Namaskar,  We are usually bothered about our looks one  pimple and we are terrified because we compare   ourselves with celebrities. Now what you see  and what the reality is something different.   You should know that on the screen you  see something which is not the reality   yoga always believes to go to the root cause of  all the problems when there are pimples acne we   have to understand why these things are. Rather  than getting affected because of look so let's   work on ourselves understand the root cause of  acne as well as pimple. Let us first understand   the difference between acne and pimples. acne  is a disease pimple is one of its symptom   acne is a condition affecting the Skins hair  follicle and the oil gland when the sebum that   Oil and the dead cells of the skin they come  together, they plug the follicles and this plug   attracts the bacteria's and these bacterias cause  inflammation and redness.

So let's understand   more causes of pimple. First is  sinuses are located below eyes here   and around so these three sets they are hollow  cavity and the if they are filled with mucus,   they are going to affect your external and so the  internal has to be clean free from infection and   your skin will be better. Another reason is our  hormonal imbalances if we don't sleep well if we   don't eat properly if we are not relaxed hormones  don't secret well and for hormones Spread into the   whole system proper activities are required. So  all these are the reason if hormonal imbalances   are there pimples are bound to come that's why  people have found out that premenstrual tension   after menstruation pimples are much much more  third reason is junk food, this ready-made   products, which are artificially colored flavor  vitaminilised mineralized. They are really really   bad for the whole system. We should totally avoid  them. Hygiene of our internal elementary Canal   if that is not maintained. If we are suffering  from constipation. It is going to affect our skin   externally also so internal cleansing is most  important in the morning person should see that   person evacuates bowels very well the Cosmetics  which we are using it really closes the pores of   your face and the skin is becoming unhealthy.

No  oxygen. That creates problem. So these Cosmetics   have to be understood how to use when to use  how to remove it how to clean your skin. Well,   handruff on your hair is very major cause  person should see that if pimples are there   check your hair there should not be any  dandruff. No unhealthy way of washing your head   and that would help removing pimples. Any tension  any problem anywhere when you see in your body   good sleep can solve big big problem  give emphasis to that and the problem   would be solved on the surface.

Also.  You see yoga plays an important role   apart from health benefits of yoga in case of this  pimples and acne, which is looking so superficial   surface. Yoga can really help you 10  times more than what you even expect.   Yoga always says that become very much aware about  yourself what you are doing how you are doing.   When you are touching your face see that you  touch gently see that you wash your face with   fresh water see that you tap and dry it up and not  be harsh on your skin. All this thing tells you   that bring a little love and care in your system.  And that would really help well certain asanas   which really improves circulation on your facial  region and relaxes the upper spine upper part of   our body should be done regularly for health  of your skin Here Comes chakrasana that is   bending back and bending forward.  Trikonasana again forward bending.   And sarvangasana and vipritkarni So it is  inversion.

So these are some should be done   very regularly good relaxation. Technique is  shavasan person should really let go of all the   thoughts all the negativity and tension and  just relax bring little vairagya Detachment   from everything around you and from your body  also that would help recouping your body's problem   hygiene techniques are very good. And so here is  jal neti water sniffing that will work wonders   to see that your sinuses are really healthy.  Similarly kapalbhati cleaning your sinuses.   Very fast would do tremendously Good. You see  apart from our sons relaxation here is the benefit   of pranayama you seen pranayama, you are  increasing oxygen level. You are breathing well,   and so these pranayama one is alternate breathing.  Breathe in from one side breathe out from Another   Side these alternate breathing and alone belong  pranayama really is required when person doesn't   anulom vilom pranayama. Both the nostrils are  functioning value breathes.

Well volume of air is   more automatically cleans our blood oxygen is more  carbon dioxide removed from blood and that blood   flows into our body to hair and naturally it would  help her face also. Well what you eat reflects   on your Body as well as on your skin. So be very  very careful about eating a right type of food   drink amla juice vitamin C very much high in that  and that really helps in preventing infection.   It helps in managing sinusitis and all that  and that would help in a skin definite.   You see some natural ingredients which are  there in our kitchen which are there around us   are very easy usable.

And these certain  things should be used to give a health   to your skin to handle pimples and  acne there are something which person   will really see the effect one is honey honey is  a very good strong moisturizer it keeps your skin   moist and so that skin always remains soft and  gently well apply a few drops of Honey on pimples.   Just rub it keep for 10 minutes.

And then rinse  it with warm water. That would be very good.   Second aloe vera which would help reducing  inflammation. It would help reducing bacteria's   removing bacteria from your skin and allow skin  to heal naturally well take little aloe vera gel   add turmeric and apply on the face or  add green tea and apply that on your face   stay for some time and then Wash it out understand  that this combination really helps removing excess   oil of your skin, and it really helps to give  good health to your skin. One of a very good pack   is yogurt and black pepper black pepper and  yogurt on the face keep it for some time   and then massage it and wash it out after  10-15 minutes black pepper, really? Helps   increasing oxygen to your skin. It helps removing  inflammation. It helps removing infections and   it gives more oxygen and that really helps  in taking care of your acne and pimples.   Well another pack which is  really good is multani mitti   put little holiday in that turmeric in  that little sandal wood powder in that   little of lemon in that and try and put  little milk and make a paste and apply that   on your face.

Let it dry for some time. Once it  is completely dried then wash your face with cold.   Understand once you attend to yourself these  pimples acne as they will disappear. They are   not going to be there permanently on your face.  So have confidence what will remain permanently   is your own positive state of mind your own  Inner Strength your own inner spark what really   is required is nothing else but a sweet smile  as a makeup. That's it.

You will be surprised.   That's how a key to so many problems lie  in our own homegrown practices of yoga.  Namaskar




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