But, if you want a good detox and positive results, you should go for this diet! This is a very simple diet For seven days, you will have to eat thirty bananas per day. You will have to drink three litres of water per day. The basic objective of this diet is This is NOT a weight-loss diet. But I use this as a quick-fix weight reduction process. The diet also has small 'cheat codes' which you can use, which I will show you in the next episode.

I will be completely into it on the first day. I think to myself, "I've started the diet! I have to do it! I'll see the result after seven days!" I feel a little dullness in the second day. I don't feel dull health-wise or mood-wise. I feel like eating all that. I feel like completely giving up on the third day. If you're able to control yourself on the third and fourth day. There's another three days left, let's complete it. You will reach that stage. Why it's called the 'banana diet' is because bananas give the feeling of being full. We can sustain through the day. If you like watermelons, you can try it with watermelons. If you like oranges, you can try it with oranges. I go through the diet smoothly during mango season, because I just love mangoes. Go ahead with the fruit you like. You won't get the feeling of fullness. You can make a lot of recipes with bananas and mangoes. What yo have to do is, for seven days, you have to consume twenty five to thirty bananas per day. You HAVE to eat twenty five to thirty bananas.

Follow these three things for maximum results. I also said you can use it for this, right? What I'm going to show you next episode is….. You must be thinking, "Ashmita said I have to eat only bananas." "But what are the recipes I can follow?" .



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