that there's something that you 
could be eating every single day   that would minimize prostate symptoms that would 
also make it so that you're likely not to have an   enlarged prostate but besides that this one thing 
that you could be eating every single day that may   be in your cabinet may not be but it is available 
at your local store could not only improve overall   health could help you grow back hair could also 
be healthy for every single person in your family   but besides that it's anti-cancer forming too so 
let's get into it so since the end of the 19th   century and what we're going to do we're going to 
talk about it i'm going to tell you why it's such   a powerful thing and i'm going to tell you what 
doses you can use and how you can integrate this   into your everyday life so ever since the end of 
the 19th century this thing has been used to treat   urinary tract problems not only that but it's 
got anti-depressive properties because it's also   rich in tryptophan it can help decrease sugar 
cravings and improve diabetic health and help   prevent diabetes why because actually a hundred 
grams of this serving of this thing can contain   over 90 milligrams of magnesium and studies 
actually suggest that for every 100 milligrams   a day that you increase your magnesium intake 
the risk of developing type 2 diabetes decreases   by approximately 15 so this is like three-quarter 
cup of this right and then it's hair growth   stimulating 400 milligrams a day of this 
oil every day for 24 weeks actually had 40   percent more hair growth than men in the placebo 
group during a study and it's also shown to be   great for women too it can help with problems 
associated with menopause as well and it's been   used in traditional chinese medicine to get rid 
of worms it's protective of the of of the liver   so medicine and holistic practitioners 
have used this to boost detoxification   and it's packed with antioxidants and it improves 
urinary symptoms so this magic thing it's not   magic because it's available everywhere all over 
the place also helps decrease the symptoms of   overactive bladder yes guess what it is now this 
is something that most households in in the united   states don't really get much of until october this 
is pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil extract now   let's kind of get into how something as simple 
as pumpkin seeds can do this now pumpkins were   were kind of native to north america right so 
native americans cultivated pumpkins and the   rest of the world came and stole them right and so 
now it's become kind of this worldwide phenomena   that that pumpkin seed oil extract is so powerful 
that most prostate supplements that you see   have it in it so let's talk about why so one of 
the big things if you go back to a previous video   that i talked about the importance of zinc 
pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil are rich   in zinc but not only are they rich in 
zinc but they're also rich in copper too   so those of you who are supplementing zinc and not 
getting enough copper can actually really throw   things off but if you're focusing on pumpkin seeds 
a handful or two of pumpkin seeds a day actually   you're getting the zinc and the copper and zinc is 
essential to the health of your prostate now one   thing also keep in mind that we're dealing with 
when we're dealing pumpkin seed oils is that that   researchers have determined that over a 
hundred grams of pumpkin seeds contains   almost eight milligrams of zinc and and the 
thing that we also keep in mind when we're   talking about pumpkin seed oil is that the way 
we think it works is that remember that five   alpha reductase right five alpha reductase is 
that enzyme that can take good old-fashioned   amazing testosterone and turn it into a more 
potent form of testosterone called dht well   dht is amazing and it helps grow muscles but dht 
can also cause hair loss but on top of that it can   cause the prostate to swell so one of the ways 
that science tends to think that pumpkin seeds   help with prostate health is because it helps 
decrease dht right and then the high content   high content of carotenoids so there's so 
many antioxidants and essential fatty acids   embedded into the pumpkin seed that the pumpkin 
seed oil helps bring all this stuff into fruition   now i've just i've just scraped the iceberg in 
terms of how potent and how powerful pumpkin   seed oil can actually be and then what we're going 
to do is talk about some ways that you can use and   integrate pumpkin seed oil into your daily life 
and of course there's always supplements so if you   can't get pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oils into 
your diet you can also supplement with supplements   now the other thing to think about is that 
when we're talking about pumpkin seed oil   we actually studies have actually shown that 
it can help decrease the weight of the prostate   by inhibiting prostate cell growth right we 
talked about that in the last video so make   sure you check it out so 10 grams of pumpkin 
seed extract a day can has been shown to improve   bladder tone and to actually decrease some of the 
symptoms so now for instance say you saw the last   video and you decided to integrate saw palmetto 
into your regimen saw palmetto plus pumpkin seed   oil extract has been clinically shown to decrease 
urinary symptoms associated with prostate issues   up to 30 percent so those two work really well 
together and you'll see them combined a lot   in a lot of over-the-counter supplements 
clinical trials with pumpkin seed extract   they've done everything from 500 milligrams to a 
thousand milligrams to five grams a day um and and   over time they've looked at it at 12 weeks 12 
months and so on and so forth and the data seems   to be really clear 12 weeks 24 weeks even 12 
months and what we see is anywhere between a   30 to a 40 percent decrease in prostate symptoms 
compared to placebo so that's huge and the best   part is that 96 of the patients in these studies 
had negative side effects now let's talk about   side effects i think side effects are important 
when you're dealing with pumpkin seed oil and   you're taking pumpkin seed oil in high doses like 
that you can it can lead to some stomach upset   a little bit of diarrhea and maybe even 
some electrolyte imbalance so of course   anything that you try in this realm you should 
of course have this conversation with your doctor   in advance because you know i'm just here to 
kind of give you the facts and the information   now what i will do though is also share with you 
how many milligrams i tend to put patients on   but when it comes to blood thinner if you're 
on blood thinner this is not for you now how   do you how do you choose you know you're going to 
see all these different brands when you google it   you want to find a cold pressed oil because when 
the oil comes out and it's cold pressed then your   what's happening is some of the qualities of the 
pumpkin seed oil isn't denatured so you want cold   press you want it to be virgin and you want 
it to be unprocessed if you can find that then   technically speaking that's probably going to be 
a better form of the pumpkin seed oil you should   also consider combining it with saw palmetto see 
maybe you've you've tried saw palmetto and maybe   it irritates your bladder a little bit these two 
work synergistically to help decrease the symptoms   associated with prostate issues now on top of all 
of this i always get the question how do i use a   doc well one thing i don't want you to do i don't 
want you to cook with it it has a very low smoke   point so all very very much as soon as you start 
heating it you'll start to see smoke coming off   that's always a sign that that's not good cooking 
oil so i don't want you to cook with pumpkin seed   oil but what you can do is use it as a salad 
drizzle so instead of using olive oil you can   use pumpkin pumpkin seed oil along with a little 
vinegar a little salt a little pepper and use it   as a garnish on your salad another thing you can 
do is you can you can put it on your dish after   you've completed it say maybe you've decided to 
have pasta you can drizzle the pumpkin seed oil   on as type of a garnish another thing that you can 
actually do is just eat pumpkin seeds slow roasted   pumpkin seeds actually have pumpkin seed oil in it 
so that is another way that you can use it if you   happen to have my e-function smoothie recipe book 
you'll notice that i put a lot of pumpkin seeds in   it i say go ahead and finish the smoothie with 
pumpkin seeds this is why because pumpkin seeds   are so powerful so if you haven't picked up my 
e-function smoothie recipe book you will see the   link down below but let's talk about dosing so 
maybe you don't like the taste of pumpkin seeds   you don't want to deal with it you want to get 
straight to it well the following doses have been   researched and studied scientifically for benign 
prostatic hypertrophy or bph they've studied five   grams of pumpkin seed oil which is a lot and 
then they've studied 160 milligrams of pumpkin   seed oil divided three times a day in combination 
with saw palmetto and some other ingredients so i   usually ask that this pumpkin seed oil if you're 
going to go straight with the oil be divided into   two to three doses a day so that it doesn't 
upset the stomach as much right so here we have   once again another product that is available at 
your corner store that you can start integrating   into your daily lifestyle that you can start 
eating more or using it as a drizzle or even   supplementing it that can improve the quality of 
and health of your prostate all right so like this   video share this video and let the world know that 
food is the original medicine and follow me from



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