– The brain is a muscle,
and that's a muscle, and that's a muscle. They are all muscles. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, I'm Chef Dan,
and today I'm gonna tell you how you can eat like Chris Hemsworth. Yeah, that's good. Why is diet so important? Well, as much as someone like
Chris gets to the size he is through all the weightlifting
he does, the diet is what helps manufacture
all the goodness inside, so it's important to dial that in. So the biggest thing to
remember is Chris is massive. 6'3" plus, maybe 6'4", sorry
Chris, if I get you short, but you have to remember,
everyone is different. So Chris would eat sometimes
5,000 plus calories a day to get to the bulking
capacity that he needs.

Not everyone is like that. So if you're someone who
needs to put on weight, you are adding onto your
respective calorie intake, not trying to copy Chris. On a typical day, the ratio would be around 50 to 55%
carbohydrate, 20 to 30% fat, and 20 to 30% protein
depending on the individual. What does that look like in a day? So beginning with breakfast,
we have an oatmeal, like an apple cinnamon oatmeal
where it's got about a cup to even up to 1 1/2 cups of oats. You may have some almond
butter on top of that, some hemp seeds, getting all
the good fats in there along with the protein. That'll be accompanied with
some sort of smoothie or shake with an abundance of different grains. But one of the favorites is
that salted caramel smoothie. Big fan of that one myself too. In the salted caramel date smoothie, this thing is absolutely
baller and super popular. You have your choice of milk. Oats for that wonderful extra
bit of starch and carbs. You have your vanilla extract. Your favorite vanilla protein as well.

The caramel effect
comes from the sweetness of those dates too, nice
jammy effect to that. Pinch of good quality salt,
and you get the balance of salty sweetness that
we all love in a smoothie. Lunchtime that can honestly
be a big pasta option such as a smoky chicken tray bake. One of my favorites as well. That one is just a big bulk
item, plenty of carbohydrates, good source of protein there too. And based on the amount
of work you are doing, it's super important as well.

The afternoon could obviously
be another shake along with another meal. So you're probably looking
at like a tray salmon bake, which has got all the vegetables you need. Everything baked on a tray, followed by some brown rice as well. And then finish off for dinner, you can't go wrong with a stir fry option. Obviously, an epic amount
of chicken on there, all the vegetables you
need, and of course, that rice as well. May even get some dessert
in if you're lucky. That dessert I was telling you about, peanut butter cookie and date bars. Now you make these in
bulk and I tell you what, the whole team loved them, and
they're actually pretty good for you when you consider what's inside. In this delectable,
wonderful snack/dessert, you have the raw cacao goodness, nice little chocolate on
top, peanut butter base.

You've got your oats and
your goodness in that. The dates themselves sweeten it up. It's honestly, it's like a vanilla slice with chocolate on top, but
made with clean ingredients. Can't go wrong. That was all for muscular, ginormous Thor. Now when you're thinking
big, fat, potbelly Thor, this is what you need to do. Number one, I would make him
sit down and not do anything. The guy's got a huge metabolism,
I can tell you that much. – [Natasha] Is he asleep? – I would also change
his macronutrients out to actually increase the amount of carbs, and more increase the amount of fat, and reduce the amount of protein. And honestly, make sure he is stationary.

Do not move. That's what I would say. – Whatever it is that you're
offering, we're not into it. Don't care. Couldn't care less. – So if you want to get
as big and lean as Thor, I'm just thinking you're going
to superimpose a photo here. So if you want to get as
big and lean as this guy, make sure you check out my
YouTube series all about how to eat like Chris Hemsworth. I'm Chef Dan. I'll catch ya next week, team..



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