>>I'm Amber Tincher, a family medicine physician
at Fort Yates Hospital in North Dakota. I grew up in Montana on the Fort Belknap Indian
Reservation. I'm a member of the Assinaboine tribe. My grandmother, mother and aunt all worked
at the Fort Belknap Indian Hospital and I spent time there as a child. When I was in
third grade, my mom was accepted to medical school at the University of North Dakota.
We had to move. I really missed my grandma and it was really, really hard. Luckily, hospitals
were familiar to me: my mom became a doctor at Fort Yates hospital. This is home to me
now, and I'm following in my mother's footsteps as a doctor at Fort Yates. Throughout medical
school at the University of North Dakota, I knew I wanted to practice family medicine.
To bring children into the world and know them through their lives. >> "Good job!" >>Ft.
Yates is a well-rounded, rural hospital where I am handling every type of ailment and procedure.
I see things here I'd never see at a large facility, which makes me the best physician
I can be.

I love the area, the community, the culture and the traditions. I enjoy the seasons, the
access to water activities and the outdoors. The Indian Health Service paid much of my
tuition through scholarships — so I'm debt-free! ! and my four-year obligation is about done.
But I'm not going anywhere. I love what I do and wouldn't change a thing. I am Amber
Tincher; I'm a Native American, a doctor, and a rural health care advocate…and I am IHS..



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