Hello and welcome back to my channel guys I am Dr. Shikha, guys in this festival season and wedding season we have eaten a lot of junk we have eaten lot of sweets, eaten plenty of fried foods and disrupted our digestive system, our digestive system is too much tired, it is saying now no more. So now stop these all fried and junk you have eaten and now let’s detox our body again, with the diet plan which I have brought today, detox diet plan. What this detox diet plan will do? First of all it will remove all filth, all toxins from our body which we have stored in our body by eating junk food,sugar, fried things in this festive and wedding season, it will throw them out of the body, rejuvenate your skin again, will relax your mind, and will give some rest to your digestive system so that the digestive system can once again absorb all the nutrients and becomes very much relaxed.

So guys when you follow this detox diet plan then you should keep in mind some points, with this diet plan sugar, tea, coffee, refined flour or saturated fats, you will not take you have to take plenty of fruits,plenty of vegetables and plenty of water and fiber, how much water you have to take? You must take 2.5 to 3 liter of water, you have to give proper rest to your body along with detox diet plan don’t do much exertion don’t do exercise at all take rest completely I am giving you 1 week diet plan when you follow this 1 week diet plan your digestive system will be very much relaxed your mind will become very much calm, your skin will rejuvenate and all your excess weight 2, 2.5, 3 kilo will be go goa gone after this diet plan.

Guys when you will follow this diet plan you will feel that you have become more energetic, immunity of your body will increase because what all things I will give you in this diet will be very easily digestible, will be light, all the calories all the energy which is used in digestion will be used in healing so your body will be healed and become more calm after using this diet plan. Diabetes patients won’t take this diet plan at all, so let’s start our diet plan first let’s talk about our morning drink in morning drink you have to take simple lemon water daily with this diet plan you have to do nothing just take 1 glass water Luke warm water it should not be hot squeeze half lemon in it and drink it lemon water is amazing for acidity because we have eaten lot of junk we have acidity problem, bloating problem, swelling in the body all these problem will be cured amazingly by lemon water, this is amazing for immunity so because we have eaten a lot of junk our immunity becomes very low so when you drink lemon water your immunity will increase very much.

After this let’s talk about our breakfast guys whatever diet plan you follow always keep in mind that you should take 8 hours of sleep try to sleep by 10, 10.30 maximum and in morning wake up by 6, 6.30 and do your breakfast around 7.30 or 8.00 o’clock, in breakfast I am giving you is a amazing and tasty option, I am giving you of pineapple salad how to make pineapple salad? come to my kitchen, I will tell you. First we will make our dressing or marinate you can call it, I am taking small quantity of salt little chilli powder little jeera powder, cumin seed powder small quantity of lemon juice we will mix it very well Iam adding small amount of gud or jaggery and mix it properly now our dressing is ready now I have taken 3 slices of pineapple I will coat it very nicely with this dressing or marinate and leave for 5 to 10 minutes now I have taken a grill pan I am brushing some oil over it if you do not have grill pan you can use normal tawa.

I’ll put the round slices of pineapple on grill pan, flame is now high, it is cooked from one side now I will turn other side how beautiful grill marks are there on it. Now I am taking some veggies red bell pepper some yellow bell pepper and a little green capsicum I will add this and mix them and I’ll coat them very well. You can use any vegetable you have for salad Now our pineapple are ready cooked from both sides now we will serve them in plates I’ll put this bell pepper and capsicum on the same grill pan and we will saute this a little, don’t cook it more they are good a little crunchy they are now ready I‘ll serve these also in the plate that’s it our pineapple salad is now ready just look at it guys its so colourful so beautiful and gorgeous and it is very yummy and delicious in eating, when you will eat it in the morning you will become very refreshed and energetic So guys this is an amazing option of pineapple salad its very tasty and keeps full amazingly for long time and it refreshes you it is full of vitamin C if you eat this your immunity will surely increase if you don’t want to take pineapple then you can take papaya smoothie, how to make it? Come to my kitchen I will tell you, to make papaya smoothie I have taken 1 tea soon basil seed I am adding 1 glass water to it and keep it aside for 10 minutes so that it gets swollen, now I have taken papaya chopped we will put it in blender jar add some lemon juice add a little salt, and we will now do blend, blend, blend.

Now our basil seeds are ready they are swollen we will put it in a jar and our blended papaya we will put this also in the jar that’s simple guys only 2 minutes is required to make papaya smoothie. If in morning we don’t have time they is no other quick option and our delicious papaya smoothie is ready this is very filling and is very refreshing and for weight loss it is very amazing and for your digestive system also it is superb you must try it. This releases constipation and will give super fantastic weight loss. So guys this papaya is very amazing for our digestion if you have bloating problem, constipation or you have acidity because you have eaten so much junk so if you take papaya smoothie then it will treat you amazingly and will heal your body and digestive system very much if you don’t want to take smoothie then you can take beet root smoothie it is already on my channel you can go and watch it this is also very amazing very good for skin and hair it detox your body it removes all waste all toxins from your body if you have constipation there also it gives you amazing relief so you can take this beet root smoothie If you don’t want to take beet root smoothie then you can take my fruit chat recipe this is also very much amazing.

All these fruits and vegetables that I say to take in breakfast When you take it in the morning. they have many vitamins and minerals which will heal your body and will throw out the toxins from your body because they have many antioxidants which increases your immunity and all the free radicals which have increased in our body due to eating too much junk so they will be suppressed and will thus heal your body. Guys after this comes the turn of our mid morning snacks I always say taking mid morning snacks is very necessary because our small hunger in between breakfast and lunch if you take mid morning snack then it is fulfilled and you do not overeat in your lunch and it keeps your metabolism high. In detox diet plan I am giving you in mid morning snacks 1 cucumber if you eat 1 cucumber or kheera you wash it properly but don’t peel its skin eat with skin if you want you can sprinkle small amount of pepper and lemon along with this you have to take basil seed, how to take? 1 glass water add 1 spoon basil seed in it mix it and keep it for 10 minutes after 10 minutes when basil seeds gets swollen then you have to drink it, now this cucumber and basil seeds this will also clean your stomach if you have constipation problem or acidity problem then it will give you relief the basil seeds have cooling effect reduces body heat controls acidity and if you have constipation problem for that also it is very helpful.

After this let’s talk about lunch because we taken light breakfast try to take your lunch around 1 O’clock don’t make it late so you should take your lunch around 12.30 or 1 O’clock the first option I am giving you is Jawar paratha how to make jawar paratha? Come to my kitchen I will tell you. We are making here Jawar paratha and I have taken here fresh cauliflower or phul gobhi it is coming very good and fresh in market you can take any seasonable vegetable, here in a pan I have taken 1 spoon oil and adding chopped onions I have grate the cauliflower now I am adding salt a little green chilli chopped red chilli powder we will mix it well saute them a little now take some flour for our paratha I have taken half cup besan or gram flour and half cup I have taken jawar flour or sorghum flour I am adding some jeera cumin seed some carom seed ajwain a little flex seeds and then we will add cauliflower which we have prepared and mix this very well now we will add here Luke warm water in small quantity and make our atta ready and a soft dough will be prepared now our atta is ready, now taking a small peda we will make roti or paratha as you make your normal roti or paratha and roast it on tawa we will cook it from both sides now our paratha is ready we will not put oil or ghee on the tawa we will serve in the plate and on it we will apple deshi ghee don’t skip this you can take such 1 or 2 parathas with any vegetable, chutney or raita this is very delicious very amazing you can stuff any seasonal vegetable in it, it is very superb for weight loss and this is protein rich so guys this was the recipe for jawar paratha this is a very amazing and delicious option for lunch you can take 1 or 2 parathas with a nice bowl of vegetable you can take 1 cup raita or you can take it with chutney, jawar is an amazing source of protein so if you take this then your protein requirement for whole day is fulfilled.

So guys you can take this, guys if you don’t want to take this then you can take garden green sandwich this is its recipe on my channel this is the video on my channel you can go and see it how to make garden green sandwich, this is a very amazing option. I have made it using many vegetables and salad leaves if you don’t want to take sandwich then you can take this multi grain roti recipe you can take this also 1 or 2 with vegetable, raita or chutney if you don’t want to take roti then you can take this, this is my masala oats recipe you can go and watch this you can take this also in your lunch. After this comes our evening tea evening tea you must take you should also take some snacks with it if you take this then in dinner you will not overeat and your metabolism remains high, so guys in evening drink you have to take green tea, you can take 1 cup of green tea. You can take green tea of any brand but don’t add sugar in that with that you have to take 1 spoon of mixed seed.

Which mixed seeds you have to take? Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds melon seeds, chia seeds and flex seeds you have to mix all these and take 1 spoon, you can also eat it roasted or you can eat without roasting, After this let’s talk about dinner, take extra care in dinner complete it by 7 – 7.30 don’t make it late then this, this will give you amazing weight loss, so in dinner I am giving to you with diet plan first option I am giving is sauteed vegetables it is very amazing it is my favourite dinner option when I can’t understand anything I use this diet plan in my dinner, so guys let’s move to my kitchen and see how I make my sauteed vegetable? I am making sauteed vegetables here I have taken 1 spoon oil I am adding some sesame seeds white till, a little chopped garlic we will saute it, it will turn light brown, so here I have cut onion cubes we will add chopped broccoli we will saute it I am taking chopped capsicum, yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper I have chopped it in large size we will saute this very well, mix it and don’t cook it more it looks good when crunchy, I have taken chopped mushroom if you don’t have any of these vegetables at home you can skip that and saute other vegetables I will mix all these very well, we will add a little salt small amount of red chilli powder and I am adding some black pepper powder, some lemon juice, we will mix them very well that’s simple so quickly our sauteed vegetables are ready now we will turn the gas off and serve this in plates this is very delicious they are one of my favourite guys I use it most in my meals it is very colourful, beautiful, yummy and are delicious and give you superb weight loss and you see how much antioxidants it will have and how many vitamins are there.

It is beautiful gorgeous. So guys this was my amazing, colourful bright sauteed vegetables recipe, if you don’t want to take this then you can take my weight loss ghia recipe, this is my weight loss ghia recipe you can go and watch this it is very amazing for weight loss, if you do not want to take this then you can take soup now it is winter season and our body after eating so much junk has become unhealthy so soup will help your body in healing so this is recipe of 7 soups in my channel you can go and watch this, so you can take this in dinner if you don’t want to take this crunchy carrot bean recipe, you can take one small bowl in your dinner. After dinner let’s talk about our night drink this is a very important part of our diet plan because after 1 or 1-1/2 hour after dinner you take your night drink then metabolism of your body remains high through out the night and it also prevents you from constipation so next morning because of this night drink your stomach gets clean nicely in night drink I am giving you ajwain tea how to make it? Come to my kitchen I will show you.

So here I have taken a pan I am putting 1 glass water I placed it on gas I am taking 1/4th tea spoon ajwain carom seeds and we will boil it with closed lid now I am removing this lid it is boiled we will turn off the gas its very simple this is our ajwain tea in just 2 minutes we will keep it covered for 2 minutes now we will filter and drink it hot so so simple, its ready guys. So guys ajwain carom seeds are very amazing for digestion so because we have eaten so much junk food and our digestive system is very much tired to relax and clean it and to give it some rest ajwain tea is very helpful if you have bloating or acidity or you have digestive problems this will help you in relieving them so guys this was our detox diet plan so the weight you have increased you follow this diet plan you can guaranteed reduce 2.5 – 3 kilos weight in one week Whatever you have increased, the whole of it will be gone. or you can have more weight loss than that, so you must follow this and you tell me how much this helped you if my today’s video is helpful for you so definitely give it a thumbs up like it and share it with your friends and family because they also would have increased weight while going in all these festivals and weddings so they will also get help so do share with your friends and family they will bless you if you have not subscribed my channel then subscribe it quickly because I keep bringing such amazing diet plan and healthy recipes do follow me on Instagram this is my Instagram id there I keep sharing with you amazing transformation picture of my clients so by watching them you will also get motivated and you will get more energy to loose weight fastly so let’s meet you in my next video stay tuned to my channel guys bye for now.




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