trans fats under the total fat and cholesterol, sodium always can
see that so you can monitor your sodium intake. The notice carb see of total carbs. But then
you have dietary fiber and you have total sugars and added sugars, so this this will
help you make decisions like so some foods are naturally can have a lot of sugar, but
there but some foods and have a lot of sugars added to them what else, if you look at net
carbs if you try to be in a lower carb diet net carbs of your total carbs minus things
like fiber and mine is things like sugar alcohols, so this food here is 37 g of carbs.

But if
you subtract those 4 g of fiber there be 33 net carbs went with anything to you and you
protein and energy that will added sugars elicits overly so again we will talk about
how the government recommend. Somehow the ledger sheet in the next column nutrients
required for daily values reflect nutrients of concern listed in actual amounts and percent
daily values, so member the percent daily values, though it's in working on the bottom
is for a 2000 cal diet of eating lesser eating more. Keep that in mind, cc, vitamin D, calcium,
iron and potassium in there and lastly a footnote explains the percent daily value as I just
mentioned it's based on a 2000 cal a diet severe eating 2500 cal a day.

These percentages
are not to be right for you always, to keep that in mind, nutrition facts label so serving
sizes. They reflect typical eating patterns, serving seat sizes or simile seller products
can differ. Again, I see a look like cereal a serving of one cereals a cup want to have
a cup on the 3rd cups you got it got always got a check these things that you be all over
the place. I saw like at the pickles of the store and the serving was three quarters of
the spirits of the pickles were in the spears and you and it was only only three quarters
of 20 Spears was a serving by one time I saw container of olives 1 1/2 olives was a serving
on which is close to the other half of the olive but always be keeping an eye on this.
A lot of times you can see serving sizes that are smaller because they're trying to amass
the fact that the food probably has a lot of sugar, sodium or something in it, so they
they can't say for trips of the two of it done reduces the sticker shock when you first
look at the label so it is always be checking the labels okay.

Summary did you notice the
absence of packaged foods in the meal planning slides again whole foods or using can be better
than all the process was for sure on fewer processed foods and more whole foods is best.
However, understanding basic meal planning principles promotes the best options in any
environment so that you can I can go to a convenience store and I can get. I do the
second time traveling or something ago to a conference I can go to a convenience store
and I can build the diet that leads to my macronutrients and gets me in the ballpark
of a healthy diet is not a diet that I want to eat every day but it meets my needs so
so keep that in mind. Once you understand the rules there's there is some of the room
there. Meal planning principles are brought guys long as you hit those major components
we talked about the USDA's develop meal planning tools and examples based on food groups, individual
energy needs, budgets, cultural traditions and more. Mrs. Electra food permits and you'll
see a different food pyramid for different cultural groups.

That's really cool great
good good idea. Look at those in food labels can certainly assist you. Now you understand
nothing about food labels they can be pretty terribly inaccurate. You know they can of
food label basically have to be within my 20 or 30% of reality, so you could you could
be designing a perfect diet based on food levels and still be intimate calories is not
your fault, it's just there is this, labeling Arabic and anchor them.

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