Good afternoon, my name is Glen Scott, and I'm the director here at Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center in the Youth Partial Hospital Program. I know the Romans because they are part of the cleaning crew that's here from OctoClean. So, they come in our evening. They're in a part of our evening crew that cleans the building on a regular basis Monday through Friday and keep us safe. We work with a very diverse and troubled population. So, I work with kids who have attempted suicide or are at risk of attempting suicide. So, when they and their families come here for treatment, knowing that the building is safe that it's clean and that they're not bringing any germs with them, it's something that's really really important because they're coming at a very pivotal time in their lives and keeping the facility clean is part of them becoming healthy again.

And so what the Romans do is really really integral into our healing mission here at Loma Linda. This is our 700 from Waxie, our disinfectant. Right now we use the towel and bucket method. We put like a dozen rags into disinfectant with water. The reason we do that is cause if it's in a spray bottle, it doesn't last, is just dies. So we keep it here and now it's like all the touch points. All the touch points, everything. And this is every day. I'm thankful to be working especially during this time. First they were like "Your just cleaning offices." But now especially during this to COVID stuff They're taking it a lot more serious and we know that Loma Linda really appreciates us, too.

Because literally we're all here disinfecting and cleaning, you know, and this virus is all viral. It's a big deal. So that's pretty cool knowing, and everyone thanking us a lot more, as before, we were just the crew that comes in and cleans the trash. Now they're like, oh my god. You guys are out here. You're disinfecting. You're cleaning everything. So that's a good feeling.

We got a lot more respect from our own family too. The Romans are different because they they are intentional about checking in. So, each day I can ensure that they'll stop by and say, hey Glenn, is everything okay? Anything that we need to be mindful of? And then they're letting me know what they're seeing and can help me kind of be proactive and say, Hey, are you aware that this is taking place or this is what we're noticing here's how we can help. We've been able to build that relationship over the last six months that we've been working together. And I'm very confident that we'll continue to grow as we as we move forward together. It's exciting partnering up together like this.

You know, it really is. Getting to do something and we're having fun doing it. We'll sneak up on each other, see who is doing what. Scare each other. Cause my dad's already done this before but now we're doing it together. S, employees are the biggest thing. We know we can trust each other and we know we can both criticize each other and we're good. We're not gonna quit on each other. Sometimes I tell him to call in sick, but.

No, you ain't calling in sick..



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