Hey Guys! I am Nisa Homey, today I'm sharing 
a full day vegetarian meal plan which is also   a thyroid friendly weight loss diet plan. I 
have customized this diet plan to suit Indian   taste focusing on good gut health using 
traditional Indian food wisdom. I'm using   easily available inexpensive ingredients, 
it's 100 % refined sugar-free, dairy free,   and gluten-free meal plan meaning there are no 
wheat or maida or milk products in this diet   plan. The meals are divided into three main meals 
and two small meals and hence you will not feel   hungry throughout the day. The natural healthy 
fats in the meals will help to keep you feel   satiated between meals. No refined oils are used 
other than the healthy fats. I hope you take this   meal plan as a challenge to wean off from refined 
sugar, refined oil, and from processed foods. So,   let's get started with the diet plan. 
Start your day with warm structured water,   structured water is water stored overnight and 
a copper vessel. Along with this have overnight   soaked almonds it's important that the almonds 
are soaked and peeled to help release the phytic   acid content as it will help in good digestion 
and better nutrient absorption.

After this meal   go for a 30 minute walk, cycling, or yoga or 
any physical activity of your choice. Breakfast   is steamed bananas the sides of the bananas 
are trimmed off and sliced into half and make   some gashes on the banana and steam cook until 
done . Once the bananas are steamed, serve the   bananas with grated coconut and overnight soaked 
pumpkin seeds remember to keep yourself hydrated   by drinking water preferably structured water all 
through the day. Lunch is fermented rice kanji,   which is a traditional method of preparing 
gut friendly fermented meal. Maintaining a   healthy gut ecosystem is highly important for a 
sustainable healthy weight loss. Fermented rice   kanji is easy to make it home and no cooking is 
needed other than some leftover rice and water,   but you need to make some preparations the night 

Leftover rice which is cooked in a clay   pan is the main ingredient. Add in some water 
preferably structured water and with your hand mix   the rice and water do not add any salt. Slice in 
a handful of shallots also known as small onions.   I like to use shallots in my recipes as they 
are a good source of iron and folate and then   cover with the lid make sure you are not using a 
tight lid we need the wild airborne yeast for the   natural fermentation process so loosely cover it 
and that is also the reason why I am using a clay   pot to make the fermented rice kanji.

Allow it to 
rest overnight or until lunch which is what I am   doing today. Along with this soak a cup of green 
moong dal in water. Squeeze in half a lemon and   add the lemon rind into the water and soak it 
overnight this will help with easy digestion.   If you have have noticed having gas bloating 
or digestive issues when consuming dal soaking   it overnight with some lemon juice along with the 
rind will help with the digestive issues. The next   day morning rinse a dal thoroughly and add it to 
the pressure cooker, add in some water the water   should be just above the green moong dal. Cover 
and pressure cook for two to three whistles.

Into   the Chutney grinder add in 1 green chili, 3 to 
4 shallots, a couple of garlic cloves, half cup   grated coconut, and half teaspoon turmeric powder. 
Coarsely grind and keep it aside. For tadka heat   a kadai with one teaspoon wood pressed coconut 
oil. Once the oil is heated add in half teaspoon   mustard seeds, 2 whole red chillies which I'm 
breaking into half and adding in, curry leaves   I'm also breaking the curry leaves into small and 
adding in so that the flavors are released. Four   to five shallots sliced and saute them once the 
shallots are golden transfer the cooked moong dal   into the kadai. Add in pink Himalayan salt as 
needed, stir well. Add in the coarsely ground   coconut and mix well. Once nicely mixed turn 
off the flame and the moong dal sabji is ready   to serve. Let's check on the fermented rice kanji 
and you can see that it is perfectly fermented.

Do   not heat this as it is filled with beneficial gut 
friendly bacteria much needed to maintain a good   gut ecosystem. Serve the fermented rice kanji 
along with water remember that portion control   is the key for a sustainable weight loss. Add the 
moong dal sabji homemade raw mango pickle you can   add in little salt as per taste and my super 
healthy gut friendly lunch is ready to serve.   As an evening snack have any seasonal fruit of 
your choice other options are papaya or pineapple.   If you don't prefer fruits you can have a handful 
of nuts of your choice.

15 minutes before dinner   have a glass of apple cider vinegar. To make the 
drink add a splash of apple cider vinegar into a   glass and fill it with water. I have already 
shared the health benefits of apple cider   vinegar please do check it out to understand more, 
links will be updated below this video. An early   dinner by around 6:30 – 7:00 PM will give a good 
overnight fast of 12 hours and the best part is   you will be sleeping most of the fasting time. 
Early dinner will give you 12 hours of fasting   without much effort. Dinner is a vegetable salad 
with vegetables like onions, carrots, capsicum,   beans, cucumber you can use any vegetable of your 
choice which is in season. Heat a wok with one   tablespoon wood pressed sesame oil also known as 
gingily oil. Give the work a swirl so that the oil   is coated all over the wok. Once the oil is heated 
add in the vegetables, add in some pink Himalayan   salt as needed, freshly ground black pepper powder 
as needed and give it all a stir, and cover and   steam cook for 2 minutes you may need to do this 
process a couple of times.

After two minutes, open   the lid and stir well cover, and steam cook again 
for 2 minutes. Two minutes later open the lid and   stir well, cover and steam cook on high flame 
for another 2 minutes. This way the vegetables   are steam cooked and retain their crispness. Once 
they are done turn off the flame add in a splash   of apple cider vinegar and juice of half a lemon. 
Stir it really well and transfer to a plate and my   super healthy tossed vegetable salad is ready to 
serve. The best thing about having an early dinner   is that you get a good 12 plus hours of overnight 
fasting always keep yourself hydrated by drinking   plenty of water. Remember that SITTING IS THE 
NEW SMOKING so try to move your body throughout   the day I hope this video is helpful thank you 
for watching and until next time take care bye.

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