Friends, dog, danny. We have some major news today. We got a haircut. Im kidding, it's about those good ole Health
Bars and the HUD in dying light 2. So here's a little background, ever since
the big gameplay reveal on November 16th. The community has responded with lots of feedback. Ranging from parkour to combat and other various
things in the game. One of the most criticized features by far,
was the health bars. Many believed that the health bars added an
arcadey feel and vibe to a game that is going for a very realistic atmosphere. Which is true it looks off and does feel a
little cartoony, looking back at it. I mean, i had hundreds of comments on my videos
talking about the health bars and why many people were not fans of them.

My discord, same thing. The feedback that a lot of the devs have been
getting. Mainly the Health Bars and The HUD. The HUD was one I had more of an issue with,
it needed some polishing, there was a lot going on. Things were overlapping, not looking good. Not that you are caught up to speed, and I
extended my watch time. We have some news regarding the current status. On Twitter, the community manager Uncy, did
come out to say, “I know that many of you are worried about
HUD and health bars in DyingLightGame – we’re taking care of that and you can expect more
information coming in the near future.

Keep that feedback coming.” This right here is quite possibly the best
thing to hear right now. Let's be honest, this is a sign in the right
direction. Because it wouldn't make sense for the community
manager to come out and say that they know about one of the biggest issues ongoing with
their game and that they are taking care of it, and then go and do nothing. This tweet for me kinda confirms that they
are going to be doing something about the HUD and healthbars. They are taking care of it and announcing
more information about it in the near future. We do not know when this information is coming. Based on what we know, it seems like Dying
2 Know was recorded way before the embargo drop and news and all of that.

As for specific changes, it is not stated
anywhere what they are doing exactly to it. Alot of community members including myself,
Kiwi, Aussie, Noviex have all talked about the importance of customization and accessibility. This seems to be a massive push for that. But we will have to wait and see what Techland
comes up with. Like i said in the beginning, I think its
great that this early on, our feedback is getting heard. And if it does be dealt with accordingly. Then hopefully we can start pushing for the
bigger issues floaty parkour, magnetism, etc. Health bars and HUDs are most likely a flip
of a switch. No idea, im not in game development. But after hearing this, i am hopeful that
the bigger issues get tackled next. And with all of that said, you should go ahead
and check out this video right here. Techland the scent me the absolute weirdest
gift ever known imagable. And you wouldn't believe what it is. That said, thank you to all my supporters
and contributors, I appreciate it. Bye bye..



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