i'm not a huge fan of eggs i really hate eggs y'all why are you doing the egg diet if you hate eggs so it turns out there's a new diet on the internet a diet where you can lose 22 pounds in just 10 days now i'm not sure if this diet is healthy safe or effective but you do it by eating eggs alone so let's go ahead and review this phenomenon but before we get started i'm dr nick zyrowski and i opened my holistic health practice six years ago to help people take control of their health naturally because true health only comes naturally before we get started with the video i want to let you know that my nutricore one-on-one health consulting program is open this is a program where we help people take control of their health naturally and get to the root cause of the problem so that they can reverse conditions naturally but also promote longevity if you want to learn more about it click on the link in the description below morning you have three hard-boiled eggs green tea and that's it but i don't like boiled eggs so i'm gonna like switch it around and i'm going to scramble them she woke up in the morning and she's doing this egg diet with the hopes of losing 22 pounds in 10 days she starts off with three eggs okay that sounds like a typical person's breakfast now when you look at three eggs we're looking at about 210 calories because i am going to pay attention to calories as we go through this very important i have three eggs that i scrambled again like this morning i have one apple of my cup of green tea i'm gonna eat this right now because i'm sobbing wait a minute here i thought this was an egg diet why are we eating apples if it's supposed to be an only egg diet i'm a little bit confused but i'm not surprised you're starving because you did eat breakfast and you only had 210 calories let's keep going here it's currently 4 p.m and i'm gonna have my snack which is one apple and a green tea so it's dinner time and we're gonna have oatmeal so let's start off with half a cup of oats also half a cup of milk any milk of your choice i choose oat milk and half a cup of water or one cup of water depends on how dry or wet you want it one tablespoon of honey as much cinnamon as you want i put frozen berries but you can put normal berries or nuts or whatever you want am i the only one confused and doesn't know what's happening here because it was my understanding that if you follow an egg diet you are actually just eating eggs let's look into what an egg diet really is because i i don't know what's happening here and this is why this diet stuff gets so confusing because you know you maybe think of it one way or you read about it a certain way and then you see a video on the internet and you're like wait that's not what i think the egg diet is with a quick search here's what i found the egg diet is basically described like this you eat mostly eggs lean proteins and low-carb fruits and veggies so when you really break this down as to what the egg diet actually is it's basically keto from what i'm seeing right here but this still doesn't add up because where are you getting the honey in the oatmeal and the berries and all the other things they're throwing in there i think i might be on to it let's check this out impossible well it isn't if you follow the style plan achieving a healthy weight is all about striking the right balance between the energy that you put in and the energy that you use and you can do this by making healthy changes to your eating habits this 900 calorie meal plan is a very low calorie diet which will facilitate quick weight loss okay we are on to it so first of all it's a 900 calorie meal plan that you follow for 10 days it turns out i'm not quite sure yet what we have to eat during this meal plan but i can tell you this if we're eating 900 calories a day for 10 days in a row there's no doubt we're going to lose some weight i mean if you think about it that's going to be like an 8 to 900 calorie deficit for a female in upwards of like a 1500 calorie deficit for a male so certainly you will lose weight there's no doubt about it but let's figure out a little bit more about this with the simplest of ingredients which are eggs apples oats and green tea okay i'm following this a little bit better now and i hope you are too there's the actual egg diet but then there's a particular version of the egg diet made by somebody on the internet in which this individual this girl that we're following along with on her journey that she is following in this particular version of the egg diet you eat eggs oatmeal apples and green tea let's go back and follow this girl's journey so that we can see what kind of results she actually got from this the diet is over and i'm happier it was a struggle for me i lost weight i lost 15 pounds thank you but it's hard it's hard you know to like cut down your calories 900 calories and it was like tough she did lose weight she lost a total of 15 pounds in those 10 days she said that it was very hard in a struggle and she didn't feel well if you cut your calories to 900 calories a day for one you'll definitely lose weight and two you're not going to feel very good because as i mentioned before that's a big calorie deficit i can see how this can be beneficial for some people to just jump into a strict diet however what we always want to look at is sustainability and for one this obviously isn't sustainable my question here is would you maybe just be better off going into a good healthy low-carb diet and teaching yourself some sustainable practices so yeah you can lose some weight but what happens after the diet do you gain it all back well in this particular egg diet video the claim is that with a three-day egg diet fast she lost 19 pounds that's truly insane let's see what's going on here wellness warriors eat eggs butter and cheese and you can do any variation variation you can do string cheese you can do cream cheese however you want to do it i'm not a huge fan of eggs i really hate eggs y'all why are you doing the egg diet if you hate eggs i'm a little bit confused by this here's what we've learned so far now if you've been as confused as i've been through this whole process go ahead and check this out so we have the egg diet which is wildly popular made by a particular person on the internet then there's the actual egg diet which is pretty much like keto what we determine and then there's the egg fast where you eat nothing but eggs with some dairy sprinkled in for about three days we're getting to the bottom of this but let's see how she fares out with this as somebody who doesn't like eggs i do want to try keto i'm not saying i'mma stick with keto i don't know anything really about keto so but i want to try keto and hopefully these three days doing this egg fast my body will slip into ketosis and then i can just start off doing keto and if you don't know what ketosis is ketosis is basically when um your body no longer depends on carbs and stuff and then your body just basically eats the freaking fat i mean i love the description of what ketosis is i mean if you just break it down to lay person's term it's when your body eats the freaking fat love it this is interesting too because she points out this is how she's going to get into ketosis look if you're looking for a way a sure way to get into ketosis doing an egg fast like this or actually doing like a three day water fast there's no doubt it will get you there i'm feeling good i was down another two pounds so in the morning i'm gonna get on the scale and weigh myself and then i'll have like the final weight i'll get back on in the morning and tell you guys like how much i lost and everything but i feel good i'm not hungry which is crazy like these fasts don't make you hungry and it's just crazy because like when i'm getting off work and leaving the gym i'm usually starving she probably doesn't know this but she's describing ketosis so as she's actually gotten to the state of ketosis her cravings have gone away she talks about how she would just be ravenous but once your body turns into that state changes into that state where it's eating that freaking fat for energy it's a much more sustainable energy source and you don't get the craving so if you're ever doing an egg fast like that like this right here or a water fast or anything and the cravings start to go away that's ketosis fast i'm happy with the weight loss the first day i lost 2.8 pounds yeah when i woke up today and got on the scale i was another 2.8 down so i'm hoping tomorrow when i get on scale i'm at least three or four down this is pretty good healthy weight loss we have to take into consideration with what she's doing and getting into the state of ketosis she is going to be shedding a lot of water weight as well so i'm taking that into consideration when i say it's good healthy weight loss but it's not like extremely drastic it's fat loss along with water weight loss as we are pushing the body into ketosis or trying to do it fast or trying to go into ketosis then this one is a good one for you i did not check to see if i was in ketosis last night but i will um pee tonight and see if i'm in ketosis if after this fast i'm not in ketosis it's okay because although i want to try keto let's be realistic who's gonna stop eating bread i really love this video it's so funny i mean we've all been there who's gonna stop eating bread we've all felt that way whenever you start any like new journey of healthy eating you feel that way about the foods that you're attached to let's of course see if she sticks to keto after this but i do want to mention i did predict and i do predict that she is going to be in keto when she tests because based off of the different symptoms she was having and cravings being crushed like i guarantee you she's there there's no doubt about it we killed it i'm just super excited about it i lost almost seven pounds and now i'm going to continue to eat low carb and continue to eat keto so yes y'all i'm so freaking juiced i had no idea i was going to go into ketosis but i did i really love what happened here she's excited about it and she lost some weight and she did it in a really healthy way now i will say i'm a little bit confused because in her title of her video it says that she did a three-day egg fast and lost 19 pounds she lost seven pounds according to what i'm seeing here maybe i'm missing something i don't know i'm happy that she only lost seven pounds because if she had lost 19 pounds that means that something very unhealthy would have had to have happened to lose 19 pounds in three days seven pounds is healthy weight loss but what i like more about this particular video over the last one was that this was allowing her this was a gateway the egg fast was a gateway to her getting into a healthy lifestyle a healthy way of eating it wasn't a 900 calorie crash diet for just a couple days which would lead to weight loss but probably her gaining all the weight back and still not really knowing sustainable lifestyle practices but rather this was a gateway that got her into the ketogenic diet which is going to help her lose weight and become much healthier sometimes we need something like an egg fast or a water fast to get us there sometimes when we just try to go right in the keto we get confused by all the macros and we stall right there using something like the egg fast is a great gateway for getting into the ketogenic diet and getting into ketosis now i do have a little bit of personal experience with the egg fast because my wife has done it a group of her friends got together and they reached out to her and they said hey have you heard of this thing called the egg fast and my wife was very familiar familiar with it because i educated on it probably about two years ago now my wife did it for three days to the t the funny part was is that out of the whole group that did it she was the only one that actually saw it through and didn't cheat on it and it wasn't even her idea to do it in the first place to give you some context my wife was already following a good healthy low carb diet prior to starting the egg fast when she did the egg fast she lost six pounds but after she got done with it she immediately gained four pounds back her perspective of going into it was well i love eggs this will be so easy to do the egg diet but about part way through eggs became repulsive to her and she like couldn't even stand the sight of it and just didn't want to eat them she actually said that eating all those eggs that she actually felt gross after a little bit her opinion was that she wouldn't do the egg diet again and that she would rather just follow a good healthy low-carb diet and pass on the egg diet now the egg fast is completely healthy for a three-day period if you're looking to score some weight loss and get yourself into ketosis give it a try in order to kick start ketosis and the egg fast today watch this video right here remove carbohydrates processed food sugar and all these things that you shouldn't be eating in the first place and you start following the egg diet well of course you're going to get great results

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