Namashkar to all the viewers, how are you all with a new workout video I’m here in front of you once again and in today's workout video we will cover Diet tips to build muscle fast beacuse A lot of people ask me that, I am not able to build my body all the time I am not able to build my muscles I am working very hard, I want to explain to you people that more than exercise diet plays an important when it comes to building muscles Or to bulk up and people lose out on that Meaning people are not able to maintain their diet, it can have many reasons So in today's video, I will share with you 8 tips that will help you to bulk up that is to build muscle quickly.

Let's start our video. 1st tip I would like to give to all of you is Get used to Calories surplus means take the habit of eating more pulses if you guys are serious about building up muscle or to bulk up quickly because it has no substitute Many people do this, I have seen that they have to do 6 meals a day but when they go for 2-3 meals, they start feeling very full, due to which they feel discomfort And they either miss the next meal or reduce its portion size.

But don't do this because calorie surplus has no alternative In the name of calorie surplus, many people will suggest you to eat a lot of protein I would like to explain to you that carbohydrate is also essential when you have a purpose to build muscle or you want to bulk up quickly Because the energy that your body needs to build muscle comes from carbohydrates This means you will have to take a high carb diet My suggestion is that out of all the calories you have to take for the day Out of that 50-60% of the calories should come from carbs But what a lot of people make mistake is that in the name of carbohydrate they start eating pizza burger or something like that don't you start that you should eat only good quality carbs in which you can eat rice, sweet potato, normal potato, oatmeal etc Apart from this, high carb helps a lot in keeping you in an anabolic state So the thing to understand is that if you eat less carbohydrates then the protein which is in the work of building muscle, your body will use it as energy That's why you should eat more carbohydrates because carbohydrates keep giving you energy and protein helps in building your muscle Conclusion is that to eat more and eat healthy if you want to bulk up quickly 2 tip is high meal frequency Lets understand high meal frequency that means you will have to eat more and more frequently Throughout the day you should eat after every 2-2.5 hours because throughout the day your body varies between muscle breakdown and muscle build up Because you have to keep your body in the process with maximum muscle build up then for that you have to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body.

For which you will have to eat protein again and again along with the protein take care of carbohydrate and fat in every meal. Moral of the story is that you must do at least 5 meals a day 3 Tip I Would Like To Give You Is That Never Skip Your Meals Even On Of Days You have to understand that when you go to gym, you don't actually build muscle There you do muscle breakdown, you build muscle, when you are in the recovery phase you are taking your meals in recovery time and providing good nutrition to the body What do people do wrong that they skip their miles in the off days or don't eat enough on that day because of which they don't achieve your goal then the next time you get the same number of meals in the off days You have to do as much as you do on a normal day when you go to the gym That means you have to eat enough for seven days if you want to bulk up fast 4 Tip is Add Weight Gain Shake In Your Diet Because you have to live in a calorie surplus, for which it is difficult to eat solid food throughout the day, which you can understand.

First of all, you will try to eat as much solid food as possible But still adding a weight gain shake to your diet is an easy option for a calorie surplus My suggestion is that instead of buying from the market, you should make them at home because you will know its nutritional value and you can increase or decrease the number of ingredients according to your requirements And you can make your own homemade shake with these ingredients Milk, Banana, Oats, Whey Protein & Peanut Butter So that your healthy shake will be ready which will help you to bulk up and if you are looking for good peanut butter then I have recently tried Pintola's organic jaggery peanut butter although I have tried many peanut butters But this is the first high protein peanut butter which tastes amazing good fat plus you will get 35g protein in 100g Which is more than any other brand of peanut butter Pintola's peanut butter is added under high quality whey protein then imported from New Zealand it is made from 100% organic jaggery with no artificial sugar added And apart from being high protein, its texture and consistency are very smooth Along with organic jaggery, dark chocolate is also available in high protein peanut butter I am giving the link in the description box, please check the product by clicking And all the products of Pintola are all natural and high quality 5 tip is to add casein protein in your diet After workout, we all drink whey protein because it is fast digestive and repairs our muscles immediately But if you want to bulk up fast, then you should include casein protein In your diet before sleeping at night Because Casein protein is a slow digestive protein It keeps feeding your muscles slowly throughout the night.

And keeps them in anabolic stage so that your muscle building process gets faster 6 Tip For All Of You People Will Add Few Important Supplements In Your Diet If you are very serious about building muscle then there are some supplements that you must include in your diet Which contains Proteins, creatine, Pre Workout, Fish Oil and Multivitamins You already know about protein, I have also told you many times creatine is one of the most researched supplements, whose results are coming then you can eat 5-7 grams in a day Pre workout will maintain the intensity of your workout which is essential eat fish oil for good fat And because it is very important to take care of micronutrients in the diet for which you should use multivitamins 7 Tip is Drink adequate Amount Of Water If you want to grow muscle, then you have to keep it hydrated, for which you drink more and more water If your muscle is dehydrated then it will be in order and you will not be able to work out well It is also important to drink the right amount of water so that better nutrients are supplied to your body it supports your joints, which helps you in exercise Staying hydrated boosts your body's funnin which supports your muscle building process 8 and Last Tip is Track Your Progress Means every week you should track your progress to see what changes have come in your physique Through the pictures or you check on weighing scale how much weight you have gained If there is no change then it means either you are eating less or you need to make changes in diet because many people do not track their progress and say that we eat well we do good workouts but we don't see any change in us But how will they know how much change has come in them? So it is also an important point to track your progress weekly this was our today's video hope you like this video like every video keep supporting the channel like this I will continue to create informational content for all of you, I will keep coming in front of you till then goodbye namaste



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