Hello and welcome back to my channel guys.I am Dr Shikha. So guys today's video will be going to be very interesting Because in today's video I've brought those things which you always use to ask Guys in today video I've brought winter diet plan You use to ask in comments that nowadays in market summer's fruits and vegetables are not available So please bring a diet plan for winters so that we can lose weight in winters also So in today's video guys I've brought for you that will give you amazing weight loss for sure along with that it'll give you lots of immunity which will prevent you from illness in winters Guys everybody want attractive body and good looks but along with that from a diet we should've things that boost our immunity and prevent us from any illness and we get healthy and fit body So in winters season then our activity level is very less our water intake become very less, we drink very less water we start taking high carbohydrates in our diet and consume fried food and all there are so many festivals so there are many sweets and other good dishes at our home because of which we start to overeat or we visit someones house or someone is coming to ours because of all this it leads to weight gain and specially in winters we wear covered clothes because of which we remain unaware about our weight gain So in today's diet plan I'll tell you all things because of which you'll have superb weight loss in winter also So guys lets start with our winter diet plan Before starting diet plan Most important things that I always tell you in my diet plan you've to follow that in this diet also that 8 hours sleep is must with your any diet plan Sleep at around 10-10.30 at night and wake up around 6-6.30am in morning and start following your diet plan So just after waking up in morning after using washroom first thing that you'll do is your weight check you've to do this always and daily and with my all diet plans so whatever your eat how that is suiting your body how much weight loss or weight gain it is giving to you all these things should be clear to you so firstly you'll check your weight after that first thing to get in your body that is water which is our morning drink In winter diet plan, morning drink that I'm giving to you is that I myself is using around 2-3 weeks currently using this and I've felt so many benefit of this in my body so many health benefits This'll give you superb weight loss for sure along with this it gives you inch loss and there are so many health benefits of this that is very much important So in morning I'm giving you Methi(fenugreek) tea Let's move to kitchen and learn how to make this We're making methi tea.

I've a pan on gas Now I'm adding water a little more than a glass I'm adding 1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds will cover it and let it boil After 5 minutes of boiling turn off the gas and remove its lid and transfer it into glass that's it So very simple our methi tea is ready we've to drink full glass you can have it either lukewarm or hot this is so amazing control diabetes so much amazing for cholestrol weight loss specially belly fat controls amazingly it is warm in nature to try to use it only in winters So guys after morning drink here comes our breakfast breakfast is very important in any diet plan Never skip your breakfast Do take your breakfast and on time around 8-8.30am try to finish your breakfast it is very important so in breakfast I'm giving you 5 options our first option is Bajra Roti Bajra is a winter grain so its superb for winters for sure include that in your diet and I'm giving you bajra roti in breakfast let,s move to kitchen and learn how to make bajra roti So we're making Bajra roti here I've taken bajra flour 1 bowl and here I've taken lukewarm water from this we'll knead bajra flour there will be soft dough adding water gradually don't add too much water in a single go so now our dough is ready we'll leave it covered for 10 minutes so here we'll sprinkle some dry flour.This is wheat flour and here we've taken small dough we'll prepare it like a normal roti but I'll not use roller I'll press it with my palm and like this I'll prepare a round roti by pressing it I've flaten it by pressing it so it is completely round that's it Now we'll cook in on griddle we'll press it with a cloth from on side now we'll turn it to another side it is properly cooked from one side we'll cook it from other side also so our bajra roti is ready to serve we will apply 1 spoon on desi ghee over it and you can take it with 1 bowl of any seasonal vegetable too much filling and yummy it is and it is superb for weight loss so guys you can have this bajra roti with any seasonal vegetalbe During winters I like to have spinach and I include it alot in my diet as it has many nutrients in it like Iron,calcium Vitamin C which keeps you very healthy in winter season and boost your immunity also So you can have it with your any 1 Bowl of vegetalbe along with this you can have 1 cup milk or if you want to take tea/ coffee you can have that also but avoid sugar completely do not include in your diet you can have bajra roti if you don't want to take bajra roti So you can take my multigrain roti and its recipe is on my channel you can also have with any any vegetable if you don't want to take multigrain roti then you can have my stuffed prantha in this also you can add any winter vegetable available at home which are seasonal vegetable you can stuff it inside and have that or if you don't even want to have stuffed prantha then on my channel protein rich recipes of jowar dosa jowar chilla guys these are very amazing high in protein you can have this also in your breakfast this will keep you full entire day and will also fulfill your protein requirement also all these things which I've told you can have with 1 spoon of desi ghee apply desi ghee on it and enjoy and remain full breakfast should be the healthiest meal of your day so in lunch and dinner you don't feel much hungry and you don't overeat much when we eat good at breakfast we remain energetic whole day and whatever we eat that get digested and give us energy whole day and specially if we include complex carbohydrates in breakfast which I've given you in my all breakfast recipes so when you include complex carbohydrates in your body let's understand science behind this which is very important there are 2 types of carbohydrates – simple and complex carbohydrates when we eat complex carbohydrates they breakdown gradually in your body as they're complex in nature because of that they give gradual energy entire day and there is no energy burst in your body at once because you don't require that much energy as compare to simple carbohydrates they're very easy to digest they easily breakdown in your body they produce so much glucose in your body and produce so much energy this energy doesn't get utilised in your body energy that is left that stores in your body as fats so that's why include complex carbohydrates in your diet instead of simple carbohydrates So guys after this comes our mid morning snack Mid morning snack plays very important role in our weight loss because when you take your mid morning snack your metabolism remains high after breakfast you had your mid morning snack and after that you have you lunch so your body keep on working somehow so your metabolism remains fast second thing is that you don't feel much hungry till lunch so you don't overeat otherwise if you're very hungry till lunch then there is tendency that you'll overeat so that's why mid morning snack is very important In mid morning snack in winter diet plan I'm giving you 2 options You can take guava or or you can take orange you can take any one fruit among these these both are vitamin C rich Guava is a rich source of vitamin C which will boost your immunity in winters Vitamin C is good for your immunity plus for your skin Maintain your skin young and wrinkle free skin so must include this in your diet After this it's our lunch turn Complete your lunch till 1-1.30pm because if you delay your lunch then again you'll be much hungrier and you tend to overeat you overeat in your lunch so it is very important that you should take all your meals on time so you don't feel much hungry and avoid overating In lunch I'm giving you 3 options The first option I like it very much And I am sure you will also love it That is our spinach-dal recipe How to make it Let's go to kitchen.

I will tell you. We are making spinach dal First, ready our dal(lentils) I have taken moong dal here. Yellow one. I have washed it properly Putting this in cooker. Put little salt in it. Little haldi(turmeric powder) After putting some water We will put the lid on cooker We will cook it till 3-4 whistles. I have taken a pan here. I am putting one spoon desi ghee. I am putting heeng in it. Asfoetida. Little red chilli powder I am putting some jeera. Cumin seeds. And we will properly saute all three. I have dry red chilli here. Dry red chilli. Little chopped garlic. Chopped ginger It should also be properly sauteed. When it gets little light brown. Then we will put turmeric powder. Haldi. Little red chilli powder. And properly saute it Now here I have taken chopped onions Saute it a little When it will turn a little light brown Then we will put chopped tomatoes in it After putting lid, let it cook for 5-10 minutes.

It has been 5 to 10 minutes Our tomatoes and onions are properly cooked I am putting chopped spinach I have properly washed it. Properly chopped the spinach We will saute it a little We are not required to cook it a lot Now see the dal, 4 whistles have come Our dal is cooked very nicely We will put this in pan now Now our tomatoes, onions, and spinach is cooked We have put the dal in pan Mix it properly Put little water in it Adjust its consistency Dal is a little thick We will properly mix it I am putting little garam masala(spices) in it Few chopped green chilli's We will put some lemon juice in it And mix it properly Our dal is completely ready now It is absolutely ready to serve Eat it while it's hot At lunch, you can take complete bowl as a meal It is very delicious Definitely try it It is really yummy It is very filling And weight loss can happen with this So this was our spinach dal's recipe Guys dal has protein Which is very important for you Here I have used moong dal Which has comparatively lesser carbs than other lentils So you can take a good bowl of this in lunch As it also has spinach Which is very amazing and nutritious It has vitamin c Iron and Zinc Which keeps your immunity high It is amazing for winter season So definitely take this Remember one thing in dal Because both spinach and dal contains iron But to absorb iron in your body Vitamin C is very important for that So if you squeeze some lemon in it Or green chilli's Cut them and put on top Which is high in vitamin c So dal's and spinach's The iron of both will get properly absorbed in your body So this is an amazing lunch option So if you don't want to take this The second option is palak-paneer's recipe This is palak-paneer's recipe on my channel You can go and watch it It is an amazing recipe In this it has paneer And it has palak Paneer is high in protein And palak(spinach) has many benefits So you can take this If you don't want to take this This is coffee's recipe on my channel You can take it Sometimes it happen that We did a heavy breakfast and ain't hungry for lunch So in this, it has two hot coffee recipes.

They are really superb I give it to many clients Specially the masala coffee of mine My client's really like it You also try. You will definitely like it. you can take this coffee with this you can have 2 digestive biscuits and if you want to skip and you can skip also So guys after lunch comes our evening tea which is also very important don't skip it because if you take evening tea along with that you have a snack then you don't overeat in dinner and you don't feel much hungry and you avoid overeating So in evening snack I'm giving you green tea you can have 1 cup green tea of any brand avoid adding sugar in it and with that you can take 1 small bowl makhane you can have roasted makhane There is seven 7 snacks recipe on my channel 2 recipes are very amazing in that You can take 1 small bowl of any these recipes You'll surely enjoy it as it is very amazing Guys I've many clients who are out of India There are certain country where weather mostly remains cold I give them these things in there diet because all these things that I'm telling you this will keep your high immunity will boost your immunity and then you won't get sick because when we are following our diet plan and we get sick in between then that whole tempo gets disturbed if we take medicines it leads to weight gain and because of that our pace gets completely disturbed So you be careful about taking such things in winters which boost up your immnunity if your country also remain cold then all these things which I'm telling you is very beneficial to you too so after evening tea comes our dinner I'm telling you very important thing keep that in mind that your dinner should not be late than 7-7.30pm even in your winters also finish your dinner around 7-7.30 pm because if you've your dinner late till that time your metabolism will get very slow because of which your body won't be digesting the food that you'll have and you'll face problems like bloating gas and acidity in your body as that food will remain undigested again that will lead to weight gain as if you eat late so that food will not get digested in your body and will get store in your body as fat So finish your dinner till 7-7.30pm In dinner I'm giving you 2 options First option is an amazing salad I'm sure you've never tried it earlier if you'll have this you will surely like it so in dinner first option I'm giving to you is cauliflower salad let's move to kitchen and learn how to make this I'm making Cauliflower salad Here in a pan I've added water will boil it and will be adding pitch of salt in it mix it well now water is boiled here I've taken cauliflower and cut it into small florets and washed it properly we'll keep it in boiling water for 10 minutes only now we'll sieve it through siever we've to blanch it Now in that pan only.I've thrown the water I've taken little small only 1 drop adding chopped garlic chopped onions will saute it little Now adding this blanced cauliflower and sliced tomatoes adding green chilly adding corainder leaves pinch of salt little paprika powder if you don't have you can red chilly powder little oregano seasoning little chilli flakes and little lemon juice Mix it well and that's it our cauliflower salad is ready to serve Now we'll add this in a nice serving bowl and can have 1 full bowl as a meal this is very delicious trust on that You must try it once it is very amazing,filling and superb for weight loss if you don't want to take salad in dinner you want something steaming hot as it is winters so here is my soup recipes you can check it out all are very amazing and tasty soups and get cooks very quickly,if you want to make it for everyone then it will get cooked very easily and quicky in a pot if you are tired after working whole day in office or you're very busy housewife and you don't have even as single minute so this is very amazing option for you you must try it,it cooks very delicious also and it is an amazing option for winters if you get a bowl of steaming hot soup in winter it would be a fun so you can check these soups from my channel there is chicken soup recipe also if you're non vegetarain you can add chicken soup also it is good for your immunity if you include non veg in your diet then you can take boiled egg boiled egg salad recipe is there on my channel it is very delicious recipe for weight loss if you eat eggs you can include this in your diet or this is chicken recipe on my channel this is chicken tikka recipe soon I'll update grilled chicken recipe on my channel it's very amazing you can include that also in your diet but keep this thing in mind that either completely avoid salt or in very less quantity as salt will give you body retention and that will lead to gain in weight so if you can avoid salt in dinner then it is very good otherwise include very less salt in your diet if you've problem on low Bp then you can use normal salt in your diet otherwise keep your consumption less in dinner so guys after dinner comes a very important thing that is our night drink it's normally very important with our diet plan but in winters it is very amazing before sleeping if you're taking this hot tea that I'm giving you tumeric tea so I'm telling you you will never get sick throughout winters you won't get sick so amazing there are so many health benefits I'm using it from long time I myself had noticed many changes one it is good for weight loss gives you superb inch loss specially in your belly fat area belly fat is problematic area for many so if you use this,then you'll see so much improvement in your belly fat after using it and second this is very good for your immunity there are many health benefits as you know this is a superfood which has many health benefits, it gives you immunity and don't let you get sick so let's move to kitchen and learn how to make turmeric tea Guys for turmeric tea I've taken a pan with water in it and kept it on gas this is turmeric root easily available in market at vegetable vendors if you don't get this you can also use normal turmeric powder I've grated it I'm adding 1 spoon in water 1 spoon grated ginger add this also in water 1/4 teaspoon blackpepper powder I've taken these 2 cinnamon sticks I'm adding this also in water Mix it well that's simple,will cover it and let it boil when it get boil,will remove lid and turn off the gas we will strain in out we've to consume 1 glass warm as my drink if you don't have raw turmeric you can use turmeric powder also but we've to use only 2 pinch of turmeric powder so our turmeric tea is ready so guys this was our winter diet plan one more thing that you've be careful along with this diet plan you have to drink 2.5 – 3 ltr of water in a day and 8 hours of sleep is must and you've to take your meals on time and you've to be more careful about portion control if you take nutritious things, healthy things good things in large quantity that'll lead to weight gain so remember to consume all these things in portion control eat in limit so that it gives you weight loss not weight gain and you sleep on time and wake up on time because of which you'll have superb weightloss and winters doesn't mean that we're wearing more covering clothes that allows us to eat more and chance to gain weight as fat is not visible but remember that winter when again we'll come back in our summer clothes and then we don't get into that and then we'll feel bad so at that time fat is visible so you should eat with a mindset that after winters we've to get back in our summers clothes so guys do follow it, you'll get amazing results you can lose 10-12 kgs easily by using this diet plan Do use it and tell me in comments that how much this benefited you if you found today's video beneficial and you like it, so do hit the like button Share it with your family and friends and take advantage of this diet plan Community that we've of this heathly and fit people spread it more to the people so not only you and me, many more can take benefit from this and stay healthy and fit if you're on instagram then do follow me there,this is my instagram ID there I share with you my clients amazing tranformation that will give you more motivation and inspiration and you'll also become healthy and fit if you haven't subscribed my channel then do subscribe it because like this I'll be bringing diet plans and weight loss superb videos for you so will meet you in my next video in which I'll bring either a diet plan or superb recipe for weight loss stay tuned to my channel guys.Bye for now



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