hello and welcome to my channel this is me flora and today I am gonna share with you easy korean diet to lose 10kg this is the secret to get skinny body like but before we start I should mention that you should do exercices for better results because our bodies are different it is not necessary to lose 10 kg but you will definitely lose weight you are prettty / handsome the way you are and the diet is for your health because all the body forms look good if you are a guy you can definitely try that diet to lose weight because it is for both genders if you tried this diet you will lose weight and look like that this diet is not about building muscles it is just about losing weight subscribe subscribe subscribe now to my channel for more i will give you 2 breakfast menus and you can choose one of them or you can choose daily what you want to eat slice of bread + skimmed milk cup try this healthy bread recipe for better results you can eat it everyday for the rest of the week cup of coffe without sugar + healthy pancakes don't try the classic pancakes because they are unhealthy try this recipe this is just an esemple because you can use the vegetables you want
this is the best recipe for reasted potatoes this is the best recipe for grilled chicken it is healthy don't add so much oil this is the best recipe for vegetable soup You should know that you shouldn't add sugar to any drink or juice ir adding oil and spices and drink water thank you see you later remembre to subscribe 🙂



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