Hey everybody it’s Jodi! This topic is all over social media and the
news about the blue poop challenge! It’s a test that you can do at home for
gut health. I will explain how it works and my thoughts
and research about it! Understanding the link between when you eat
something and when it comes out of your body tells you information about your gut microbiota. This can tell you where you are between health
and disease state – according to this challenge.

I’m a Chemist and a Nutritionist. And I’ve
broken down the science for you whether this is true or not.
But what is This blue poop challenge? It was something that was created by a company called Zoey. It’s meant to help you find out the gut’s
transit time by consuming a blue muffin! So what people are doing now is “You’re
going to eat 2 blue muffins for breakfast and start a timer.” “Now when you see a blue bowel movement
show up in the toilet, you mark the time, and you're going to want to keep track of that time.” On a news interview by CTV, Berry says that
“Transit times can vary, anything less than 14 hours or more than 50 hours between eating
the muffins and seeing the blue-green colour in one's stool could be an indicator of unfavourable
health outcomes.” “She added that the average transit time
in a healthy gut is typically about 28 hours.” But isn’t eating blue dye extremely bad
for you? What does the research papers say? How was it measured? And what are the results
for most people? I’ll answers these questions in this next part.

This study was funded by Zoe Global Ltd and European Research Council
They have taken 1002 people from the UK and USA. Mostly from the UK. 60% were female and 40% were males. At aged 43 years old plus or minus 12 years. That’s a fair amount of people for a study Knowing your gut transit time could tell
you your nutrient absorption rates and microbial composition in your gut. The longer the blue stuff stays in your system,
could mean a longer fermentation process because there’s more bacteria or more species are in your
gut. According to the paper. They say that the microbiome is associated with
gut transit time. I’m also thinking that the longer this blue
dye – or this muffin is in your system it could also means constipation. And toxic build up that your body is struggling
to get rid of.

Here are the results of this study is shown on this
Histogram. not Instagram, histogram. It shows the gut transit time distribution
with orange vertical lines showing the boundaries of the four classes resulting in a
total of four distinct gut transit time classes 79 people in C1, 610 people in C2 and
C3 which is the normal range and 174 people in C4 which is slow gut transit time. Now in this Violin plot. This has the four gut transit times. The slow group in the very far far right, has people pooping out blue stuff around 3 to even 10 days later?!?
Oh my. That's a long time. On the other hand, let’s look at the ingredients
of blue food dye. Here are the ingredients of this particular brand that was used in this research study. Last time I checked it was one of the most unhealthiness food colors out of all colors to consume. But let's see what it says today, “the European Food Safety Panel concluded that glycerol has low acute toxicity and that local irritating effects of glycerol in the
gastrointestinal tract” could be an issue. The Panel also concluded that the manufacturing
process of glycerol should not be allow the production of a food additive, which contains a genotoxic
and carcinogenic residuals at a level which would result in a margin of exposure below
10,000 So, the processing could make this a bad ingredient.

The rest of the ingredients are “generally
safe”. But it is a high sugar muffin and this can actually irritate your gut health and make it worse. just with the flour, the vegetable oil, just look at the ingredients. No good. Overall, this muffin has the worst ingredients
ever!! Formulate a better muffin, Zoe! I hope you guys enjoyed this video. This was
fun for me doing the research. I mean this test does work but I have a better way
for you guys to check your transit time with better ingredients Carrots would do something similar, beets, corn and do the same test. Follow the same guidelines. Eat about ¾ to ½ a cup and write your transit
time. If you have any questions leave it in the
comment section below or you can schedule me on a 1-on-1 with the links
below. If you’ve done the challenge let me know
your experience! I'm curious. Remember to like, subscribe and hit the bell
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