(upbeat music) – My name is Spencer Heninger. I'm a doctor of podiatric medicine. I've been doing podiatric
medicine and surgery at Alpine Orthopedics
for the last 10 years. If you're active, you're gonna have some sort of
susceptibility of foot pain, and typically ankle injury,
as far as an injury, an acute injury that
occurs is around the ankle, in all ages. Nowadays people are active
from very young to very old, and particularly in this area. So plantar fasciitis is a
chronic inflammatory process of the soft tissue
particularly around the heel or the heel bone, and it
just is an inflammatory, or probably even more
appropriate way to say bruising of the soft tissue around the heel that doesn't always resolve in its own.

You know, in our clinic we can usually get their problem resolved with a lot of conservative care, injections, physical therapy,
those type of things. And there's a few that don't
seem to respond to that, and we're then required to think
a little more aggressively, meaning surgically. Any good healthcare I believe is a teamwork with the patient. So that's one of the cool
things about this job and one of the cool things that I enjoy about doing my work is
that I get to actually work with the individual, with
the patient, as a team, because I gotta do my side very well and I gotta do my side appropriately and give them the best care, but they also have to
do their part as well, and if either side doesn't do it right, then we got a problem, and it is kinda neat that I can just run into a complete stranger and have a particular problem
that we get to work on and at the end come out
with a great outcome that's helped them and
it's improved my life because I've gotten to know 'em.

(upbeat music).



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