– I'll have some fish, either
some cod or some salmon, which I (beep) hate by the way, I hate salmon. I have
salmon out of my ears. Hey everybody, Dwayne
The Rock Johnson here, and I'm going to share
with you what I used to eat at the height of my
professional wrestling career and what I've also ate
in order to get in shape for my biggest roles and what
I typically eat these days.

If you smell! – And listen to the crowd! (man screams) – What The Rock. – Is cooking?
(crowd cheers) – I can confirm it to a certain degree that I was eating many
pounds of food per day, including a lot of cod. And as a matter of fact, I
just recently transitioned my cod meals of the day to salmon. So again, the confirmation is there now, whether or not it's 10
pounds of food per day, I'm not quite too sure. I can tell you with a
little bit of uncertainty, because I failed math, I was probably at that
time ingesting about anywhere between six to, well, I would say possible,
almost 8,000 calories a day. My diet has honestly pretty
much remained the same for the past 5 to 10 years. I do eat five to six,
sometimes seven meals a day, whether or not I'm training for a role, which usually I am training
for some sort of role or trying to maintain for the
role that I'm currently in.

My days back then, as
well as now, are the same. I'll wake up and I will have breakfast, which consists of a cream
of rice or an oatmeal, usually with some buffalo and some eggs. My meal two is usually after my workout; that will consist of a carb, usually a rice, like a fast-acting carb, or maybe even a sweet potato
sometimes, usually a protein, and that one is usually chicken. And then I'll go into
whatever the third meal is. That is probably either
another chicken and a rice, or it could be a buffalo
as well with some greens. And then again, just throughout the day, I'll have some fish, either
some cod or some salmon, which I (beep) hate by the way.

I hate salmon. I have
salmon out of my ears. But it's a great fish in terms
of your health and fitness. And then again, I'll just continue to eat. And then usually before bed, I will have a balance of
protein and a carbohydrate and some greens before bed. I love my cheat days. They have become legendary. Don't cheat yourself;
treat yourself, my friends. Enjoy your cheat day. Which is a good thing. I do believe in working
hard throughout the week and earning your cheat meals
at the end of the week. My go-to cheat meal is usually if I can find an amazing burger spot that has an amazing
cheeseburger, you know, and then I'll throw bacon
on there, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, some great
fries; I'll do that.

Then some sort of sugar blast. I will have either some great cookies, or I have two amazing things: I have this amazing coffee
cake, which is incredible, that I've been enjoying on my cheat days, and I also have tried
this apple fritter bread, which is incredible. Well, I can credit my energy
to, what? Oh, cocaine. No, I'm kidding. Well, a few things I credit my energy for: Number one is just is the prep. So, you know, being mentally prepared on what kind of day that I'm going to have and what kind of energy output is going to be required of me. I used to be just like a bat out of hell for many, many years where I
would just go and go and go and go and forget how important actually balancing things
was, especially mentally. Over the years, I used to try and create my own energy drinks by adding a powdered caffeine
to a powdered amino acid to then a powdered carbohydrate or whatever was needed at that time, and so I did that for many, many years.

Myself and my business
partner, Dany Garcia, who I've been very close to
since I was 18 years old, her husband, Dave Rienzi,
is also my strength and conditioning coach, so the three of us who are all heavily into health and fitness, we decided to create our own energy drink, and we decided to team up with some of the best formulators in the world, and so we were able to create the line of energy, ZOA Energy. We have converted a lot
of people who have been otherwise adverse to
drinking energy drinks, because they felt they weren't safe; we converted a lot of them, and we've also converted a lot of coffee drinkers too, as well. So I have a ZOA in my hand,
and I drink this every morning. So I get asked this question all the time: If somebody is struggling with a diet, how can they maintain
the discipline of it? Because, you know, look,
everybody has great intentions. They want to do well.
People want to get better. Whatever the goals are,
they want to gain weight. They want to lose weight. They want to maintain, whatever it is.

Everyone's intention is the same. I always think what it comes
down to, I think is the, not only is it the discipline, but I also feel it comes
down to the execution of it. When the execution sometimes sputters, it can be discouraging to people. So my advice is to, if it
sputters, don't take it personal; you didn't fail at anything. It just means you need to regroup and re-examine the approach. Maybe you have to bring in an expert. Maybe you have to bring
in more than one expert. Maybe you have to re-identify
exactly what your goals are, but there's always a way to do it. The diet, you know that
(beep) is not easy, you know? It's a lot easier said than done because, you know,
people, we all love food and we want to eat, and we want to eat things
that make us feel good.

So I always tell people, try
to be as disciplined as you can in the approach, and if it
fails in one way, that's okay, just redirect, and we'll find
another way to get there. All right, so thank you very
much Delish for having me on. It was a pleasure talking
to you. I appreciate it. Thank you for bringing up ZOA, our great energy drink formulation, and also to all your listeners. I really appreciate this. I appreciate this platform because, you know, health
and fitness is everything, and our health is everything. We only get one shot at
this thing called life, and we only get one body, so we really want to take
care of it as best we can. So I enjoyed this. I look
forward to doing it again. (lively music).



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