Namaskar. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here all of us are fine. Today is our Diet day 3 Very happy to know that many of you have taken the 2nd day of diet too Many had doubts seeinng our last 2 videos I am here witht he replies for them now Some had asked if chia seeds can be consumed by all? I had said about flax seeds, there are chances for low pressure Some asked if chia seeds would be ideal for those having stone or thyroid Same way for those having PCOD too I asked my nutritionist about it.

Ninny said I have PCOD and stone. I have had upto 2tsp People having thyroid also wont have issues But still like how I say in all my videos, you should decide your diet as per your health If you have any doubts, get in touch with your doctor They would be knowing more about you When many of you send me messages, I may not know about you personally I shared the diet that was ideal for me. As I always say, be very careful about it. Some said they felt acidity having apple cidar vinegar Such people avoid having it. I had told you that I didnt have any issues, so I had it for 2 months If you have any issues with that, dont take ACV Instead of that you can have cucumber juice like I mentioned in the diet 1 video You can even have ash gourd juice.

Some said they had headache. It was the same for me For the first few days, I didnt have tea. I used to have just one tea. Ninny had asked me to have green tea I couldnt have it at all. I began to have headache and I told Ninny about it That is when I was allowed to have 1 glass of tea with 1tsp sugar. I got rid of my headache then We may be drinking water always. But we dont drink often like now When our body gets more water and food balance changes, it affects us We may have headache then.

You can increase your water intake slowly each day Drink 1L or as you can the first day Later increase it each mouthful day by day Our main aim is to have peace and health. It is best not to have any headache So, you should know your body. Just because I said, you dont have to have 2L together Drink according to your body's health I felt uneasy and had a vomiting sensation in the beginning Later my body got used to it When you have the feeling that you have to be healthy and loose weight, All your issues will be over gone But take care of your health and do it accordingly while dieting Another doubt was my walk on 7km. 10000 steps was the target given to me Some asked should we walk it together or walk slowly and increase it You can do it anyhow. I was used to walking a lot. So I could complete it by night Now I walk 3km in the morning and 4km at night But if you have leg pain or any issues, walk just 2km You can do breathing exercises or any other and make up It is not necessary that you have to walk only People who do yoga can do that.

Doing pranayam is the best. You can do suryanamaskar too I preferred walking and walked 7km continuous. You can walk 2km a day, then walk 2.5 the next day and increase to 7 if you can Walk as you can. You dont have to be adament that you have to walk 7km today You dont have to sit with leg or hand pain later Walk according to your health I am answering to your questions asking people who know about it I am not replying in my way. I am not a doctor or nutritionist So please understand that. Dont follow all that I say Your body wont be like my body I am repeating this because I am very scared about our health When I tell you something, it shouldnt end up in a negative way for you That is why I am going on repeating the same thing Many asked what oil can be used.

You can use any you like But dont use the same oil always. My nutritionist told me to use 2-3 varieties of oil I use coconut oil for Kerala dishes, oil for North Indian food When making Tamil recipes, I use sesame seed oil So use different varieties of oil and use very less while dieting If I have said 2tbsp in my recipe, while dieting use just 1tsp Just for name sake. There is no problem in using coconut curries. But reduce the amount of coconut If you are using 6tbsp of coconut in a curry, while dieting use just 3tbsp There is no point in dieting without having many things So have all in small quantities. Make sure you dont put on weight too That is why I am consulting with Ninny and replying to you If you have any doubts, dont forget to ask Many had asked if sugar patients could do this diet Of course they can.

All that I take are friendly to sugar patients also Carbohydrates are very less. If you want to avoid 4tbsp rice, you can have roti I will say about todays menu soon I dont have to show you the chia seeds again Dont forget to see the 1st video I have told everything in detail in our Day 1 video Other videos are just showing you the food and giving a brief talk Another doubt was after the diet is over, how to maintain I will tell you that after the 6 day diet Otherwise many will get confused I am doing the maintainence now I am not dieting Just to show you the diet plan, I am dieting having that food for just 6 days It is just to post video.

I am not planning to loose any more weight I am happy in 59.5 So let us move to todays breakfast Good morning dears. This is our day 3 breakfast This is broken wheat upma You can have upma made of broken wheat or normal semolina You can have any upma you like A small portion of upma and a pulse along with it. I have taken red cow peas and pumpkin curry I shall post the link to that video below. I have posted it earlier Like I always say, have the cucumber first and then breakfast Many had asked if they could have banana with puttu or upma I didnt have banana in my diet Ninny had told me not to have bananas until I lost weight After that we can have. So I had pulses in my breakfast Like I said the diet will vary in each persons body If you meet a nutritionist, your diet will differ It depends on each persons health issues This is my breakfast for today It is 11.30 now.

I am having watermelon Many had asked if chia seeds was subja seeds or khus khus No. It is not that. I had shown chia seeds in the 2nd day video How to soak it in water Chia seeds are totally different. You get to buy them in the name of chia seeds only Dont compare it with anything else. It is a separate seed. It will look like khus khus only In the afternoon I am having a mixed vegetable, cabbage and carrot with coconut Cucumber pieces as usual Gooseberry buttermilk curry I have already posted the video of that I added some curry cucumbers to it too I had it with me.

Mixed both and made a buttermilk curry I shall post the link to the recipe below I added some carrots too to the cabbage poriyal recipe If you could include 3 vegetables, well and good. How much ever vegetables get into your body, well and good. 4tbsp rice and a small bowl of curd Many asked the non veg version too. In that the vegtable dry would be the same. You could substitute the curry with fish or chicken After shooting the video, I remembered that I didnt take a pulse I took little of the red cow peas I made in the morning. One pulse is a must. Those dieting and working or busy mothers, can use previous days curry No problem in that. When I went to Kerala, all kind of pulses curries were prepared and stored in the fridge Jan used to take what he wanted from that Never heat the whole curry. Heat only the amount you want. Dont take the rest You can store it that way for 1 week in the fridge It is not a must that you have to make curry daily Since I dont have much of issue, I am able to show you daily like this Our dinner is ready.

1 chapathi. Yesterday we didnt have chapathi. Today it is a happy news that you have 1 chapathi I didnt make any othe salad today. So it is a cucumber sliced I was lazy. Do you know what this is? I had already posted the video of this. Mushroom and capsicum It is very simple and can be made in minutes Mushroom or paneer can be had alternately This is dal tadka. I added some palak to it. So we have pulse, leaf, mushroom Those having non veg can have chicken curry or fish curry instead of dal Another doubt was can a low bp person have chia seeds I have already told about chia seeds in the intro If you have chia seeds, it brings down pressure is what I was told I was told if a person has low bp, then dont have chia seeds Dont take the risk. If you have low bp, avoid taking chia seeds I used to soak garcina kambojia in water, boil and drink its water to loose weight long back But I didnt know it was so powerful. I began to feel dizzy Later I got to know that it should be taken in a small amount When you see many things on social media, first think if it will work on you How much can you have etc..

Know all about it and only then consume such things I am repeating all these so that you dont fall into trouble That is it for today. Until we meet tomorrow, thank you..



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