this drink is particularly Rich into antioxidant 
called leotine and zeaxanthine that produce a   substance which help to protect the eyes against 
age-related macular degeneration which is the   leading cause of irreversible blindness in 
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so to make this amazing drink that will help to   improve your eyesight helping you to take care 
of some eye issues the first ingredient we are   going to be needing here will be spinach and for 
the spinach I'm using about a handful of spinach   spinach contains vitamin A which is said to 
help your cornea Health leotine which is found   in spinach is packed with nutrients that help to 
protect you from ultraviolet light from the sun   this spinach also helps to lower your risk of 
developing cataracts the combination of lutein   and zeaxantin which is found in spinach helped 
to produce a substance that can protect and slow   down macular degeneration and after they spinach 
the next ingredient we have here is also a green   Navy vegetable which is kale and for the kale I'm 
using about four small leaves of kale if you're   using bigger one you might go for Just Two leaves 
Kale is loaded with nutrients that are vital for   eye growth and development such as lutein and 
zeaxentine and carotenoids and key vitamins this   lutein and Byzantine are antioxidants found in 
the eyes that need to be replenished regularly   as a rule the darker the green the higher the 
amount of lutein raw kale contains the highest   content of Latin of any vegetable as well as 
high amount of zeaxanthine so this drink is   definitely packed with lots of goodies 
that will help to improve your eyesight and after they came the next ingredient 
we have here is one of the known fruit all   over the world and that is banana and for the 
banana I'm using about one and a half bananas   to make this drink because this will help to 
sweeten this drink and also nourish our eyes   don't eat your banana while it is still green 
allow your banana to ripe very well so that   you can benefit a lot from the sweetness of 
this fruit eating a banana daily is likely   to boost your eye health and prevent Vision 
related diseases but doesn't mean banana is   also great for Eye Health particularly for dry 
eyes as bananas are also a source of vitamin A   which is also crucial for Eye Health vitamin A in 
banana protects the cornea which is essential for   good Vision if you don't want to use banana 
you can also use mango or papaya or you can   also use berries to replace banana if you are 
allergic to banana or you don't like banana and after banana the next ingredients we're 
going to be adding to this drink are not I   have different kinds of nuts to add to this 
drink and the first knot we're going to be   using here will be Walnut and for the Walnut 
I'm using about a tablespoon of walnuts I used   a tablespoon I didn't want to use a handful 
because we are going to be adding different   kinds of nuts so that we can at last get about 
a handful of nuts and seeds why not have to   keep the eye doctor away because they protect 
your eyes from a wide range of vision problems   alongside with other nuts they contain omega-3 
fatty acid that are essential for healthy eyes   and after they run out the next nut I have here 
is cashew nut and for the cashew nut also I'm   going to be using one tablespoon cashew nuts are 
good for the eyes because they are packed with a   powerful antioxidant pigment called zeaxanthin 
this pigment is directly absorbed by our retina   it then forms a protective layer over our 
retina which prevents the harmful UV rays   after they catch you not the next thing we have 
here is pumpkin seeds and for the pumpkin seed   I'm also using one tablespoon pumpkin seeds are 
a good source of lutein and zeaxanthine which   are thought to be eyes natural sunscreen they 
help filter out damaging high energy light rays   from the eyes consuming sufficient amount 
of this nutrients is zeaxantine and Latin   is also linked to a reduced risk of cataract 
and age-related macular degeneration   and the zinc in pumpkin seeds also help to protect 
the eyes it enables vitamin A to travel from your   liver to your retina to create melanin a pigment 
that protects the eyes after the pumpkin seeds   the next ingredient we have here is date and for 
the date we are using two dates don't forget to   remove the seed of the date before you add it to 
this drink remove the seeds of the date the one I   have does not come with the seed it has already 
been removed before it was sold to me that are   rich in vitamin A which reduces the risk of 
many eye problems including night blindness   that are rich in numerous nutrients like potassium 
copper Magnus magnesium ion which have many health   benefits this micronutrients promote the 
health of our bones Hearts hair and our eyes and after preparing all of them the next thing 
you have to do is to transfer everything into   your blender and we are going to be blending this 
we are drinking everything this is a smoothie and   not a juice you need the fiber your eyes need the 
fiber to detox so we are drinking everything and   for the liquid for blending this you can use 
milk you can use water and for this video I'm   using water to make this because I have already 
here different kinds of nuts and seeds so that   is why I am using water but if you want to use 
milk you can as well go on with the milk and for   the water I used two cups of water so add that 
to the blender cover it and you're going to be   blending blend smoothly because you're going to 
drink everything if you're looking for a blender   that will give you a smoother and yummy drink 
the link of this blender is in the description   box if you can't find it drop me a comment and 
I will just share the link for you to click on   and get to know about this blender and after 
blending smoothing the next thing you have to do   is to transfer to your cup and you're going to be 
drinking this deliciousness delicious drink this   drink tastes so good if you don't like drinking 
your greens drink this you're gonna like drinking   greens because you won't even taste anything like 
green in this drink the banana the date the nuts   the seeds are in this we definitely improve this 
drink for you to drink and enjoy and this drink   of course is meant for everyone to drink you're 
pregnant you're breastfeeding you are old your   young your student you need this drink because our 
eyes need to be nourished you don't wait for you   to have eye problem before you can be drinking 
this kind of drink it will help to improve your   eyesight especially our children focusing on 
bright light these days we need to make this   kind of drink and also share with them you are old 
you are young you're a man you're a woman like I   said this is for everyone to drink and you can be 
drinking this kind of drink at least two to three   times in a week I have other recipes which I have 
done on this channel if you want to be alternate   letting this in my note trying other ingredients 
in your dream I'm going to be dropping Links of   the videos I have done already that will help 
to improve your eyesight in the description box   just go to the description box you will see a 
lot of the videos I have done click on them you   know get to know different kinds of things you can 
combine together and you drink that will improve   your eyesight and take care of some eye problems 
so guys that's what I've come to share with you   in today's video If you find this video helpful 
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that have contributed to the good of this channel   up to this moment I appreciate you all and may God 
continue to bless you see you through in all your   endeavors till I come your way next time always 
always even blessed and bye bye for now foreign



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